Be Your Own Escape Artist

In the early 1900s, Harry Houdini was likely the most famous entertainer in the world.


He was the greatest escape artist who ever lived.


To raise publicity, the day before his show he would go to the prison or go to the penitentiary, he’d have them lock him in a cell, and he would escape.


They would pat him down to make sure he had no implements.


His wife would kiss him for good luck.


Everybody would leave.


Within ten minutes, he’d be out of there.


A small town in Indiana had just built the most modern penitentiary in the world.


They challenged Houdini because nobody could break out of their cells.


Well, the day before one of his shows in Indianapolis, he showed up.


They patted him down, no implements, his wife kissed him, and everybody left.


Now, here’s the secret you didn’t know.


Houdini used to be a locksmith before he was an escape artist.


When his wife kissed him, she would transfer a piece of spring steel, a little piece from her mouth to his mouth.


He would take the spring steel and pick the lock and he would be out of there within ten minutes.


Not on that day.


He’d usually be out in one minute, but he couldn’t get out in five minutes, ten, twenty.


He was there for half an hour.


He was embarrassed.


He was sweating.


He didn’t know what was wrong.


In sheer frustration, he stood up and leaned against the door, and it sprung open.


The door was never locked.


Houdini was his own biggest obstacle.


Do you think just by chance you might be getting in your own way?


You might be telling yourself how difficult that test is going to be when it might not be.


You might be telling yourself how difficult that opponent is going to be when they might not be.


You are telling yourself how difficult that project is going to be, but it might not be.


Don’t make things more difficult than they are.


All you have to do is stand up and lean against the door, think around your challenge, and you might beat it.


Here’s an article I wrote for you Sunday leisurely reading:


Think different – Kyle Newell


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It’s The Very Last Day of This Year Which Means…

It’s NYE.


It’s the end of one year and the cusp of a new year.


LIfe is moving by whether you realize it or not.


Time will stand still for no one.


You are either going to be excited about 2017 or you are going to be ‘blah’.


Where are you going to place your focus this coming year?


In a recent recording of the ULYIS podcast, I used this quote from James Patterson:


“Imagine life is a game in which you are juggling five balls. The balls are called work, family, health, friends, and integrity. And you’re keeping all of them in the air. But one day you finally come to understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. The other four balls…are made of glass. If you drop one of these, it will be irrevocably scuffed, nicked, perhaps even shattered.”

There is more to life that work.  You cannot get back precious moments missed with loved ones.


The key is finding out how to achieve professional success without dropping the glass balls.


I have a system that works for me, which I developed after years of struggling with this.  And I’d tell you my system but I want you think about this for you.  It will ‘stick’ more if you develop it for  your own unique needs.


I’ll leave you with a hint.


Don’t think perfect balance all the time, rather, think counterbalance.


Happy New Year! -Kyle Newell


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The Black Mist of Worry

This morning, before beginning my morning routine, I found myself in a state of worry and anxiety.


I was projecting and thinking about things that might happen this coming year.


Then I caught myself.


Worrying is a fool’s game.


Worrying is based in future events that may or most likely won’t ever happen.


The more we worry, the more the ‘anxiety gap’ grows, because we have less prediction and response the further out we try and control.


Think about this for a second:  I want you to think of 1 minute from this exact moment.   Probably not much anxiety or worry about that right?



That’s because you know where you are going to be in one minute.  You know the pattern of what’s coming next.


Now compare that to thinking about where you are going to be in 6 months.  Impossible to predict.


Worry is the black mist that I envision leaving my body when I do my morning breathing.  There is nothing good that comes out of worry except for wasted energy.


Use worry warts as a trigger for a sign that you can grow and fulfill your potential more in the area of your life that you are worrying about.


-Kyle Newell


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I Implore You to Explore You

Yup, I was channeling my inner Mike Tyson with that headline.


I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to implore your, inspire you or tell you a story with today’s message.

So, I am going to attempt to do all 3:).


On Christmas day, I sent out an email with an article I wrote about setting your goals for 2017.


It may have gotten lost in shuffle, so here it is again:



This is going to be your year…if you make the decision to have it be your greatest year yet.


That sounds scary and it is.  Yes, you may fall short.  Yes, it is going to require a lot of work.  Yes, it will require you to get outside of your comfort zone time and time again.


But what’s the alternative?


When I was coming into my own zone in 2007, shortly after the rectal ulcer story from yesterday, I had signs printed up and I hung them everywhere.


The most important place I wrote messages to myself of becoming great were on my bedroom ceiliing.  Every morning and every night I stared at those things.  I meditated on them.


I put vision board pictures on my ceiling.


I couldn’t not pay attention and focus.  And that focus led to my framing of each circumstance and situation in my life.


That was the year my life changed forever.


If you think about goals, that don’t mean diddly.  Everyone thinks about goals.


If you write them down, that’s a little better.  But most people that write down goals never look at them again.


However, if you carry your goals with you and make them a daily thing to look at, you will stand apart, most importantly you will stand apart from your old way of thinking.


It’s not easy, but I am not asking you to be average.


I am imploring you to BE great in 2017.


You can do it.  I believe in you.


-Kyle Newell


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I Literally Had Surgery Because I Was a Tight-Ass

If you’ve ever read any of my old writings or been to one of my smaller, intimate workshops, you’ve probably read or heard about the time I had a mysterious ‘stomach disease’ that literally changed my life.


I have only told a handful of people about one of the surgeries I had at this time in my life; rectal ulcer surgery.


Somehow it came up in pillow talk the other night with Susie and a few other details of that time in my life that I had never even shared with her.  Not because I was hiding a secret, but because I have moved so far beyond that.


In life though, you have limitless opportunity, but, you have a only a few key points in your life that if acted upon, will change your life forever.


And one of those points was the time I had rectal ulcer surgery.  Part of the surgery was to cut my sphincter muscle to release the tension on it that was causing spasms.  Yes, I was literally a tight ass and yes, it was caused by my inability to shut off my brain and slow down.


I could have gone back to being that way and admittedly, the fix wasn’t a quick one.  I have struggled all my life with balance as many of my tattoos are on my skin to remind me of.


Being a tight ass in life though gets you nowhere fast.  If you can’t live fully now, you can never really live at all.


If you gathered with 10 random people and threw all your problems into the middle of the table, I’d guarantee that you’d be hurrying to grab your problems back up as fast as possible because you would realize that they really aren’t that bad.


Think about it – Kyle Newell


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I’m Training the Mind While He is Training the Muscle

On Christmas eve, two of my brothers, Budgy and Suga, and I did an early morning workout with a stand-in for our missing brother, Presh.  The stand-in just happened to be the deputy mayor, Greg.


Anywho, we were teasing Presh after the workout as to why he didn’t make it, as it is rare, after all, to have all 4 boys home in Hillsborough at the same time.


Presh marches to his own beat.


In one of the group texts, Suga Shane told him that we even trained some biceps at the end of the workout, which is a rarity in any of my workouts because it doesn’t really fit in with my general philosophy of training (refer to today’s podcast episode for more nitty-gritty on this).


Presh responded that he doesn’t train arms (he makes for a good student, ha).


I told him I don’t train arms either, I train the mind through any arms training that I do.


Most people totally miss the boat when it comes to training.  Yes, we want to keep the body healthy and pumping full of lymph fluid and we want to make the heart stronger to name of few.


But…exercise greatly affects the brain in ways that no drug can.


A second but; besides that, most people miss the reverse engineering of training to change the brain.


For example, we used our one set of biceps after a brutally hard leg workout to train the brain.  It was an empty 45-pound bar and the rule was, 100 reps, no putting the bar down.


Few men actually do all 100-reps or can make it without putting the bar down.


It’s the mind that fails in those cases, not the body.


You see, I use sets like that to train for mental toughness.


Every time in life that you can make the fire and heat a little hotter, you will make the steel of your spirit tougher.


Don’t miss the opportunities.


If you are looking for a great opportunity to turn up the heat, then check out or pass along this application for our $99, 30-day Anti-resolution program.



Think differently – Kyle Newell


Here’s an X-mas Gift Article for Ya

Here’s an X-mas Gift Article for Ya


Milt Campbell may be the saddest story in sports.


He’s from Plainfield, New Jersey, there’s a field in town named after him.


Way back in 1952, it was between his sophomore and junior year in high school, he goes to the Helsinki Olympics and wins the silver medal in the decathlon.


He wasn’t even a high school junior yet.


Four years later, he’s a student in Indiana University and he wins the gold medal for the decathlon.


Then he goes into the NFL and then the Canadian Football League.


When he went to the Olympics, he also could have made the Olympic team as a swimmer, etc., but he decided just to focus on the decathlon.


Later in life, he got a gold medal in the martial arts.


In his 70s, he still looked like a pro-football player.


What’s so sad about that?


Well, he only spent a few weeks in the NFL.


In the late ‘50s, he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns.


After a couple weeks at the training camp, he was told that the president and the owner of the team, Paul Brown, wanted to see him.


He said, “Milt, why are you dating a white woman?”


Milt, who was African-American, said, “Mr. Brown, it’s none of your business.”


The next day he was cut by the Cleveland Browns and no NFL football team picked him up again.


Olympic historians have called him the unknown Olympic champion.


Everybody knows Bruce Jenner.


Everybody knows Rafer Johnson.


Most folks don’t know him.


He spent most his life multi-level marketing.


He never got the acclaim he deserved.


Milt became a motivational speaker, and an unbelievably good one.


They say a charismatic person lights up a room when they enter it, and a non-charismatic person lights up the room when they leave it.


He lit up every room he walked into.


He’d say, “How many of you have goals?”


Everybody would put up their hand.


He’d ask, “How many of you have written down your goals?”


Most people put up their hands.


He’d say, “How many of you have your written-down goals with you right now on your person?”


Nobody would raise a hand.


Milt would reach in and take out a little card.


He said, “That’s my secret. That helped me win my Olympic gold medals. You have to write down your goals and keep them with you 24/7. “


He set his goals, and he took every challenge that hit him.


He played football in the fall and basketball in the winter and track and field in the spring.


One day he was in the weight room in the winter, when there was a wrestling match going on.


All of a sudden, the wrestling coach barged into the weight room.


He said, “Milt, here’s the deal. We have one more match left. I need a heavyweight, and the other team has a state champion.  If you come up and beat this guy, we’ll beat this team for the first time ever.”


So Milt Campbell, who never wrestled a day in his life, went up, put on a wrestling uniform, and beat the state champion.


He died of prostate cancer two years ago in the fall.


Sports Illustrated does a retrospective on all the great athletes who died that year, usually late in the year.


They left him out of their retrospective.


His achievements stand for themselves, though.


If you set goals like Milt Campbell, if you keep your goals in mind and in hand always, you can accomplish great things in spite of the obstacles that block your way.


Hopefully that little story about Milt inspired you a bit, but just to cement it a little further, here is an article I wrote for you about making 2017 the greatest year of your life.



Merry Christmas – Kyle Newell


Munchie’s Cold Hands

While preparing for this coming week’s Unlocking Your Inner Strength workshop, I have been digging back into a lot of brain science.


And, as it turns out, which I have been saying for years, the hands are highly tuned into the nervous system which means they are highly, highly tuned into the brain.


In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the hands are the key to unlocking the brain.


But let’s backtrack for a second here.


Twice in the past month, I went for a short walk with Munchie and didn’t put gloves on.  Not because of neglect or ignorance, but because I couldn’t find them.


Actually, it has happened three times, but the one time on our hike up in the Sourland mountains, Devon had me take my sox off to use them as mittens for Munchie.  Worked like a charm, thank God, because we were pretty far up the mountain.


Back to the story at hand.  One the main primal threats to the brain is cold (along with hunger, thirst and neglect).


I, myself, have always had very poor circulation in my hands to the point of pain when it gets real cold out.  Poor little Munch got this same trait from me.

The two other times I have been caught out on a walk with him, he started crying and screaming and I felt terrible.


It was because his hands were so damn cold.  Remember what I said before; the hands are greatly in tune with the brain and nervous system.  Now it all started to make sense why a person’s hands usually get the coldest the fastest.


It’s the quickest route to signal ‘danger’ to the brain.  If your knees got cold, it wouldn’t quite have the same impact would it?


Just a little connection to mind map from being open to observation, which further validated what I was working on for the upcoming workshop. Hands are the key to the brain.


What is your favorite thing in the whole world to study and learn about?


The more you are learn it and teach it, the more connecting of the dots to your favorite topic you can do.


Teaching is the greatest way to learn and the most rapid.


If you know someone that’d like to find the simple (not easy) path in the beginning of 2017, then send them to fill out one of our applications for our ‘Anti-resolution program’, which starts in a few weeks and is only $99 for the 30 day program.



Be different – Kyle Newell


That Damn Oil Burner Switch

A little over a week and a half ago, on our first Monday night at our new home, I was struggling to find the correct light switch.


I got home late from Newell Strength as I normally do on Monday nights and Devon was already sleeping.


I was only a new habitant of the house at that point for 24 hours, so as you could understand, I wasn’t fully familiar.


On the backside of one of our walls, there are two switches.


I flicked the first one, nothing happened except a faint noise.  Well, I thought, that’s not the one I was looking for so I flicked the next one.


Perfecto! I could now see in order to do a little night time reading and planning while my dinner cooked.


I went to bed a little after 10 that night.  When I got up the next morning at [4:30], I thought it seemed a little chilly.


After some investigating, it looked like they had the thermostats on timers.  I manually adjusted the upstairs one first to try and bring the temperature up from the balmy 57 degrees that it was currently at.


I did my morning routine for the next hour or so but the damn temperature still wouldn’t come up.


I went and worked out and came back and Devon had told me that she figured it out.  Ahhh, all was good now, I was starting to panic that one day into our new home we were having an issue with our heating system.


But about an hour or so after Devon left for the day, the temperature still was holding pat at 57 degrees.  It wasn’t so much that I was cold as much as I was annoyed.


I called the thermostat company.  The lady was trying to troubleshoot, but we were having no luck.  She was about to schedule someone to come out when I went downstairs to check that thermostat one more time.


Nope, nada, still wasn’t working.


On my way back up the stairs, I noticed a red paneled oil burner switch that was set to off.  I hadn’t seen that before, but I did know that it should have been turned to on.


Problem solved.


I had flicked that switch the night before and never switched it back while I was looking for a light source.


Sometimes, the answer is so darn obvious, yet we fail to see it.  We want to look and look and look for the answer which of course in our minds, has to be this difficult or technical thing.


Most of the time, it’s not.  Most of the time, the answer and the path is right there in front of you.


If you know someone that’d like to find the simple (not easy) path in the beginning of 2017, then send them to fill out one of our applications for our ‘Anti-resolution program’, which starts in a few weeks and is only $99 for the 30 day program.


Happy eve of Christmas eve to ya -Kyle Newell


Another Vicious Dog Attack, This Time on Munchie

Yes, there are two lessons here.


The first: there is a lesson to be learned in every single event you experience each and every day.


The second we will get to.


Last Saturday, we went over to see how our new tenants were doing.  I had to check on the cold water valve, which took a bit longer than expected, so Devon and Munchie were upstairs shooting the breeze with the girls.


The one girl had her two chihuahua’s away in a bedroom.  Well, about 40 minutes into our visit (way too long!), she let them out.


She was worried that the one brown haired dog was too nasty to be near Braxton, so she held him the entire rest of the time.


Well, just before leaving, we all went down to the basement so I could show them where the one valve was that me and my buddy were fixing.


The other chihuahua, a white haired one, was on the floor next to Munchie.


I was looking up at the ceiling at the pipe and next thing I know, the dog made a weird noise and Munchie was bleeding from his eye and lip.


Apparently he touched the dog from behind and it just snapped (a good thing Mateena wasn’t there or I am sure we would have had a dead chihuahua on our hands).


The owner was mortified.


Devon and I stayed calm.  Braxton was shook up for sure but a few tears and a Christmas cookie and he was happy.


We left shortly after reassuring the owner that it wasn’t her fault.


On the way over to Lowe’s, Devon started getting a pit in her stomach like somehow it was her fault.  Which of course, is the motherly thing to think, but it was in no way her fault.


She was beating herself up for reacting too slowly.  But here is where the lessons come in.


When in a state of stress, we often go into freeze mode, which causes us to not react or to react a bit slower than normal.  Devon was fighting millions of years of physiology, she had not a shot.


And from what I have seen and heard in the past with little dogs and little kids, I should have formulated a prediction and told Devon to hold the Munch man.  This would have been a response to my prediction, which goes along with the brain being a pattern recognition machine.


There is a HUGE difference between reaction and response.  One his human, the other is animal.


Yes, this can apply to any area of your life.  All I am asking you to do is to think about it and ponder it.


Munchie is okay.  His eye wound up swelling pretty bad and he had to go on a round of antibiotics because the bite turned into an infection. But it and that’s a big BUTT, it could have been so much worse.


His actual eyeball went unscathed.


Beware of the lessons in your life.


-Kyle Newell


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