Don’t Rip Up Your Money Like I Did

Don’t Rip Up Your Money Like I Did

On Monday morning, Munchie and I went out to run a few errands.

The first stop on the way to Devon’s school Halloween parade was to the bank.  Munchie was taking a quick catnap in the back of the truck, so I made it snappy.

I made a deposit and took out a little cash.  I stuffed the cash in my pocket and forgot about it.

We made it to Devon’s school on time and wound up staying for the classroom party.  Munchie is always a big hit with her third grade students.

The Munch man and I were out for a little bit longer than I expected, which meant that he and Dax and Mateena were all going to be hungry for lunch .

Well, I whipped up some food for him and gave the pups their food.  All was good.  10 minutes later, as they were all finishing up, I took Braxton out of his high chair and put him down so he could run around.

Meanwhile, I was making a quick call.  I don’t know if it was Munchie or Dax (Dax loves to put his nose in my pocket to see if I have any treats in there), but one of them took a few twenties out of my pocket.

I didn’t realize that though until I heard a ripping and tearing noise a minute or two later.  Even at that point, I still didn’t give it much thought.  I was thinking Dax had gotten a paper towel or something.

And then, I walked around the corner and saw it.  Two twenty dollar bills completely shredded!

I had to laugh at the situation.  The little rascals had fooled me.

While that’s an example of literally throwing money away, there are so many areas of your life in which you are probably of the opportunity or cost mindset which is just another way to throw away your money.

If everything is an expense, then you will opt for the cheaper and inferior option.  The option that promises the quick fix.

Where can you start using an investment mindset in your life rather than the ‘get rich quick’ mindset?

If you’ve been spinning your wheels for years with your health and fitness regiment, now is the time to start using an investment mindset towards it.  You can apply for one of our limited 3-WTD spots here.

P.S-Its kickball time this Sunday!  If you’d like to play or donate to help towards raising money for little Charlie Kroog, then you can read more about him and his struggles here:

-Kyle Newell


It’s Devil’s Night….Come out to Play-eeyaaa

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]It’s Devil’s Night….Come out to Play-eeyaaa

I remember when we used to go out on Mischief night.

One year, we rang and ran a poor guy’s house so much that I thought he was going to seriously hurt us.

He came out with a baseball bat.

We were all hiding in the bushes watching.

Then the cops came.

After it died down, we went out and TP’ed some trees.

Stupid but fun, kid stuff.

I am not asking the last time you broke the law; but when’s the last time you did some FUN KID stuff?

I am willing to bet that it’s been a while.

Let’s put an end to that streak.  Come out and play at our 4th annual Charity Kickball Tournament.  It’s one week from today.  And if you can’t play, you can still donate to Little Charlie Kroog.

And keep an eye out for the hooligans tonight.  I am gonna have Pippy and Dax chained up in the front yard…happy Mischief night:)


The Guy that Had Two Livers

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The Guy that Had Two Livers


Before you go looking up whether or not humans have two livers, let me save you the time.  We don’t.

We have two kidneys.

But just one liver.

Recently, a ‘big shot’ personal trainer was telling me about how one of his clients had to get a liver removed.

And how the client’s brother donated one of his livers to the cause.

A great and noble thing indeed.  But you don’t have two livers.

This personal trainer, much like the infamous Tool Boy would do, was spouting out about liver health and nutrition, yada yada yada.

No, this was not a slip of the tongue.  He kept repeating it over and over.

Unfortunately, this is how most personal trainers are.

They try to teach and educate about things they have no clue about.

They try things on clients that they themselves have never done.  (But it sure did look cool in the magazines).

Personal trainers are a flighty bunch.

Coaches on the other hand are much harder to find.

A true coach will inspire, teach through stories and BE a mirror into the client.

A true coach knows that very often, it’s not a lack of information that is the problem.

It’s a lack of inspiration.  It’s a poor ‘brain set’, but it’s not a lack of information.  If it were, Google would be able to solve everything.

Today’s the second to last day to enter to have a chance at 5 FREE weeks of TOP level coaching.  You can enter our Fall Sweepstakes here:

Or, if you aren’t the gambling type, you can apply for a spot in our 3-Week test drive here:


Avoid These 5 Mental Barriers to Success

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Avoid These 5 Mental Barriers to Success

Last Friday we had a team meeting at Newell Strength.

But I decided to change it up a bit.

Meetings in general are usually a huge waste of time.

So I asked myself, ‘What can I do to stimulate the brains of the team members while providing them with value’?

I knew from conversations with some of the team that they were feeling ‘stuck’.

Armed with that knowledge, I decided to have a ‘creativity’ meeting which of course was 33 minutes and 33 seconds long (If you are going to have a meeting, make it super efficient).

I am not going to go into details of what was done, but let’s just say it was super effective.

What I will tell you though is this…

Avoid the following 5 things if success is your mission:

  • Routine thinking.  Don’t get stuck in the same pattern of thought.
  • A lack of novelty for the brain.
  • An idle body.  An idle body will make the brain turn to mush.
  • A ‘follow the herd’ mentality.
  • Time Vampires.

I don’t have enough space here to tell you how to do these things, but it’s something I’ll be covering in an upcoming podcast as well as at November’s Theater of the Mind workshop:

P.S-If you’d like to play in our upcoming charity kickball tournament or donate to the cause, then you can read about the journey of Little Charlie Kroog here:


The Furtive Troll

The Furtive Troll

Lapland souvenir, Troll with elk figurine on white background

“People who cling to their delusions find it difficult, if not impossible, to learn anything worth learning: A people under the necessity of creating themselves must examine everything, and soak up learning the way the roots of a tree soak up water”. –James Baldwin



I want you to imagine what it would be like to be a Troll Hunter.


Place yourself in any of the numerous movies that have trolls in them (Lord of the Rings, Trolls, Troll Hunter, etc.)


It may seem so far-fetched and outlandish but I got news for ya, trolls are real.


I know, I’ve seen them many times.


Recently, I have come across a new species of troll: The Furtive Troll.


The only way to kill a real troll is to use a ray of sunlight.  Folklore has it that this is so because trolls cannot vitamin D top calcium, which causes their insides to eventually bloat to the point of a grand explosion.


Well, that is not an option for me in my latest quest against trolls.


So, I have developed a way that you can deal with trolls, more specifically, The Furtive Troll.


Furtive Trolls, by their very nature, are sneaky.  They think they are putting one by you.


They are like sociopaths in the way that they are very good at mimicking emotions.  Furtive Trolls, like the one I have been dealing with, want to create an illusion of comradery and teamwork.


They got your back.  All for one and one for all.


And if you don’t realize what’s going on, they will shut down your creative efforts.  Furtive trolls are like politicians too, which funny enough, most politicians fit the exact definition of a sociopath.


It seems to me that sociopaths predominantly take one of two paths in life; they become a politician or they become the dreaded Furtive Troll.


Moving on from my sidebar, let’s get on to how you can deal with a Furtive Troll when they sneak into your otherwise pleasant life.


In my most recent exposure, I called it from the get go.  ‘My’ Furtive Troll, as I told Devon and the team at Newell Strength, would try to shut down our efforts and our message before it ever saw daylight.


Why would a Troll do this?  Because, Furtive Trolls are very threatened by people that actually give a sh**.  These Trolls hate the true hustler, and by hustler, I don’t mean shyster.


I mean a person that is trying to make an impact in the world. Someone that operates with massive energy and speed because they are so in love with what they are doing that they can’t slow down.  It is their DUTY to get their message out to the world because IT can truly help people.


The first way you can deal with a Furtive Troll is to make sure they aren’t in a position of power over you.  There is a reason I don’t work for anyone, I am unemployable at this point because I refuse to give up my creative freedom and thought.


Now, if you can’t get out from under the ‘thumb’ of power just yet of the Furtive Troll in your life, then here’s the next best thing.


You must be swift.  The swift sword always wins.  Speed wins.


Furtive Trolls are cunning, but they are also stupid.  Now, don’t confuse stupid with unintelligent.


They are often smart, but they are stupid because they think with EGO.  They operate from a lower vibrational energy and they act from a place of insecurity.


When a Furtive Troll blocks your path, they will sit their pounding their chest.  They don’t do this in public, but rather in their stupid brains.


While they are doing this, it is your chance to use your swift sword.  Shift gears and move on to the next idea you had and make it such a kick ass idea that the effects of it will crush the Troll.


Never, never, EVER try to reason with a Furtive Troll.  Their stupidity will rub off on you.


It will be such a monumental waste of your energy that the Furtive Troll will have won in another way; you will have no energy after the encounter which will rob you from putting your efforts into other areas of your life in which they Furtive Troll doesn’t have access to.


If you do this, the Furtive Trolls initial efforts will have backfired on them.  Kind of like taking their evil snout that spews slime and shoving up their behind.


The Furtive Troll will eventually become seen by the people as an impediment to progress, someone that tries to hold down something great.


In recapping: never give up your power to a Furtive Troll and use the principle of the swift sword.


If you come across someone, but you aren’t sure if underneath their garments they are indeed a Furtive Troll, you can tell if they fit at least two of these criteria:


  • They appear like a team player but your GUT is screaming that something isn’t adding up
  • You can predict their evil ways before they play out. Heck, before even they themselves know what their little seedy brain is planning.
  • They try to pull you into their dumb little games at all times but they don’t make it obvious.
  • Their point of view or opinions can be flipped on their head by a third grader.
  • And finally, they are in some kind of position of power or higher responsibility.


In the meantime, I’m gonna go try and work up a potent dose of Vitamin D so I can deal with future trolls in an easier manner:)


Click here if you’d like to get show notes from the first 10 episodes of ULYIS:)

Why Would a Guy My Size Need to Know Self-Defense?

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Why Would a Guy My Size Need to Know Self-Defense?

I recently started going back to my self-defense class.

Last week I was learning some pretty cool stuff, like how to shatter a man’s hand when he throws a punch, how to disarm an attacker with a knife and some other stuff that is pretty lethal.

I came back with a few welts on my forearms, but it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

When I tell people that I am going, I often get the question, ‘why?’.

Well, I go because it only takes one time….

One time to not know this stuff and I will regret it forever.

Is it what I really want to be doing on a Saturday afternoon?  NOPE.

If it weren’t for Devon and Braxton I most likely wouldn’t go all that much.

But they are my 5-6-7.  Everything I do ties back to how it will improve their spirits and their lives.

If you don’t know your reasons behind your decisions, then you will likely never stick with anything that will force you outside your comfort zone.

I go because:

  • It gives me peace of mind
  • I get to learn new things which is always fun for my brain
  • I get to be the student and the novice

And once I get going, I have a lot of fun.  The hardest part is just scheduling this all important but not urgent activity.

What have you been putting off that is important but not urgent?

I am betting quite a few things.

‘Important but not urgent’ is where we should spend most of our time if we want to live a WHOLE life.

Here’s an important but not urgent opportunity for you.  Our Fall Sweepstakes:

There are only 4 more days to enter.  I believe this is something that will change the lives of 4 lucky winners, but you’ll have to apply if you want that chance…


How Jimbo CR Escaped His Golden Handcuffs

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How Jimbo CR Escaped His Golden Handcuffs

My friend Jimbo CR just made a BOLD decision.

He is leaving his corporate job of 10+ years to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Jimbo CR has a family, a mortgage and very little time.

So when we were having a (very) early morning coffee recently, he asked for my opinion on what he should do.

Did I tell him to say FU to his bosses and leave it behind? NOPE.

Did I tell him he’d be foolish to quit? NOPE.

I told him, “Whatever path gives you more energy when you think about, go that way”.

Many people would have told him he was crazy if they knew he was leaving his cushy job.

Heck, many people told me I was stupid, a moron, arrogant and more when I decided to resign from teaching.

But I knew my path because I knew where my energy was flowing.

This is Jimbo CR’s last week at his old job.  Will this path be easy?  No way.  Will there be struggle?  For sure!

However, I know he won’t regret this decision for one minute.

What are you scared of?

If you’d like to learn how to use your mind to put yourself in state to make a decision of this magnitude, then you’re gonna want to check out the November workshop that I am putting on (6 spots left):


What do the Chinese and Russians Have in Common?

What do the Chinese and Russians Have in Common?

Election Day is nearing.

No, I am not a ‘politico’.  But I did think it was appropriate to tie two world superpowers into a single message.

Last Friday morning, I went over to the local high school turf field and did my backwards walking for 30 minutes.  It was one of my three ‘inner’ goals for the week.

This is a form of Chinese walking.  It helps to rewire the brain and to put you into a parasympathetic state.

I used to do my backwards walking on my lunch breaks back when I was still teaching.

About 10 minutes into my walking, I thought, ‘Why don’t I start WW3 right now?  Let me put the Russians against the Chinese’.

And so I did.

I kept doing my backwards walking but I combined it with my Russian Breathing Ladders.

My brain was on cloud 9 when I was done.

Sometimes, it’s not about pushing yourself to oblivion.  Nope, sometimes, it’s better to think about how you can have a higher functioning brain.

Sometimes it’s better to think about how you can recover and rest.

Not to worry, I’ll be covering Russian and Chinese performance Methods along with a ton of other cool, never before heard of ‘stuff’ at the exclusive November workshop at Newell Strength.

You can secure your spot below (and if you’re just a little bit curious, you can read about some of the fascinating and weird things I will be teaching).

-Kyle Newell

Don’t Be an In-Betweener

Don’t Be an In-Betweener

Every Sunday morning is the same for us.

We go for a family hike up in the famous Sourland mountains.

And I am always on my quest to see a bear or a bobcat.  So last week, we went off towards the quarry.

That’s where I’ve been told that a large 600 pound black bear roams.

We didn’t quite make it that far because the Munch wanted to get out of his carrier and play with plants and sticks. So no bear for me, once again.

But on the way back, we encountered 4 adult hikers.

They weren’t just any adult hikers, they were ‘in-betweeners’.

It’s kind of a Seinfeld-like term that Devon came up with.

You see, we keep Dax and Mateena ‘off leash’.  They wear their electric collars.  They are two of the sweetest labs you will ever meet.

So normally people love them or are incredibly scared of them.

However, these four adults were in the middle.  Not scared, yet they showed no emotion when Dax went up to say hi.

Listen, the worst thing you can be in life is average or vanilla.  Pick a side, dammit!

Well, here is your chance not to be an in-betweener.

We are hosting our annual Kickball Charity Tournament on November 6th at 11am (it’s a Sunday).  It’s $10 to play. If you can’t play, you can still come out and hang out.  If you can’t come hang out, you can still donate:).

All the donations are going to Charlie Kroog, a fun loving 2 ½ year old boy.  I used to teach with Charlie’s mom.  If you think you have sh** going on, you don’t.  Not compared to Charlie anyhow.

You can read a short story about Charlie and make a donation here.

-Kyle Newell

What’s Scarier, Michael Myers, Freddy Kreuger or Staying ‘Fat’?

What’s Scarier, Michael Myers, Freddy Kreuger or Staying ‘Fat’?

It’s Monster Mash Day.

And that means that as I write this I am listening to the ‘Monster Mash’ on and endless loop.

You do know that I love Halloween, right?

Little Mikey Myers was compared to the boogeyman in the original ‘Halloween’ movie.  He was an unstoppable force that came back to finish a job.

Freddy, my first horror movie hero, would actually haunt you in your dreams.

You weren’t safe when you were asleep and then he figured out how to come to the reality dimension, which meant you weren’t safe anywhere.

Scary dudes to say the least.

But are they really as scary as staying ‘fat’?

I put fat in parentheses because it doesn’t mean fat as you know it.  Yes, you may be overweight or maybe your energy is terrible.

It doesn’t matter.

We all have our own version of what it feels like to be ‘fat’.

And the thing that’s holding you back is fear.

Fear of change.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of disrupting your current lifestyle routine.

Fear of the lack of a plan.

Go back to what old Ben did in an earlier email from this week; simply make a list of what you need to do to start.

Now, I’ll admit that going into an unknown environment (a new gym) can be scarier of all the horror movie characters put together.

You aren’t sure if the people will be nice.  You aren’t sure of what to do.  Heck, you may not even be sure of where the bathrooms are or how to sign in.

There are just so many things that can cause us to go into a feeling overwhelm.

Here’s your chance to just be pleasantly whelmed, not over, not under, just whelmed.

Check out our Fall Sweepstakes, the chance to win 5 FREE week of personal training and more with us at Newell Strength.

We eliminate all the unknowns and we will coach you through every step of the way.

There’s only 10 days left until we close the doors.

-Kyle Newell