God is the Novelty

God is the Novelty


“Anything new coming into your life is a message from God….How can you search for it? You don’t know it, you have never met it. One has to start in a state of not knowing, and one has to move innocently like a child, thrilled with the possibilities—and infinite are the possibillites.” –OSHO


Novelty is the greatest aphrodisiac. Part of our brains crave something new (the human part) while the mammalian and reptile centers of our brains despise change or the new. It is so much easier for us to play it safe and deceive ourselves into thinking that we need to wait until all the lights are green.


Our brains are pattern recognition machines, meaning they need prediction and response to move forward smoothly, but there is something to be said about motion being better than meditation in some instances.


If you read the above quotes from OSHO, the great Indian mystic, you will see that he says you cannot know the new directly. The new career path, the new relationship, the new passion. How could we know it before some exploration? It is new and new by its very definition in this sense means that we have not experienced it before.


I have talked about syncroncity in many articles and I do believe that when things happen such as messages, conversations, ‘coincidence’ (there is no such thing in my opinion), it is God trying to put us on the right path.


We need to trust the process and the path. I am working on a lot of new things in my life, things I never in a million years thought I would be passionate about and no, I do not know exactly how they will unfold. Heck, when I start writing articles I have no idea what is going to come out, I just start with one idea and then I turn the voice off in my head and its go time.


Ships are safe in the harbor, but ships were meant to sail. You have a ship, you have a vessel and the clocks a tickin’. Get back to that sense of awe(someness) and wonder that little kids possess. Start dabbling in whatever it is that your gut is telling you to get into. Stephen King didn’t know he would become ‘Stephen King’ back when he was writing novels on his lunch break while he was a public school teacher. He just knew a voice inside him had to be expressed.


We all have some majick (I know its spelled wrong on purpose) and uniqueness that we have been suppressing for far too long. The new will bring difficulties, that’s why we choose the old and safe. But no one ever fulfilled their greatness by choosing the old and safe.



The Importance of Knowing Your Principles

Jump straight to the highlights of todays show right here:

  • Knowing yourself to master life ([2:40] mark)
  • The three words Kyle uses to ‘show up’ everyday ([4:30] mark)
  • ‘The Safe Haven Technique’ and how to use it ([6:40] mark)
  • The importance of knowing your values and principles ([11:30] mark)
  • The uncomfortable reason why many people never grow stronger ([13:00] mark)
  • The truth about where  real happiness ‘actually’ comes from ([14:20] mark)
  • Kyle’s ‘Golden Rule’ ([14:50] mark)
  • Why Perfection is the enemy ([16:15] mark)

Today’s Show

In today’s podcast, Kyle talks openly and honestly about how important it is to know your principles and what it takes to show up as your true self in the world today.

Your Biggest Flaws

Kyle begins by saying everyone has flaws and weaknesses. Its uncomfortable and can be painful

but if we want to prosper and move forward in life, its important that we ask the difficult questions. The best thing you can is ask people who are close to you, ask them to tell you what your unique strengths are and also your flaws.

The ‘Showing Up’ Words

To make sure Kyle is being his true authentic self where ever he shows up in the world, he uses these three key words to live his life through. “Its critical to know the definition of each, so you can cut through the fluff and clutter” Kyle goes on to explain. The safe haven technique talked about in this show teaches you how to make sure you show up with your true intrinsic values in any situation.

The Golden Rule

As well as having values that live and breath through you, having principles to live by is just as vital. Kyle has a great Golden Rule he lives by which he shares with you in today’s podcast.


Change is challenging. Its uncomfortable because the human brain sees it as threatening. Find out more about your primitive mind and the reasons why you may be finding it hard to grow right now.


Many people today wont experience true growth because they struggle with being perfect. Perfection is the enemy when trying to achieve absolutely anything that involves progress.

All this and more in todays show.

500 Jump Shots Per Day for Life

In today’s show, Kyle tells you about his burning desire to be the best and the importance of having a plan. The motivating story of his past, going from depression to standing on stage as one of the worlds best natural bodybuilders.

Jump straight to the bits you want to hear:

  • Putting fear in its place ([0:55] mark)
  • Unlocking your true greatness ([1:15] mark)
  • The state of mind for overachieving ([3:10] mark)
  • 500 jump shots a day. Everyday. ([4:05] mark)
  • A sure fire way how to transform your weaknesses into strengths ([8:00] mark)
  • Kyle’s story from depression to the becoming the best natural bodybuilder ([10:20] mark)
  • The journey is more important than the trophy ([13:00] mark)
  • The correct way to use your happiness gauge ([14:00] mark)
  • Becoming your true authentic self ([15:20] mark)
  • Why you must have a plan ([15:40] mark)
  • The 3 ‘F’s’ to overachieve ([16:30] mark)

Have you got a plan or are you just drifting through the motions with no clear goals?

Having a plan is the most important thing and being able to visualise whatever it is your want to achieve. It doesn’t matter what your goal is. A plan thats locked together with a burning desire to succeed is potent. Kyle says its like having ‘rocket fuel’ that  will propel you out of the bell curve of being average and mediocre.

The right track

The purpose of any goal is to increase your happiness, and you can instantly tell when you’re going off on the wrong track because you become unhappy along the journey. Kyle shares his knowledge and wisdom of how he used his happiness gauge to guide him along the right track when he tells you about his inspiring story from the depths of depression to being a stage ready, natural bodybuilding superstar.


Having a burning desire tied with a solid plan is key. But to be truly passionate about what you’re doing is the only way you’ll find that burning desire. Most people go through the motions or follow the journey of family and friends because they think its the right thing to do. Kyle shares his thoughts on why you’ll never truly succeed.

Having no regrets

A burning desire to achieve any goal only comes when we are trying to be our true authentic self. If you want to look back on your journey and have no regrets and leave your foot print in the sands of the universe, its all about showing your true self. Only then will the desire and the passion truly shine through.


Kyle’s story is an all inspiring one. He was no superior genetically gifted athlete, but the fact that he took two sports and maxed  both his mind and body in the two sports showed his sheer determination to succeed and willingness to over achieve. Going above and beyond what most people would do. Kyle lives by the 3 ‘F’s’ which he shares with you and shows you how you too can become an overachiever.

Key Takeaway Points:

  1. Be passionate about what you want to achieve
  2. Have a solid plan to get you to your goals
  3. Remember happiness is found in the journey along the way
  4. Have no regrets and progressing forward

Do You Get Disgusted with Red Traffic Lights?

Do You Get Disgusted with Red Traffic Lights?

This is the official first post on Unlocking Your Inner Strength, I hope you enjoy it! 🙂


“Accept your limitations, accept your imperfections. That’s what it means to be a human being! And accept yourself as you are- with joy, not in helplessness. Because existence accepts you….” –OSHO


I love the clarity that a good vacation brings me. While sitting on our porch in the backwoods in Idaho doing my morning reading, I came across a line that has always struck a chord with me: THIS TOO SHALL PASS.


And although it also refers the magical moments in life and it’s a very good thing to repeat to yourself before a night out with family or friends or a day at the park with you kid (BE IN THE MOMENT); I will use it here to refer to the obstacles that we will face.


There are two types of rose-colored glasses: the ones that make people think nothing will ever get in their way and that every bounce of the ball will go their way and the second kind- knowing the duality of life and that the ying to your yang will arrive, for after all you can’t have peaks without valleys. But with this second kind of rose-colored glasses, you have chosen that you will respond with acceptance to your obstacles.


When an obstacle arrives, we have a choice to decide our attitude and not much else at that very moment. And as a quick aside, as we know from Mind Mapping, your thoughts drive your emotions, however, most people have been lead to believe that it’s the other way around.


Are you going to look for the silver lining that exists in the inevitable obstacle in your path? Or are you going to ‘wish it wasn’t so’?


Let’s say you started out on a business venture or fitness venture and you miscarried the first time around, things didn’t quite go as planned. Does it give you the right to complain and gripe? Certainly it does, but realize that worry is nothing more than wasted energy and these qualities will do nothing to make your life better.


Use this analogy because sometimes analogies help us to realize our silliness a little better: Most people view red traffic lights as a nuisance but not much else. What they really are is just a small obstacle in your way from you getting to point A to point B. If every time you came to a red light, you threw your hands up in disgust and undid your seatbelt to get out of the car and walk away from the car, would it make sense?


So silly, but the answer is obvious. You will have red lights, you will have green lights, and the duality of life will be there alongside each and every one of us. Winning, losing, tragedy and triumph will be there, guaranteed. We can accept the obstacles in our path and use them to become better. I repeat, you are going to have valley’s and lows, they are coming your way full steam ahead! Accept and acquiesce my friend. I’m glad to be back!


Resistance is a Bitch


In today’s show, Kyle Newell stands up and gets ready for battle with a force that stands in everyone’s way to greatness. No matter who you are, you will face this at some point but its knowing what to do when it makes its appearance that is key to your success. Kyle shares his thoughts on Resistance and how you can access a higher sphere of development in this short, enlightening episode.
Jump Straight to The Key Parts of The Show:
The three ‘F’s that will help create a full life for you ([2:00] mark)
What is Resistance and when will it make its appearance? ([2:40] mark)
Ideas and Thoughts are the easy bit ([5:00] mark)
Being Stupid to grow to a higher sphere ([6:00] mark)
Theres no such thing as impossible ([7:10] mark)
The Mother of all Skills ([8:15] mark)
‘The Dip’ and your lowest point ([9:00] mark)
The Fear of perfectionism and how it halted Kyle in his tracks ([9:45] mark)
How Indiana Jones uses blind faith to succeed ([10:30] mark)
Inspiration: Michael Jackson’s 3AM wake up call ([11:20] mark)
How to be the knight in shinning armour and use resistance as your tool to success ([13:00] mark)
Why most people never succeed and how everyone is hard wired for negativity ([13:10] mark)
Be Ready For Battle
Its a force you can’t avoid. It stands in the face of all of us – whether we like it or not. When you’re trying to go from a low sphere to a higher sphere of development, resistance will show its face. Its going to try its best to throw you off track. Use resistance as your ‘guiding compass’ Kyle says. If you’re feeling resistance, you’re on the right path.
Ideas Are Easy
Kyle tells us why its never the ideas or the thoughts you have that make something ‘hard’. Its actually being able to sit down and take action thats the hardest part.
Be Stupid
Remaining stupid in your quest for greatness is crucial. Kyle tells us his inspiring story about not knowing whats around the corner, and if he knew the steps he’d taken already in his own life, he’d have run to the hills and passed up the opportunity.
You’ve got to believe and realise that you can accomplish great things. On your path to greatness, you’re going to come across people that tell you its going to be impossible. Kyle shares his method for flipping this statement round and using it to your advantage.
The Mother Of All Skills
Repetition, repetition, repetition. Realise that you CAN learn any skill and its simply going to take time. You’re going to be bad at first but if you push through the resistance and keep going, you’re going to come out the other side on a higher sphere. Kyle shares his all time favourite books to success and pushing through the resistance or ‘the dip’.
Blind Faith
Just like in the Indiana Jones Movie, you too have to take the leap of faith and step off the bridge in front of you. Kyle shares his own experience why he thinks the time is now. Inspiration is always looking for someone to work through and if you pass up the opportunity presented in front of you, you’re going to miss out.
“You should never be waiting for all the lights to be green before you start”
There is no perfect time and your time is now.

Who is this show for?

Who is this show for?