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Splinter Was Able to Drop a Cool 50 El B’s

Pat Fox, aka Splinter, has now been with us 2 years. 


To be frank, he came to us out of anger.  


You see, he had been witnessing GL, a fellow father at the pre-school his kid goes to, transform, week after week.


And something in Splinter snapped…


‘What the heck! If he can do it, I can do it!!!’ Something along those lines if I recall correctly.


Well, Splinter made it in and has never looked back.  Listen to Splinter in his own words.  


(Part of being a member at Newell Strength means that more than likely you are going to get a nickname:)).


Be Unconventional – Kyle 


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Member of the Month: Crystal Sheng

Crystal was the Flemington member of the month for February.

Crystal and her husband Scott were amongst the founding members in Flemington, actually having contacted us a few months prior to opening about wanting to train at Newell Strength.

Crystal has a ton of positive energy and is an inspiration to many women in the fact that she has focused on gaining muscle and strength.  Muscle is the fountain of youth and most people simply focus on losing, losing, losing.  But Crystal, being lean already, didn’t rest on her achievements, instead, she focused on building her strength.

She is a joy to Coach in her workouts.

Here she is in her own words and in action

Think differently- Kyle Newell

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