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You’ve Changed….

Back in 2007, when I started the business of Newell Strength, I used to drive around to people’s homes in my little Hyundai Elantra with some exercise bands, a pair of dumbells and one old medicine ball.


A year later, my parents were gracious enough to allow me to build a 200 square foot studio in their basement, known as the PIT.


A couple of years later, I expanded that to 600 square feet.


And then I opened the first stand alone facility.


I used to train only athletes and men.


It used to be just me and then me and Gabe Lincoln (our first ever Coach besides me).


We used to train all through the winter with the garage doors open.


At the time, we achieved what we set out to do.  We created the culture we wanted at that point in life.


It’s funny when people tell me that we’ve changed, that I’ve changed, as if it’s somehow a negative.  I sure hope I’ve changed and that Newell Strength has changed.


In life, you can either adapt and grow or stay the same and die off.


When you see it like that, it’s obvious which path you should take.


So yes, we have changed and will continue to change.  But the mission remains the same: To Inspire People to Transform Their Lives.


Think about change and the idea of it in your own life.


Think differently- Kyle Newell


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I Got My Butt Handed to Me

A few weeks ago at BJJ class, I was sitting out one of the rounds of live sparring because I didn’t have anyone to roll with.

Sometimes, it’s hard to pair up because most guys that do BJJ aren’t in the heavyweight category.

Well, as I was looking around, Mickey Gall, a professional and very good UFC fighter (he trains at Gracie with us) said he wanted to roll with me.

He choked me out a few times, which was cool, just being able to see how a professional athlete operates at the highest level within their specialty.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a rag doll, in fact, he kept complimenting me on my strength and how that was good for him to go up against.

However, getting choked out isn’t anything new for me, often the bigger black belts get the best of me.

Yet, I don’t lose.  How can that be?

Because, in life, you only lost if you don’t know why you lost.

Think about that for a moment….

Think differently – Kyle Newell

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