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A Real Life Hero

As we head into Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to reflect on my living grandfather, Leo.  

Yes, he is the same man that I watched Raw Deal with in yesterday’s email.

Leo is a world war 2 vet, and as you know, there aren’t many of them left.  He is still sharp as ever, still strong as ever and a real inspiration for me.

His dad, my great grandfather, was an Italian Immigrant that earned his U.S. citizenship by fighting in WW1.  

I always reflect on my grandfather as we celebrate both Memorial Day and 4th of July.  He fought for our freedoms and way of life.  

Thank you Pa! 

And if there’s anyone in your life that sacrificed to give us freedom that you know of, please give them a big thank you from me.  

Happy  Memorial Day weekend!


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


P.S-We will be up and running soon.  Some of you have been reaching out about the annual Fat Shredder contest.  We will be doing it, and are aiming to start in the beginning of June.  More details to come!

Faith over Fear in the Corona Climate

I recorded today’s episode about a month ago.

It was one of the most passionate ‘rants’ I’ve had on my podcast and it was infused with passion.

It’s all about acting with faith over fear because as I’ve been saying, fear is the real virus to be afraid of.  

With faith, you can conquer that.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


P.S-We will be up and running soon.  Some of you have been reaching out about the annual Fat Shredder contest.  We will be doing it, and are aiming to start in the beginning of June.  More details to come!

Member of the Month: Liz Kish

Liz began training with us at Newell Strength over a year ago.

She came from another facility that she had simply outgrown and it has indeed been remarkable to see how she has grown in mind, body and spirit in that time period.

Liz even has her husband, Dennis, training with us now too and they are both a key piece to the community and family of Newell Strength.

Take a quick listen and watch as Liz explains her path at Newell Strength thus far:

Think differently – Kyle Newell


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My Number One Drug of Choice

I started using this drug back in high school.

It was okay, because there was no way to test for it.

Did it give me a HUGE competitive advantage?  You bet!

In fact, I haven’t stopped using it since.

So, what is it?  Its something known as PHW.

It must be administered through your brain, then your heart and put to use by your body….

Pure, Hard, Work.

Yup, that’s it.

Dogged persistence and consistency.

Someone once told me, ‘Kyle, you know what the secret to my success is/was?’ (this as a very successful person in my opinion)…

‘Its showing up, waking up tomorrow and doing ‘it’ again.  Just follow that formula for the rest of your days and you will reach your potential…’

If PHW is a drug you’d like to start using more of, then simply decide upon it.

Think differently – Kyle Newell


P.S-Whenever you’re ready here are 3 more ways we can help you transform your life, lose weight and gain bundles of energy!

1- Check out this podcast I did on Resistance (any time you are trying to improve your life, you will face this!)

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Million Dollar Body, Ten Cent Brain

When I first hired Scott Abel to be my Coach back in 2008, I did so because of his focus on mental and emotional fitness in addition the physical fitness.

One of the things he always used to talk about was over-developed bodies inhabited by 10 cent brains.

In today’s episode, I cover exactly that.  This will be useful to anyone that has struggled with body image issues in the past.

You can take a listen to it here:


Think differently – Kyle Newell

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Stepping Over $100 Bills to Pick up Nickels

I remember when I first went out to Arizona to learn from the great Charles Poliquin.

It was at my BioSignature level 1 certification that I was exposed to the nitty gritty of nutrients, hormones and blood work.

It became apparent to me that perhaps the reason I wasn’t as lean as I thought I should have been or the reason my testosterone had always tested low was because I was deficient in zinc or magnesium.

Surely that had to be it.

Looking back on it, I was stepping over $100 bills to pick up nickels.  It would have been wiser on my part to look at the big rocks of sleep, eating enough and taking some time off.

In today’s episode of Unlocking Your Inner Strength, I discuss key mistakes that people make in their fat loss efforts in terms of stepping over $100 bills.  You can take a listen here:


Think differently – Kyle Newell

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The Echo Chamber of Stupid Fitness Advice

I had never heard of an echo chamber until this year’s election.


Basically, it’s when no outside voice or opinion can be heard or is allowed ‘in’ and the same information, correct or not, get’s ‘echoed’ back and forth.


And oh boy…how this sure does apply to the wonderful field of fitness.


Here are just some of the ‘echoes’ that your Tool Boy, big box gym, personal trainers are sure to be telling people coming into the new year.


  • Just work harder, that’ll work. Use all the will power you can muster because obviously you have just been weak-willed in the past.


  • Cut out carbs and count your calories. This will do the trick (and not to mention it’s pretty fun to carry around tupperware and a scale everywhere you go).


  • Make sure you do 30 minutes of ‘cardio’ after your machine based weight training session . This will ensure you are in the fat-burning zone and I know you have all the time in the world to spend here in my gym, like a human guinea pig.


  • Do what I do and you will look like me. My six-pack has NOTHING to do with having the right genetics and weighing 175 pounds soaking wet.


  • Train arms and abs one day and back and chest on another day. You can skip legs except for throwing in a few sets of leg presses a couple of times per week.



Man how I cringe when I hear these bums talk and spew this mis-information and ‘fake news’ of fitness.


It is a choice what you choose to believe.


But remember, what you believe for a long period of time will become a part of your faith (faith doesn’t just have a religious meaning).


Be careful and mindful of echo chambers and tool boys.


Here’s a way to save someone you love from the fake news of fitness;  get them a 3-Week Test Drive at Newell Strength.  It’s the best $99 gift you’ll ever give:)


Be different – Kyle Newell


My Philosophies of Strength Training

My Philosophies of Strength Training

I am always crafting my life’s philosophy.

In fact, one of my principals is that you MUST have a life philosophy of sorts if you are to make an impact on the world.

Well, just as in life, I also have training philosophies.  And if you have been following along for a number of years, you are probably familiar with them.

But just as a refresher and hopefully a breathe of fresh air, here are my 4 strength training philosophies:

  • You must continually apply new stress to the body.  This includes but is not limited to reps, weight, rest times, different organization of your workouts and new types of training.
  • You should train with peripheral heart action (PHA) in mind.  If you aren’t sweating and in ‘oxygen debt’, then you aren’t training as hard as you need to be.  You can do this by full body training, head to toe.  This is 1000 times better than any piece of cardio equipment you can go on.
  • 99% of people should be training movements, not muscles.  The body can push, pull, squat, extend the hips, carry stuff and resist movement (core training).  If you train all the movements, you will 100% hit all of the 600+ muscles in the body.  If you try to isolate on machines and will old-school bodybuilding programs, your body and core will eventually retaliate against you.
  • If at all possible, I believe everyone would be better served by training in the morning.  Yes, training later on is better than not training.  But if you do some simple reality math, you will realize that nearly everyone is in a better mood after working out.  There is real brain science behind this, which I won’t go into here.  If we know this to be true, why not get this mood boosting effect first thing in the morning so it carries over to the rest of the day?

There you have it.  There are more, but those are what came to my mind first.

If one of the goals you have for the new year is to become better at mastering your time, then you are gonna want to check out my new Time Mastery Manual.  In honor of Black Friday, you can get it for more than 50% off here:

It will be mailed to you and you will get the audio link of the live workshop I did on this back in October.