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I Think My Phone is Bugged

Last Sunday night, I got a text from longtime friend, client and Coach, Drew, who now runs a very successful fitness business down in New Orleans.

It read, ‘Good luck with all the upcoming changes this week, I am sure you will thrive and handle it all with grace’.  

I was puzzled, because I hadn’t spoken to him about any of the changes I had planned.  How did he know? 

I didn’t put too much thought into it other than ‘The Universe is telling me that I am right on target’.  


Signs are everywhere if you choose to pay attention.


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


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Fear Attracts Like Energy

Over the past month, I have been reviewing and going over my notes from the book, Conversations with God.  

The book examines energy and fear and such.

One of the 3 laws in the book is that fear attracts like energy.  




People don’t realize that their thoughts are magnetic and have literal energy frequencies.  

Ever wonder why some people seem to have a black cloud following them around?  

Your thoughts lead to your actions and your words.  The clearest example that I have thought of recently about words having energy is music.  

Notice how your favorite song makes you feel or how angry music can make you angry and change your mood. 

If your dominant thought is one of fear, be mindful of it and then begin to change your inner dialogue. 


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


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Mind Your Beliefs

I write a weekly letter to the kids that I will one day put into book format for them to read when they become adults.  Here is an entry from a few weeks ago that I thought you’d enjoy!


Hey kids!


As you may be able to tell by Braxton’s shirt, it’s the Halloween season!  One of our favorite family times of the year!

I wanted to talk to you today about beliefs and the power of your beliefs.

As a famous man once said, ‘Whether you  believe you can or you you believe you can’t, either way, you’ll be right.’

So why do we as humans sometimes choose not to belief in what we are capable of?

The answer is simple.

If we have limiting beliefs and we live up to those limiting beliefs, then we are validated and we are proven correct.

It seems counter intuitive, but the EGO likes to be right and likes to say, ‘See, I told you so!’ More often than not, the EGO thrives on playing the victim because playing the victim means that we don’t have to change, the problem is ‘out there’, not within.

I want you to picture a role model in your head that is stronger, tougher, smarter, more successful and the next time you find yourself in a tough spot or at a growth point, ask yourself how that role model respond and mimic that.

Lastly, and this is mind-altering, EVERYTHING starts and ends with your beliefs.

Your beliefs lead to…..

Your actions, which lead to….

Other people’s beliefs about you….

Which lead to their actions….

Which reinforce your starting point beliefs.

The only way to change the cycle is to change your beliefs.

Mastering your mindset is true power.

Believe that….

Love you! -Dad


Think differently – Kyle Newell


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The New Stephen King Book

The main book I was reading last Friday on the beach was the new Stephen King book, The Outsider.

Being the horror buff that I am, it’s hard for me to believe that I’ve never read one of his books.  I’ve seen the movies but that’s about it.

Even though I’ve never read one of his books, I am and have been a huge fan of his art.  He is prolific and one of the best of all time.

He wrote his first novel, Carrie, while working full-time in the public school system up in New England.

How’d he do it?  Simple, he wrote any chance he had.  He didn’t wait for the perfect time.

In his book, On Writing, he talks about he writes 2,500 words per day, no matter what.  Some people will say, ‘Yeah, of course he can do that, he’s Stephen King.’

Whereas the more appropriate way to look at it would be, ‘He’s Stephen King because he writes 2,500 words per day.’

Just some food for thought.

Think differently – Kyle Newell


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