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How to Master Your Mindset, Monday

Last week, my head was cloudy heading into one of my BJJ classes.

Yet, I knew that I would have clarity on the issue that was bugging me by the end of the class.

The physical movement and the learning of new skills makes new connections fire in your brain. Combine that with the endorphins and growth factors that are produced and that enter your brain when you physically move and your mind will light up light a fireworks display on the 4th of July.

Anyways, I was stressing about a position we need to fill on the team at Newell Strength and then I realized in class that the day before I met Devon, my wife, I had no idea she existed.

Nor did I know she would be the one that I married.

‘Chance encounters’ can happen at any moment and key relationships and people can come into your life in the blink of an eye.

I was able to ‘re-frame’ my line of thought for the day and my whole attitude followed suit.

Reframe and move. Move and reframe.

Think differently – Kyle Newell

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Winning With Water and Walks

  • January 2, 2019
  • Brain

The other day, on New Year’s Eve, to be exact, I was recording a podcast for Unlocking Your Inner Strength on goal setting.


It seems to be the universal time to focus in on a new direction.  Yet, most people are taught the completely wrong way to set goals.


Goals leave people feeling like a loser or like a deflated balloon.  A loser on the way up because of lack of being ‘there’ and a deflated balloon on the way down because of so much focus being spent on the end result the whole journey.


Anyhow, that’s neither here nor there, if you want, go back and listen to episode 136 of Unlocking Your Inner Strength.


Assuming that you have set some targets for the first 90-day block of 2019, you are still going to have to figure out how to build momentum.  Momentum is another greatly misunderstood concept for most people.


Momentum is built one inch at a time, not by throwing a 99-yard Hail Mary pass.  Being early in the New Year, you may be gung-ho about achieving these new goals of yours and you may think that means that you need to get up 90 minutes earlier and do 10X what you did last year.


If that is your approach, then good luck.


What we need, is something easy, to get help release the drag and to help us gain some forward momentum.


Get ready, because I have the solution: being exposed to water and going for a walk.  Didn’t that just completely blow your mind?!


Don’t blow it off because it seems so simple.


I did it this morning and it works, every single time.  Going for a walk helps to bring extreme mental clarity.  I believe this is because of the growth factors that can only cross into the blood force of the brain through physical movement, in conjunction with the fact that walking is the only form of exercise to lower levels of the stress hormones.


Combine these two things and you have a lot of ‘a-ha’ moments in just a short walk.


Being near water has always calmed me and helped me to be more creative.  I believe that being exposed to the noise of water along with being near the different protons and neutrons of water help us to be more creative.


If you live near some type of body of water, that’s great, go for a 10-minute walk there every morning.


If you don’t live near a body of water, walk then shower or vice-versa.


Lastly, now that you have built up some momentum, make sure you don’t waste it on frivolous activity.  For years, I have used timed working blocks.  As I am writing this today, I am working with eight, 20-minute blocks, with a five-minute break after each round.


If you are one of the rare individuals that is willing to build momentum, day in and day out (momentum is much like will power, there is a fresh start every day), then you need to take advantage and I have found nothing that even comes close to creating urgency like intense time pressure.


Work will expand to fill the time you allow for it.  Keep it tight and keep it right.

Breakthrough at the Water Park

One of our favorite experiences on our vacation was going to a local indoor water park one evening.

This was great, because it allowed Devon and I to take turns going down the adult slides.

We each did about 8 runs and we both felt rejuvenated afterwards.

There are two reasons for this.

1-Play is great for the brain.  It engages your brain in a different way and shuts off all the background clutter going on; one of the big reasons I love going to my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes.

2-Nostalgia aka, Hebb’s Law.  What gets fired together gets wired together.  One of my favorite things growing up was going to either an amusement park or a water park with my family.

The same feelings I had then come flooding back along with the great memories anytime I am at a waterpark.

Kind of like when you hear your favorite song.

Put yourself in these states as often as possible.

Think differently – Kyle Newell


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Here’s an X-mas Gift Article for Ya

Here’s an X-mas Gift Article for Ya


Milt Campbell may be the saddest story in sports.


He’s from Plainfield, New Jersey, there’s a field in town named after him.


Way back in 1952, it was between his sophomore and junior year in high school, he goes to the Helsinki Olympics and wins the silver medal in the decathlon.


He wasn’t even a high school junior yet.


Four years later, he’s a student in Indiana University and he wins the gold medal for the decathlon.


Then he goes into the NFL and then the Canadian Football League.


When he went to the Olympics, he also could have made the Olympic team as a swimmer, etc., but he decided just to focus on the decathlon.


Later in life, he got a gold medal in the martial arts.


In his 70s, he still looked like a pro-football player.


What’s so sad about that?


Well, he only spent a few weeks in the NFL.


In the late ‘50s, he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns.


After a couple weeks at the training camp, he was told that the president and the owner of the team, Paul Brown, wanted to see him.


He said, “Milt, why are you dating a white woman?”


Milt, who was African-American, said, “Mr. Brown, it’s none of your business.”


The next day he was cut by the Cleveland Browns and no NFL football team picked him up again.


Olympic historians have called him the unknown Olympic champion.


Everybody knows Bruce Jenner.


Everybody knows Rafer Johnson.


Most folks don’t know him.


He spent most his life multi-level marketing.


He never got the acclaim he deserved.


Milt became a motivational speaker, and an unbelievably good one.


They say a charismatic person lights up a room when they enter it, and a non-charismatic person lights up the room when they leave it.


He lit up every room he walked into.


He’d say, “How many of you have goals?”


Everybody would put up their hand.


He’d ask, “How many of you have written down your goals?”


Most people put up their hands.


He’d say, “How many of you have your written-down goals with you right now on your person?”


Nobody would raise a hand.


Milt would reach in and take out a little card.


He said, “That’s my secret. That helped me win my Olympic gold medals. You have to write down your goals and keep them with you 24/7. “


He set his goals, and he took every challenge that hit him.


He played football in the fall and basketball in the winter and track and field in the spring.


One day he was in the weight room in the winter, when there was a wrestling match going on.


All of a sudden, the wrestling coach barged into the weight room.


He said, “Milt, here’s the deal. We have one more match left. I need a heavyweight, and the other team has a state champion.  If you come up and beat this guy, we’ll beat this team for the first time ever.”


So Milt Campbell, who never wrestled a day in his life, went up, put on a wrestling uniform, and beat the state champion.


He died of prostate cancer two years ago in the fall.


Sports Illustrated does a retrospective on all the great athletes who died that year, usually late in the year.


They left him out of their retrospective.


His achievements stand for themselves, though.


If you set goals like Milt Campbell, if you keep your goals in mind and in hand always, you can accomplish great things in spite of the obstacles that block your way.


Hopefully that little story about Milt inspired you a bit, but just to cement it a little further, here is an article I wrote for you about making 2017 the greatest year of your life.



Merry Christmas – Kyle Newell


This Doesn’t Mean You’ve Traveled the World

“What if on your last day, you met the man you could’ve become?” -Danger and Play


I once knew a man that traveled over 50,000 miles on his stationary bike.


He liked to brag and boast about this feat, but to me it was silly.


All I heard was, ‘I have wasted 50,000 miles worth of my time sitting in the same exact spot, accomplishing nothing but a little leg movement’.


I won’t go into one of my rants here about slow, long distance ‘cardio’ but I do want to help you connect some dots here.


By going that distance, he could have literally traveled the world more than a one time over.  He could have gained experience and overcome obstacles.  But he didn’t.  He did the same boring thing, day after day.


Wisdom is not found by age.  You don’t become more wise just because you are older.


You gain wisdom by experience and by failure.


If you are doing the same boring job in the same way that you were 10 years ago, I hate to tell you that have wasted 10 years.


When I was teaching, I used to see this all the time.  Some teacher would have 20 years in the game, but after year 2, they never grew.  They just did the same routines and lessons over and over and over again.


That’s 20 years of teaching with 2 years of experience.


Get out there and fail.  Get out there and experience life.  Put a knife into the heart of fear because fear is what will keep you the same as everyone else.



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Be different – Kyle Newell



Stephen King’s Everyday Magic

Stephen King, the great horror writer, he said when he’s writing a new novel, he writes 2500 words a day without taking a day off, because he said if he takes a day off, he gets too far away from his characters.


There’s a magic to doing it every single day.


He was also able to figure out how to write his first novel, Carrie, while working as a full time public school teacher up in New England (if you’d like to know how to do something like this, then check out this 25 page book I developed this past fall about time mastery:


What are you going to do BIG ins 2017?


Stop thinking small.  This year will be a significant percentage of the rest of your life.


I want you to start thinking about living each day as if it were your whole life.


I am going on the record to say I will write 2 books this year and you can hold me to that:).


One will be my fictional book that is a little behind schedule but I am working on it and the other will be the official Ripped Dad’s book.


You can read the intro the Ripped Dad’s book here:



Afterall, a man needs a mission.


Enjoy your funday Sunday – Kyle Newell


The Echo Chamber of Stupid Fitness Advice

I had never heard of an echo chamber until this year’s election.


Basically, it’s when no outside voice or opinion can be heard or is allowed ‘in’ and the same information, correct or not, get’s ‘echoed’ back and forth.


And oh boy…how this sure does apply to the wonderful field of fitness.


Here are just some of the ‘echoes’ that your Tool Boy, big box gym, personal trainers are sure to be telling people coming into the new year.


  • Just work harder, that’ll work. Use all the will power you can muster because obviously you have just been weak-willed in the past.


  • Cut out carbs and count your calories. This will do the trick (and not to mention it’s pretty fun to carry around tupperware and a scale everywhere you go).


  • Make sure you do 30 minutes of ‘cardio’ after your machine based weight training session . This will ensure you are in the fat-burning zone and I know you have all the time in the world to spend here in my gym, like a human guinea pig.


  • Do what I do and you will look like me. My six-pack has NOTHING to do with having the right genetics and weighing 175 pounds soaking wet.


  • Train arms and abs one day and back and chest on another day. You can skip legs except for throwing in a few sets of leg presses a couple of times per week.



Man how I cringe when I hear these bums talk and spew this mis-information and ‘fake news’ of fitness.


It is a choice what you choose to believe.


But remember, what you believe for a long period of time will become a part of your faith (faith doesn’t just have a religious meaning).


Be careful and mindful of echo chambers and tool boys.


Here’s a way to save someone you love from the fake news of fitness;  get them a 3-Week Test Drive at Newell Strength.  It’s the best $99 gift you’ll ever give:)


Be different – Kyle Newell


Why Have I Been a Bit Off Lately?

You may have not noticed, but I certainly have.


But I know the answer as to why I have been feeling off.


First, it’s because we just took on one of life’s top 5 biggest stressors: a move.


And two, my morning routine has been stifled.


My morning routine is the key to my entire day.  But I don’t know where all my stuff is yet, I don’t know exactly what to do with the pups in the morning and heck, I don’t even know which light switch is which yet.


That’s okay though. I expected this and I gave myself permission to ease into our new home.  As long as I do one part of my morning routine this week (theater of the mind), then all will be okay.


It takes the human brain and nervous system roughly 3 weeks to get used to a new environment.


After that, you begin to know your way.  The environment begins to become a part of you.  Kind of like a living, breathing habit.


What environments in your life are positive and which ones are negative?


You are probably going to have to think about that because after those intial 3 weeks you tend to go on auto-pilot and go through the motions.  Unless of course, you bring some conscious thought to your environments and do an assessment.


There is nothing as powerful in life as BEING self-aware.


And I am going to teach you how do just that at this month’s workshop.  I believe there are still one or maybe 2 spots left (I haven’t checked yet today).  It is on 12/28 at 7:30 PM.  You can find our more here or register if you so desire:

Peace – Kyle Newell

Your Main Problem is That You Think You Shouldn’t Have Any

Your Main Problem is That You Think You Shouldn’t Have Any


While eating a nice grass fed, organic cheeseburger the other night, I had a Tony Robbins documentary on in the background.


I have long been a HUGE fan of Robbins’ work.  ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ is one of my top 5 all-time books and was THE book that got everything started for me.


Devon and I even stayed at his resort in Fiji for our honeymoon 5 years ago.


His message is always relevant to the listener IF the student is ready to accept the truth.  And that was once again the case in his documentary when he told the crowd: You wanna know what your main problem is?  Your main problem is that you don’t think you should have any of the problems that you have.


Think about that for a second.  The nature of the mind is to not want problems, yet we cannot grow without problems, failure and challenge.


The winner’s mind seeks out and embraces problems.  If you avoid problems at all costs, you are living small.


Were you put here on this earth to live big or play small?


The purpose of life I believe, is growth.  You cannot stay the same.  You are either regressing or growing.


The very law of momentum in life means that it’s impossible to stay put.  Yes, you can rest for a few minutes to smell the roses, like the sherpa that is climbing the mountain.  But like the sherpa, you must decide to keep going.


The higher up you go, the more important it will be to rest and recharge.


Speaking of recharging, Dana is running an awesome special for her FST sessions for the month of December: buy 2 get one free.


Get something different this year for your family members.  You can even use that extra session on yourself to recharge.


I have tried many different types of recovery and relaxation methods, but this is by far my favorite! You can email her at


Peace – Kyle Newell



The Pitbull Attack on my Birthday

The Pitbull Attack on my Birthday

Two years ago, on my birthday to be exact, we took Dax and Mateen over to the dog park before going to see a movie later on that night.

Devon was 8 months pregnant with Braxton at that point.  We were already at the dog park for about a half hour when I noticed a pit bull acting very strange.

And after talking to the owner, I knew why.  The owner was aloof and didn’t even know the background of this dog that he had rescued one month earlier.

I do hate that pit’s get a bad rap, they are beautiful dogs and usually the ones that you see on the news are part of a cultural problem, not the actual breed.

Anywho, we watched as the pit spearheaded another mut right in the side for no good reason.

That’s when I said to Devon that we should start making our way to the truck.  We had already been there long enough and I didn’t like having this wild card near my pups.

Now, keep in mind, stupidly, I had flip flops on because it was a very hot, late summer day.  Mateena made one more bee line to go mark her territory as we were walking towards the gate.

I turned around and saw the pit running at her. There was also a rot that had just arrived, making his way over to the very same area.

Mateena knows herself as silly as that sounds.  I’d argue that she knows herself better than most people.  She knows that she is a loner and that she doesn’t like being in a crowded area.

And like any dog, she reacts if put in a situation that she doesn’t like.  The pit went up behind her and started sniffing her BE-hind.  Mateena turned and did this little chomp she does to let other dogs know to back off.

As I saw this unfolding, I was already running as fast as I could over to the spot because I knew what was about to happen.  The pit reacted to her chomp and clamped down on her skull.  Thank God I got there in time to kick the pit in the head a few times, dislodging his grip on her.

Stupidly, once again (man this was a dumb day by me all around), I stayed between the pit and Mateena and the rot that was now starting to get worked up.  I didn’t think about what it could have done to me.  I reacted and put my family first.

Luckily, I was very aware of my surroundings that day.

I knew the environment and I could ‘feel’ the energy that was in the air.

You can do the same thing, not with a pit bull of course but in your home, at your job, etc.

Environments are triggers.  The brain is always scanning your environments.  You are either going to be at the mercy of your environments or you are going to master your environments.

People often are stressed out of their minds because of their very mismanagement of their environments.

Well, lucky for you, Dana told me it’d be okay to run a special for her Fascial Stretch Therapy service for the holiday season.  For the month of Decemeber, Dana is offering a buy 2, get 1 free deal.

I am already booking a bunch for myself and Devon.

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Be your weirdest self – Kyle Newell