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The 9 Natural Laws of Life

A couple of weeks ago, I was back in my motherland of Michigan for a fitness business mastermind.

My good friend Vince runs the group and he always drops some great wisdom and knowledge for us to go and implement.

Well, the reason that it was out in Michigan is because I gave Vince a book by Ari Weinzwig, the owner of the world famous Zingerman’s Deli and long story short, they became good friends.

So, Vince set up our meeting out there so we could have dinner at his place and have him talk to our group privately.

It was quite a thrill!  And in today’s episode of Unlocking Your Inner Strength, I go over the 9 Natural Laws of Life, a twist on an idea I got from hearing Ari speak.  You can listen to the episode here:


Think differently – Kyle Newell


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My Trip Back to the Motherland

A week and a half ago, I flew out to Michigan.  It was the first time that I was back there in 20 years.

We moved here to Jersey from out there when I was 7 years old.

But, this was not a leisurely trip, nope.

It was for business, in particular a mastermind that I am in.

The flight out was a little bumpy, which only added to the issue of it being a really small plane.  My head was touching the ceiling when I walked down the aisle.

Luckily, the fellow next to me was nice.  We made a bit of small chat and then he got to his audiobook while I got to my old school books.

Anyhow, the next morning at the mastermind meeting, in walks this guy, Marty.  The very same guy that was sitting next to me on the plane.  Small world.

I walked over to say hi and he looked a little surprised.  If either of us prodded a little bit in our conversation, we would have figured out that we were in the same group (he just joined).

I was not surprised about how nice and cool he was on the plane once I saw that he was in our mastermind.  Birds of a feather flock together.

Find your tribe and stick to it.

Think differently – Kyle Newell

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Discover Your Mental Resilience

10 days ago, I was on the phone with my long-time mentor, friend and Coach, Vince discussing business and life.

When you start anything out in life, any new venture, it’s going to be tough.  You need to bring a tremendous amount of energy to the table, there will be many rejections and mistakes.

And that was mainly what I was talking with Vince about.

Later that same week, he texted me to see how everything was going and I informed him of an issue we were having and he texted me back ‘GOOD’.

This is taken from Jocko (former SEAL) and is probably the quickest way to reframe a situation that I know of.

It instantly made me feel better.  Something is no longer working? Good. You got told no ten times? Good.  You’re having growing pains? Good!

Reframing is the most powerful skill we have at our disposal, develop it.


Think differently – Kyle Newell


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Nobody Cares How You Look

Roughly 4 years ago, I had a realization that had been tapping on my shoulder for the prior 10 years….

And that realization was this:  Nobody cares how I look.

And no, you are not any different, no one cares how you look.

If you are attractive to yourself and you love yourself, then your body will take on the shape that it was meant to have.  But trying to force it to be something that it wasn’t designed for is a fool’s game.

Believe me, I have tried and failed, again and again at trying to mold my body into something it wasn’t, before I had this coming to gezuz moment.

And I’ve had people tell me not to let this secret out of the bag because on the surface, it goes against what we are as a business.  Yet, if you dig a little deeper, its messages like this one that it fits with our mission of helping you transform your life (mind, body and spirit).

In today’s episode of Unlocking Your Inner Strength, I break down why nobody cares what you look like.  You can listen to the episode on ITunes here:


Think differently – Kyle Newell

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Rhino’s Don’t Feel Gnats

Rhino’s Don’t Feel Gnats

Have you ever been stopped dead in your tracks by judgment?

I am sure the answer is yes.  The brain is very sensitive to judgment for survival reasons.

Here’s how it works:  your brain perceives slights and judgments.  The animal brain perceives it as you might get ‘kicked out’ of the tribe and your chance for survival goes way down.

(By the way, this is THE reason people in general are so petrified of public speaking).

Whenever you are trying to actually create something in your life, the swamp creatures will come out to attack.  It’s human nature.

And if you worried about everyone that said something mean or nasty about you, you would never ever be able to succeed.

Do you know why Rhino’s don’t feel gnats?  It’s because they have thick skin…

What other people think of you is none of your business.

If you expect that any time you are passing someone on the ladder of life they WILL bark at you, then you can formulate your response ahead of time.

Don’t give them any energy of yours.  Simply move on and realize that if you are trying to please everyone, you will wind up pleasing nobody.

Your self-image is everything.  Believe in what you are doing.

December’s workshop is going to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced.  I was going to do it on the 14th, but I need a little extra time to prepare for this one.  This one will be limited to 7 people max.  Keep an eye later this week for the bullet points of what we will be doing at this ‘Davinci’ workshop.