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Yes, Sometimes I’m and Idiot

I am just like you in that not everyone likes me. Yes, that’s the sad truth of the matter.


It’s the way life is.


Some would even say I am an idiot, but that’s okay, because what other people think of me is none of my business.


Yet, I’d say I am an idiot some of the times for a very specific reason….


When I try to do more than one thing at a time.  Usually this is work/creation related, but nonetheless, when we try to focus on more than one thing, we burn tremendous energy and rarely get anything done.

Multi-tasking is a MYTH.


So, the question you have to ask yourself is; what’s the one thing that you need to wrap up, focus on and complete next?


And then stay on that thing until it’s done.


Think differently – Kyle Newell


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You Are Currently Putting off 5-Meters of Energy

This past Saturday, a bunch of us, in teams of 4, from Newell Strength, descended upon the Jersey shore to participate in the Warrior Challenge.

There is something about being around people that choose to step out of their comfort zone that is instantly inspiring.

You can feel the enthusiastic energy that radiates off of them.

In fact, we each put off a 5-meter energy field that is very real. This has been proven by science many times.

You may have never thought about it, but reflect upon the times you’ve been drawn to someone, almost magnetically, because of the great energy they brought to the room. Or think about all the times that a ‘negative Nelly’ has entered the room and everyone scurried to get as far away as possible from them.

The energy you put off is a very real thing. Don’t think that just because you can’t see it that it isn’t real. You don’t see electricity but you know for a fact that IT is real, it’s the same thing with our energy.

Do everything in your power to curate positive, enthusiastic energy and watch what happens to your life.

Think differently – Kyle Newell

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Stephen King’s Everyday Magic

Stephen King, the great horror writer, he said when he’s writing a new novel, he writes 2500 words a day without taking a day off, because he said if he takes a day off, he gets too far away from his characters.


There’s a magic to doing it every single day.


He was also able to figure out how to write his first novel, Carrie, while working as a full time public school teacher up in New England (if you’d like to know how to do something like this, then check out this 25 page book I developed this past fall about time mastery:


What are you going to do BIG ins 2017?


Stop thinking small.  This year will be a significant percentage of the rest of your life.


I want you to start thinking about living each day as if it were your whole life.


I am going on the record to say I will write 2 books this year and you can hold me to that:).


One will be my fictional book that is a little behind schedule but I am working on it and the other will be the official Ripped Dad’s book.


You can read the intro the Ripped Dad’s book here:



Afterall, a man needs a mission.


Enjoy your funday Sunday – Kyle Newell


What is Success to You? And What are You Willing to Do?

What is Success to You? And What are You Willing to Do?


Dan Gable, famous for having only lost one wrestling match in his entire collegiate career at the University of Iowa and for winning a gold medal at the 1972 Olympic Games was asked by a reporter . . .


“What made you such a good collegiate wrestler?”


He said, “Well, you know, every afternoon at Iowa State we used to work out from [4:00]-[6:30], and from [6:00]-[6:30], we did the hardest conditioning anybody could ever go through. Then at [6:30], that was it.


People went to the showers and then left. I went to the locker room and I got my jump rope.


Then I’d go back into the wrestling room, and I’d start jumping rope until I passed out.”


When’s the last time you put in the extra time?


Here’s a link to an article I just finished up for ya, enjoy!


Plan and prepare for the week ahead! – Kyle Newell


Your Main Problem is That You Think You Shouldn’t Have Any

Your Main Problem is That You Think You Shouldn’t Have Any


While eating a nice grass fed, organic cheeseburger the other night, I had a Tony Robbins documentary on in the background.


I have long been a HUGE fan of Robbins’ work.  ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ is one of my top 5 all-time books and was THE book that got everything started for me.


Devon and I even stayed at his resort in Fiji for our honeymoon 5 years ago.


His message is always relevant to the listener IF the student is ready to accept the truth.  And that was once again the case in his documentary when he told the crowd: You wanna know what your main problem is?  Your main problem is that you don’t think you should have any of the problems that you have.


Think about that for a second.  The nature of the mind is to not want problems, yet we cannot grow without problems, failure and challenge.


The winner’s mind seeks out and embraces problems.  If you avoid problems at all costs, you are living small.


Were you put here on this earth to live big or play small?


The purpose of life I believe, is growth.  You cannot stay the same.  You are either regressing or growing.


The very law of momentum in life means that it’s impossible to stay put.  Yes, you can rest for a few minutes to smell the roses, like the sherpa that is climbing the mountain.  But like the sherpa, you must decide to keep going.


The higher up you go, the more important it will be to rest and recharge.


Speaking of recharging, Dana is running an awesome special for her FST sessions for the month of December: buy 2 get one free.


Get something different this year for your family members.  You can even use that extra session on yourself to recharge.


I have tried many different types of recovery and relaxation methods, but this is by far my favorite! You can email her at


Peace – Kyle Newell



The Path Is Immediate

The Path Is Immediate

When I was 17 years old, I wanted to be the best strength coach in the world.

I didn’t even really know what that meant because I had no one to set the bar against.

All I knew was that I was consumed with this idea of being the best.  Looking back on it, it was being the best that I could become.

It was reaching my full potential.  Am I there yet?  Nope, not even close.

However, I far surpassed my ‘movies of the mind’ from way back when.

You never really know where you are going to wind up.  Most people never even sniff their best self because they are unwilling to see how far they can actually go in life.

The path, your path, is immediate.  You are on it right now.  You can see the next step or even maybe the next couple of steps.

But the path is going to wind and zig-zag and go up and down.  Most people try to see the end from their current position.

You cannot see the end from where you are right now.  All that projecting does is increase your level of anxiety and makes you feel like a loser.

If you are feeling the great anxiety gap, just know that it is caused by trying to focus on the end of the path (which doesn’t really exist, it just keeps going) rather than your current and next steps.

Success is yours for the taking.  So what if it means you gotta show up and do the work every day.  So what if it means that you didn’t see anything after one day of doing visualization exercises.

The time is going to go by anyway.  You and you alone are in charge of your destiny.  If you don’t think so, it’s because you’ve bought into the lie of ‘out there’.

I will be teaching some really cool stuff that will help you activate regions of the brain that you didn’t even knew existed and fusing that with some serious mental work to make 2017 your best year ever.  This one is going to be a bit different, so there’s only room for 6 people.  You can find more info and sign up here, if you dare to be great in 2017:

Be weird – Kyle Newell


Rhino’s Don’t Feel Gnats

Rhino’s Don’t Feel Gnats

Have you ever been stopped dead in your tracks by judgment?

I am sure the answer is yes.  The brain is very sensitive to judgment for survival reasons.

Here’s how it works:  your brain perceives slights and judgments.  The animal brain perceives it as you might get ‘kicked out’ of the tribe and your chance for survival goes way down.

(By the way, this is THE reason people in general are so petrified of public speaking).

Whenever you are trying to actually create something in your life, the swamp creatures will come out to attack.  It’s human nature.

And if you worried about everyone that said something mean or nasty about you, you would never ever be able to succeed.

Do you know why Rhino’s don’t feel gnats?  It’s because they have thick skin…

What other people think of you is none of your business.

If you expect that any time you are passing someone on the ladder of life they WILL bark at you, then you can formulate your response ahead of time.

Don’t give them any energy of yours.  Simply move on and realize that if you are trying to please everyone, you will wind up pleasing nobody.

Your self-image is everything.  Believe in what you are doing.

December’s workshop is going to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced.  I was going to do it on the 14th, but I need a little extra time to prepare for this one.  This one will be limited to 7 people max.  Keep an eye later this week for the bullet points of what we will be doing at this ‘Davinci’ workshop.



Lessons from Picking Up a 300-Pound Zilla

Lessons from Picking Up a 300-Pound Zilla

Yes, I have one more story for ya from last weekend’s Poppzilla wedding.

The Zilla is one of the jolliest men you will ever meet.

Check that, he is one of the world’s true gentle-giants.

The Zilla used to weigh more than 400 pounds and I have seen him lift weights in the gym that were super-human.

However, over 5 years ago, the Zilla decided to make a transformation.  And since that time, he has lost and kept off over 100 pounds!

But….he is still a big boy.  Normally at weddings when we scheme to pick up the groom for his victory dance, we don’t have to account for their weight, but most grooms aren’t living giants (the Zilla has size 22 feet).

Well, we corralled him and about 6 of us managed to get him up in the air.  He was loving every second of it as he should have been.  It was his night, his hour.

Now, I should note that earlier that morning, I had already pulled my hammy pretty good while doing heavy lunges. Lucky for me, my adrenaline was going so I was able to mask the pain.

The other two or three guys on my side did help to get him up, but once up, the Zilla was squarely sitting on my right shoulder.

My ‘teammates’ started going through the  motions and acting like they were supporting him, but as each heave into the air as we danced with him would attest, I could tell that I was the lone one supporting him on our side.

I motioned to set him down because this wasn’t going to end pretty.  As we went to set  him down, my right thumb got bent straight backwards, which is still making it tough to type for me.

It was a fun but physically exhausting few minutes lifting him up.

Even though the guys on my side started slacking, there is no way I could have gotten him up in the air by myself.

Sometimes, you need a supporting team to accomplish the extraordinary.

You don’t have to go it alone in life.  Surround yourself by 5 people that you admire and respect.  You will become the average of the five people you hang out with the most in life.

Lucky for you, we have (not to brag, this is not about me) an extraordinary team at Newell Strength that is ready and willing to be your supporting team heading into the New Year.

You can start by applying for a spot in our 3-WTD here:

I’ll be back tomorrow with a super cool article about happiness.

Peace-Kyle Newell



What Do I have to Lose….Besides my Pride?

What Do I have to Lose….Besides my Pride?

This past Saturday, one of my good friends, Poppzilla, the eating champ, got married.

It was cool to hang with a bunch of the old crew again.  I saw guys that I haven’t seen in probably 10 years or so.  Fun times.

Well, when old friends get together, old shenanigans tend to come out.

I used to be a master instigator, I guess that kind of goes along with being a storyteller.  I stopped with my instigating ways a long time ago because I realized that although harmless, they were powerful.

But, on Saturday night, I had to scratch that itch.  I saw a willing victim, Ahman (Aboo-Haha, we added this part on).  Aboo is an aspiring bodybuilder and he has come quite a long way in the sport.

And knowing what I know about Aboo and bodybuilders, I could not resist the temptation to have him perform a pushup challenge out on the dance floor.

I pitched it to Aboo as, ‘If you can do 100 pushups in a row, then me, along with others from the old crew, will pay you $10 each.  You have absolutely nothing to lose.’

He thought about it and pondered for a few minutes back and forth and I continued to reiterate that he had a lot to gain and nothing to lose.

So, five minutes laters, we had a circle around him on the dance floor and the DJ counting the reps over the loudspeaker.

Aboo got to 67 before dying out.  Not bad, but not 100 either.  He didn’t get the money.  We all had a laugh.  Aboo had nothing to lose until he realized that what he did put on the line was his self-image.

Self-image is EVERYTHING in life.  You can only achieve things in life that are on par with your self-image.  I am amazed that so few people ever realize this ‘secret’.

Aboo had a lot to lose and you could see it in his body language after the challenge was over.

He will recover, no doubt.  He and I along with everyone else will remember it as a fun highlight of the Zilla’s wedding.

On a macro scale though, it was a good lesson for him and others who picked up on it.

Self-image is very easy to deflate but all it takes is a little persistent consistency to build it up to world class levels as well.

If you don’t ever think about it, it will be low and negative, that’s the way the brain is wired.

However, look out for the rare person that works on their self-image every single day.  They are the people that will change the world.

P.S-Black Friday is fast approaching, which means you will be in shopping mode very soon.  If anyone in your life is planning a massive transformation in 2017, then you might want to consider getting them a 6 or 12-week nutrition coaching package with Dana for 15% off.  Can’t beat that.  If you are interested, shoot me an email. Only two of the puppies are going to be available.

-Kyle Newell