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Member Showcase: Andrew Tina

We are super proud of Andrew and he was recently awarded the member of the month for our Flemington location.

Andrew reached out to us before we even opened our second location in Flemington.  Apparently he had been following along and had high interest because of a wake-up call he had while Coaching youth football.

Andrew started at Newell Strength in the third week in September and has since lost over 60 pounds!  All while improving his attitude, energy levels, mobility and strength levels.

Andrew is a walking inspiration.

Check him out here, in his owns words.


Think differently – Kyle Newell


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How To Be Better

As you read this, I am sitting in a conference room out in Michigan at one of my quarterly mastermind meetings.

Vince, the owner of the group, has been Coaching me since 2012.

All the other people in the group are like minded individuals trying to get better.  We solve problems and share our best ideas that have been working.

When two minds come together, a power of creative energy is created that is greater than the sum of the two minds.

So, here’s how you get better: hire a Coach.  Find someone that knows how to do what you want to do and that has a proven process.  I currently have 4 Coaches that Coach me right now, in different areas of my life.  It’s an investment.  And the best investment you can ever make is in yourself.


Think differently – Kyle Newell


P.S-If you want to invest in Coaching (a complete mindset transformation, not just pushing weights around), then you can….

  1. Talk to us on the phone. Want to see if we’re the right fit for you? Want to talk to a someone that cares about your success and can point you in the right direction toward it? We can help.

Just send an email to with CALL in the subject and she’ll get right back to you.

  1. Book a free consultation. We’ll sit with you and talk about your goals, experience with exercise, current nutrition program and any things that may be preventing you from getting in the best shape of your life. From there, you’ll get our expert advice on how to achieve your goals and leave the meeting with a clear plan for success.

Just send an email to with “Consult” in the subject and we’ll get right back to you.

3.      Risk-free 30-Day Jumpstart. If you’ve simply seen enough of our members experience incredible results and you’re ready to get started with us, the 30 Day Jumpstart is the perfect fit.  You’ll get the full Newell Strength Experience that’s designed to get you on the path to a longer, healthier and happier life, we’re ready to help you!

The Horrible Diet and Horrible Training Plan

Yes, I am going to recommend horrible programs for you to follow.  Horrible, according to your doctor and the mainstream that is.

I remember when I really grew my coaching wings.  I was sick and tired of following the dogmatic approach of body part training and conventional dieting.  I was bored mentally and I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted.  I knew there was a better way, but I didn’t know how.

That was when I entered college back in 1999.  I had some semblance of where I was heading but didn’t have an exact route.  It was a process of trial and error for sure.

I would head to the university fitness center and follow my full body program from the first book on training that I ever read, Big Beyond Belief by Leo Costa and the legendary Tom Platz.  I had actually ordered that out of a bodybuilding magazine, I doubt many millennials even know what mail order means, lol!

That program alone got me strong, very strong.  And it started to make a lot of my fellow co-eds ask questions as to why I was training squat and bench on the same day and why my workouts were so short compared to other people and on and on.

I tried to explain with my novice knowledge that training was more about the nervous system and stress response than it was about focusing on the external variables.  Most people either under trained or spent way too long in the gym and not enough time sleeping and recovering.  I remember distinctly from that book the A.R.E principle.  It stated that the alarm response was first initiated in the nervous system.

That is what happens when we train. This is then followed by the resistance phase in which the body adapts to the meet the demands of the new stress you are placing upon it.  This is where it will get stronger, grow bigger muscles and lose body fat if you allow it to.

But, if you aren’t managing yourself properly, you will enter the exhaustion phase.  I’ll admit that very few people push themselves this hard in their training to even sniff this zone.  This is called overtraining.  However, most people put themselves there by having out of control stress levels and not enough rest and fun in their lives.  I don’t want to go too far down that rabbit hole here but do know that it is all a matter of the nervous system.

My training philosophy was born, which I will get back to in a second.

Nutrition on the other hand?  Well, let’s just say that I wanted to get big and muscular and fast!  I ate damn near 4-5K calories per day and it wasn’t long before I was big and fat!  I even remember riding down the street on my bike (I used to ride everywhere around campus) and someone yelled out a car window, ‘Lose some weight!’.  Hmmm…I thought, that’s weird and a bit obnoxious.

I wasn’t sure how they knew from a drive by that I was overweight, after all I wasn’t morbidly obese (260 pounds).  And then I looked down in shame and noticed that my back tire, although not flat, was very much compressed and looking flat underneath my weight.

That was my first clue that there was much more to the old calorie in vs. calorie expended debate that had become common knowledge.  I started reading and then reading some more.  I even remember that by the time I was a senior I had developed my own philosophy on re-feeding and cheat meals.  I compiled all my findings and personal experience and set up an appointment with my nutrition professor.

Man, you would have thought that I had two heads the way this dude looked at my.  I quickly realized that he didn’t know jack sh** and that I was going to have to discover and implement this stuff myself.  To say I was ahead of the curve by the time I was a senior at UD would be an understatement.

And then, I graduated and began my internship with Rutgers Football strength and conditioning.  I had still had my full body philosophy of training but I did mix some bodybuilding methods in there when I wanted to really pack on muscle.  I learned a great deal that summer from JB (my first mentor).  The pace those players trained at and the weights they were lifting were insane.  I would eat meals with the team and dudes that were shredded would be throwing a half a stick of butter in their oatmeal along with 6 whole eggs.  I couldn’t believe it.

Back to the drawing board.  That was when it sank in that food was a drug and diet was more a function of what was going on in the internal, biochemical and hormonal environment into which the food entered had a much bigger impact than counting calories.  Yup, food’s effects on the human body were more about the nervous system than anything else.  As a later mentor, Dax Moy, told me: it’s not what you eat but rather whom you are when you eat it.

I continued to develop a blend of philosophies to come up with my own training and nutrition principles.  And they have continued to evolve to this very day and yes, they are horrible according to most doctors.  Yet, I would put my blood work ‘returns’ (much like you should ask for a tax return of a financial advisor before hiring them) against any doctor and I know I would come out on top.

‘Yes, Kyle, but what are these things you speak of?!’  Don’t worry my good friend, I was about to get to that.

For nutrition, here are my principles with a brief, very brief explanation for space’s sake:

  • You should practice eating less often along with practicing intermittent fasting. This means I eat twice per day and I don’t eat before 16 hours past my last meal, usually somewhere between noon and 2 pm.  This allows for much greater insulin sensitivity (better fat loss, and better able to bullet proof yourself against diseaseà insulin is responsible for a lot of inflammation in our bodies).  Forget all that B.S that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that you have to eat 6 small meals per day.  I call the B.S that they are rooted in.
  • Second, eat predominantly organic, grass fed sources of protein and fat. Yes, fat!  Cholesterol is the precursor to all sex-hormone production.  Too many men are walking around with bitch-tits and testosterone levels equal with that of a eunuch.  Now, if you are eating fat sources not from things like organic fed foods, then that is a different story and for a different time.  In addition, get your good poly-unsaturated fats from things like organic olive oil and avocados.  Fat is great for hormone production; protein is great for muscle repair and they are both very filling.  I eat what I want, when I want if they fit into these categories and as long as my fasting period is over.  Yes, you can have carbs, and even cheat days but again, let’s stick t the basics here and now.

For training:

  • Cardio as you’ve been told to do it is garbage and a BIG waste of time! Most doctors don’t have a clue about training, so let me educate you and them for a brief minute.  The muscular system drives the cardiovascular system, not the other way around.  So the more muscle you activate, the more cardiovascular output and stress you get, which makes the heart stronger.  How do you do this?  You train for peripheral heart action which means head to toe things like a pushup into a squat pattern.  Take your grandmother’s idea of yesteryear that stated you had to train a body part such as chest, rest two minutes, chat a little bit and then after that waste of an hour is done, you had to spend 30 minutes on a hamster wheel and throw that shit out the window into a trash dumpster and set it on fire!
  • You HAVE to lift weights! I am adamant about this.  Yes, you can run and ride your bike but those things will not make you a stronger body.  They will not grow much muscle if any and the slow long distance types of exercise actually raise cortisol levels (one of our main stress hormones).  And those forms of exercise do nothing to stimulate bone strength.  Yes, I’ll admit, I do those things here and there and they are excellent for brain health but not for being a strong S.O.B.  I don’t care if you are man or woman, you need to get the body stronger and gain some muscle, they are your fountain of youth.  Strength is the foundation for all of your other physical qualities.  Train with weights, train for the aim of getting out of breath and train full body.  No, you will not hurt yourself if you go about this in a smart way and if you aren’t sure what a smart way is, then hire a coach to teach you.

Yes, they sound horrible and I am sure snowflakes all over the world would run for cover if they were told this by their college professors.  Good thing I’m not their college professors.  As always, if you do the opposite of what the ‘herd’ does in life, you will usually be much better off.  It’s no different when it comes to your health and fitness.  Get after it!

Why Are You Underestimating Yourself?

Why Are You Underestimating Yourself?

Most people greatly overestimate what they can do in a few months but greatly underestimate what they can do in 5 years.

Most people’s ideas never make it out of their head into reality.

Most ideas go to the graveyard.

But it’s easy to be enthusiastic about a new idea.  Novelty is the greatest aphrodisiac.

I’ve come across a lot of people that ask me for advice or coaching on start-ups of some sort or another and you’d be shocked at how few people stick with their idea past the two or three month mark.

They fail to realize that all overnight successes take 12 years (at least!).

You aren’t most people though.  I want you to be different.

The first year we held our Thanksgiving morning workout, we had 4 people show up.

The second year (I wasn’t there because I had just ruptured my patellar tendon for a second time) there were 14 people.

The third year we had 60 people.

And just this past week, we had 100 people at the TG charity workout!

If more people would develop ‘sticktoitiveness’, they would realize all their dreams.

I want you to think long and hard about a 5 year projection for yourself and commit to it this coming year.  Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.

You might surprise yourself, but you won’t surprise me because I already believe in you.

We still have a few openings in our next edition of Ripped Dads which begins next week.  If you are looking to get back on track or maybe your husband is looking to get back on track, then you should check out the application here:

Think differently – Kyle Newell



Yoda, Einstein and Seinfeld

Yoda, Einstein and Seinfeld

What do these 3 characters have in common?

They all had a life philosophy to live by.

Yes, I know this is the second time this week we are talking about philosophy.

And in case you are behind, on Wednesday I wrote about my training philosophies.

Well, today my good friend, I am going to let you in on some of my life’s philosophies.

You know, as each year goes by, I get more and more confident.  Not arrogant, but SELF-confident.  After some reflection, I realize that is because my life philosophies are really becoming more ingrained and taking ‘root’.

I cannot state the importance of having a list of principals you live by.

I will not list them all here, but I will be covering this in much more detail in an upcoming podcast (you do realize I now have a podcast, right?:)).

Without further ado:

  • My mind must be nurtured each day through learning new things and connection with a higher power.  A weak mind equals a weak life.
  • I get final say of who I let into my life.  If someone drains me, they get banned from my life.  And no, this doesn’t have to be a confrontation.  I just cut off my life’s energy from them leeching off it anymore. I know who’s opinions to value and whose don’t.
  • Time is the most precious thing that I have, I must protect is like my life depends on it, because it does.
  • I cannot reason with emotion.  It’s a losing proposition.  Don’t offer up ‘coaching’ in any relationship in your life if the person doesn’t ask you for it.
  • Nearly any skill can be learned through repetition.  And repetition is what separates the successful from the tire-kickers.  Enthusiasm is easy, endurance is the hard part.

Wo-MAN, that is therapeutic just writing it out once again.  Give it a try.  I could go on forever, but my workout with the Wolverine is calling my name.

Be different.  Get clear on your philosophy.

-Kyle Newell

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A Real Life Game of Frogger

A Real Life Game of Frogger

There used to be a video game in the 70’s or 80’s called Frogger.

The purpose was to get across the road without getting hit by a truck.

And if you are a Seinfeld fan, you surely remember George Costanza playing a real life game of Frogger while ironically, trying to get an arcade gaming console of the actual Frogger across the street.

I thought it was hilarious.  He would move up, come back, gain ground, lose ground, 2 steps forward, 2 steps back, all the to avoid the oncoming traffic.

Well, last week, Devon sent me to ShopRite at peak time.  When I say peak time, I mean when the rest of the world is there.  A perfect recipe for disaster for my introverted self.

I wore my pseudo disguise: a hoodie, baseball cap and sunglasses (yup, I left my sunglasses on the entire time).

Of course, I saw not one, not two but 3 people that I knew.  All nice people, but I just couldn’t get into a draining conversation.

So a game of Frogger ensued at ShopRite.  I would turn one corner, catch a glimpse of person A walking up that aisle, and quickly do a 360 to go back around the other corner.

I would make it to the end of that row to see person B approaching which meant I would quickly duck down the next nearest aisle.  Person A again, then person C and so on.

I hadn’t been spotted.  I quickly made my way to the self-checkout and slid out the side door.  I know sometimes I am neurotic with social settings, but I was on a mission.

Devon and Munchie were waiting for me to pick them up at the playground.

When I arrived, Devon asked what took me so long.  I didn’t realize I was gone for nearly an hour (although in my defense I did pick up firewood too).

I tried explaining my real life game of Frogger but she just shook her head.

Where have you been running into obstacles in life?

And once you locate those obstacles, are you going to approach them or go down a different path?

Food for thought…

P.S-Before you eat a TON of FOOD on Thanksgiving, you can join us for our Thanksgiving morning charity workout, all the proceeds are going to Little Charlie Kroog.  Reserve your tickets here:


Mentally Wiped Out

Mentally Wiped Out

Back in May of this year, I finally pulled the trigger and hired Producer Jonathan to run my podcast.

You see, I had been sitting on the idea for nearly a year.

It was one of my top 3 goals for 2016 but yet I just couldn’t pull the trigger.

Not because I didn’t want to, but because I had so many other things going on.

And besides, creative work is the hardest kind.  ‘Old man resistance’ will come up to get you at every turn.

I didn’t know where to begin, although I knew where to find that information after talking with a few buddies (remember, information is rarely the real road block).

Was my dream going to become a ‘coulda-been’?

And then, like manna from the heavens, I stumble across Producer Jonathan.

I applied for a consulting call ($500 for 30 minutes).  We rappe for a bit on Skype and then I went all in.

I invested quite a bit into his coaching and services, BUT…

I knew that if I did so, I would make my dream a reality because I would have someone holding me to the fire, expecting results, not putting up with any BS.

So here we are, just recorded episodes 15 and 16 yesterday and I am super jazzed about the direction that business is going in.

When you have an opportunity seeking mindset in life, you will never create a real impact.

When you have an investment mindset, you know that you have to invest your time, energy and money but as long as you do the work, the ROI will be super.

Which mindset are you of? And be totally honest with yourself…the investment mindset or the opportunity seeking mindset?

And if you are looking for a new Thanksgiving day morning tradition, come check out our 7AM charity workout.  Coffee and Mimosas will be provided and we promise you’ll be back home shortly after 8:).


-Kyle Newell