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Go All In

5 weeks ago, I recorded this episode of Unlocking Your Inner Strength.


Is it a coincidence that yesterday I wrote about the brevity of life?


And I wrote that before looking ahead to which episode was going to be released today.


But no, I don’t think it’s a coincidence.  Use it is a sign on your path that there is more waiting for you to ‘go after’ in life.


In today’s episode, I discuss the concept of ‘going all in’ in my view.  You can take a listen here:


Take a quick listen to the roughly 11-minute episode and jot down 1 thing that you can put to use.


Think differently- Kyle Newell


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The Echo Chamber of Stupid Fitness Advice

I had never heard of an echo chamber until this year’s election.


Basically, it’s when no outside voice or opinion can be heard or is allowed ‘in’ and the same information, correct or not, get’s ‘echoed’ back and forth.


And oh boy…how this sure does apply to the wonderful field of fitness.


Here are just some of the ‘echoes’ that your Tool Boy, big box gym, personal trainers are sure to be telling people coming into the new year.


  • Just work harder, that’ll work. Use all the will power you can muster because obviously you have just been weak-willed in the past.


  • Cut out carbs and count your calories. This will do the trick (and not to mention it’s pretty fun to carry around tupperware and a scale everywhere you go).


  • Make sure you do 30 minutes of ‘cardio’ after your machine based weight training session . This will ensure you are in the fat-burning zone and I know you have all the time in the world to spend here in my gym, like a human guinea pig.


  • Do what I do and you will look like me. My six-pack has NOTHING to do with having the right genetics and weighing 175 pounds soaking wet.


  • Train arms and abs one day and back and chest on another day. You can skip legs except for throwing in a few sets of leg presses a couple of times per week.



Man how I cringe when I hear these bums talk and spew this mis-information and ‘fake news’ of fitness.


It is a choice what you choose to believe.


But remember, what you believe for a long period of time will become a part of your faith (faith doesn’t just have a religious meaning).


Be careful and mindful of echo chambers and tool boys.


Here’s a way to save someone you love from the fake news of fitness;  get them a 3-Week Test Drive at Newell Strength.  It’s the best $99 gift you’ll ever give:)


Be different – Kyle Newell


‘Tis the First Time I Ever Saw a Lady Bug Swarm

‘Tis the First Time I Ever Saw a Lady Bug Swarm

We went for our usual Sunday morning family hike in the Sourlands last weekend.

Still no bears.  Still no Bigfoot Sightings.

We went just about to the edge of the preserve, by far the longest we had gone.

Even though we didn’t see anything unusual on the way out, when we got back to our access point we saw a father, a mother and young daughter.

The man was pasty white and had an English accent.  But that’s not the weird part.

They had a swarm of ladybugs around them.  Almost like they had stirred up a hornet’s nest, but of ladybugs.

It was quite the site to behold.  We went towards them only to have the ladybugs start swarming us.

Munchie tried to eat a few, which I wasn’t opposed to because protein in the raw is the best form to grow the muscles:).

It was an unusual site.  And a good omen.

If it were indeed hornets, our perspective would have shifted and the seen would have been quite terrifying.  That would have been a bad omen.

I could have brushed it off as coincidence, but since I don’t believe in coincidence, I chose to look at it as a sign of things to come for me.

When’s the last time you had an omen?  Is God trying to send you a message that you just keep ignoring?

Here’s a sign you can’t ignore.  If you are struggling to figure out your direction in life and you seem to be at a glass ceiling, then come out (2 spots left) to the November Theater of the Mind workshop.  I’ll be teaching stuff that I’ve never taught to anyone else, anywhere.

-Kyle Newell