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Monday Mindset: Mamba Mentality

A little over two weeks ago, the great Kobe Bryant passed, along with his daughter and 7 others.


It is tragic to say the least.


It really shook me to the core, I spent a good part of that Sunday night crying.  My love for basketball and my admiration for this guy and my compassion for a fellow father, all boiled into thinking about how he was taken too soon from this earth.


But there are higher powers than my mortal mind.  We have to learn from tragedies such as this one.


One of the things that inspired me so much about Kobe was his mindset, known as the Mamba Mentality.  He gave us that gift, that torch.  It didn’t matter if you weren’t a basketball player, the Mamba Mentality was about never giving in, never giving up, no matter what.


That is part of his legacy.  He gave us that, it’s up to us whether we cement it home.


Listen, we all are gonna die.  What gift are you going to leave behind?  And no, you don’t have to be famous to leave a legacy.


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


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Client Showcase: Donna is Down 30

Donna has now been training with us at Newell Strength for 2+ years!

I can remember during those first months that she was a member, the frustration she had because she wasn’t getting to where she wanted to be…YET.

Well, she stayed the course and had a mindset of being inspired and disciplined.

To date, she has lost over 30 pounds and has shown commitment of the highest order.

Here she tells you in her owns words…enjoy the video!

Think differently – Kyle Newell


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