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Stressed Spelled Backwards

Four weeks ago, we started our biggest Fat Shredder contest to date.

And everyone is doing great, working hard and enjoying the process.

Yet, some people still haven’t connected the dots to stress, sleep and losing body fat.

Go ahead and spell stressed backwards right now.

Yup, it spells desserts.  And listen, Devon and I have a bigger sweet tooth than anyone.

We enjoy it when the time is right.  But if you find yourself constantly losing the battle at night with binge/stress eating, try working on your sleep.

Sleep remains the most powerful weapon against too much weight and body fat.

Information is rarely, if ever the problem, it’s our habits that get us in trouble.

Think differently- Kyle Newell

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Are You Where You Are Meant to Be?

Two weekends ago, I went into the local bagel shop to get some bagels and such for our monthly team meeting.

When I got up to the counter, I asked for a dozen donuts.

Both of the girls looked at me and then started to laugh, as did I.

Despite my freudian slip (I do hold some donut eating records in various parts of the country), I was indeed in the right place.

Are you training in the right place? Is the environment right for you? Are you just a number or does the staff know you?

Are you doing the right type of training to achieve your goals? Most adults need to gain muscle to fight against the aging process and to get leaner. Yet, if you are only doing high intensity training, without constantly trying to get stronger, then you aren’t going to gain muscle.

You can’t get donuts in a bagel-only shop.

Think differently – Kyle Newell

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The Mysterious Package

Early last week, Devon had returned a cork board that was damaged. It was a part of the bathroom project she’s been working on at Newell Strength.

Amazon told her to just drop it in the new box and ship it out.

A nuisance, but simple enough.

Then, on Thursday, the package arrived back at our house. Strange…

I went out to check it out and realized that it came back to us because the return label was never attached. Devon had dropped that off along with the cork board.

The point being, we can only get where we want to go if we know what direction to head in. Once you find that direction, just keep plodding along.

The process is the goal and the goal is the process.

Think differently – Kyle Newell

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