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‘I Need To Get In Shape First’

Since we opened our first facility 8 years ago, each year, I’ve heard clients tell me that their friend or spouse really wanted to check us out, but that they needed to get in shape first, according to the third party.


At first, this confused me, but after I began to really learn about the brain, I understood.  People fear judgment.  It is one of the most threatening things to the human brain.


Just last week, I posted an article about a lady at a Globo Gym that was trying to start her new year out right, by going to the gym and she had three millennial hecklers that forced her to tears.


Luckily, a stand up citizen came to her rescue.


Usually, our worst fears don’t actually happen.  In that case, for that woman, it did happen.


When you are starting out on your fitness journey this year, you must take into account the community with which you are entering.


A family like community, like we have at Newell Strength, will dramatically reduce your fears, thus, allowing you to put all your mental and emotional energy into your physical transformation.


Think differently – Kyle Newell


P.S-I will be having a goal setting workshop at the Flemington location this week at 8 PM, Thursday night.  It was a big hit in Hillsborough last week.  You can bring a friend or two.  And don’t worry, I keep it short, to be exact, it’ll only be [58:33]. See you then!


P.P.S-Whenever you’re ready here are 3 more ways we can help you transform your life, lose weight and gain bundles of energy:


1- Check out this podcast I did on Resistance (any time you are trying to improve your life, you will face this!)

2-     Perhaps you’d just like to increase your mental game.  In that case, you can check out our Time Mastery Manual (the information in here will create ‘new’ time for you and give you the ultimate freedom in life)


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Member Showcase: Snoop

It’s hard for me to believe that Snoop has been coming to Newell Strength for nearly 2 years.

He came in way back when with his son because his son wanted to get into better shape before heading off to college.  It wasn’t long before Snoop was asking about joining for himself and I knew from talking with him that this was way outside of his comfort zone.

So, truth be told, I thought there was no way this was going to last.  Yet, here he is, still plugging away.  And as you’ll see in this video of his story, he did it so he could set an example for his two sons (now that’s what a great father is!).  You can take a quick watch over here

Think differently – Kyle Newell


P.S-We are having our annual Festivus party on the 15th of December.  It’s a great event, it’s BYOB and Potluck, kids are more than welcome (hopefully we will be able to get the live reindeer again this year).  All donations will be going to Coach Gina and her kids for the holiday season because as you may or may not know, their house burned down a little over a month ago….be grateful for the little things.