Summer (5)

Big Trees and Big Dreams

Two weekends ago, a buddy came over on Saturday morning and we went to work on a monster of a tree that had fallen some time back near our creek.


It’s a big damn tree and thank God that it didn’t fall towards the house!


Anyhow, I worked on it throughout the summer here and there and for some reason, on this particular Saturday, I was having trouble slicing through.


Now, a chainsaw is a relatively new toy for me, I got it last spring when another tree had fallen on the property and I realized this was an investment that would pay dividends.


Well, buzzing through this tree, my buddy finally says, I think your saw is going dull, because that’s a big blade and it should be zipping through this.


To which I asked why it would have become dull so quickly.  He said, ‘It’s the tree, it’s a monster.’


Now, I could have continued to struggle for the months ahead working on this tree with a dull blade or I could simply sharpen my saw.


I chose to sharpen my saw.


In life, we need to know when we need to sharpen our saw, which could mean gaining more skills or taking a rest period.


I believe it was Abe Lincoln that said if you gave him a day to cut down a tree he’d have spent ¾ of the day sharpening his axe.


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


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A Rock and a Baseball Bat Are a Stupid Idea

While taking the pups for our morning walk on our pitch black street, a memory popped into my head.

Not really sure why it decided to visit me, but it did.


It was 1993 or so and my best friend at the time and I were at our older brother’s all-start summer baseball game.


We had one of those little wooden souvenir bats that you get as giveaways at Major League games.


Well, the game we were watching was a blow out, so we decided it would be a good idea to have our own home run derby off to the side with our little bat.


The problem was, we didn’t have a ball small enough to match the bat.


So what’d we do?


We decided to use rocks.


We were only about 10 feet away from each other to make it easier to see the rocks coming in to hit.


I was, unfortunately, the one to pitch first.


BAM!  First pitch; line drive right off my forehead!


It could have been much worse if it hit me in the eye, but it didn’t.  It left me with a huge, bloody welt right in the smack-dab middle of my forehead.  Game over.


What were we expecting?  Dumb ideas produce dumb results.


At least we were smart enough to leave the game alone after that.


Are you heading into the beginning of this year with the same dumb plans that have gotten you exactly nowhere the past few years?


You must recognize your thought patterns and then actively change them.  Otherwise the brain will just go on autopilot and repeat the self-same thing, over and over.


Think Differently – Kyle Newell


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The Pitbull Attack on my Birthday

The Pitbull Attack on my Birthday

Two years ago, on my birthday to be exact, we took Dax and Mateen over to the dog park before going to see a movie later on that night.

Devon was 8 months pregnant with Braxton at that point.  We were already at the dog park for about a half hour when I noticed a pit bull acting very strange.

And after talking to the owner, I knew why.  The owner was aloof and didn’t even know the background of this dog that he had rescued one month earlier.

I do hate that pit’s get a bad rap, they are beautiful dogs and usually the ones that you see on the news are part of a cultural problem, not the actual breed.

Anywho, we watched as the pit spearheaded another mut right in the side for no good reason.

That’s when I said to Devon that we should start making our way to the truck.  We had already been there long enough and I didn’t like having this wild card near my pups.

Now, keep in mind, stupidly, I had flip flops on because it was a very hot, late summer day.  Mateena made one more bee line to go mark her territory as we were walking towards the gate.

I turned around and saw the pit running at her. There was also a rot that had just arrived, making his way over to the very same area.

Mateena knows herself as silly as that sounds.  I’d argue that she knows herself better than most people.  She knows that she is a loner and that she doesn’t like being in a crowded area.

And like any dog, she reacts if put in a situation that she doesn’t like.  The pit went up behind her and started sniffing her BE-hind.  Mateena turned and did this little chomp she does to let other dogs know to back off.

As I saw this unfolding, I was already running as fast as I could over to the spot because I knew what was about to happen.  The pit reacted to her chomp and clamped down on her skull.  Thank God I got there in time to kick the pit in the head a few times, dislodging his grip on her.

Stupidly, once again (man this was a dumb day by me all around), I stayed between the pit and Mateena and the rot that was now starting to get worked up.  I didn’t think about what it could have done to me.  I reacted and put my family first.

Luckily, I was very aware of my surroundings that day.

I knew the environment and I could ‘feel’ the energy that was in the air.

You can do the same thing, not with a pit bull of course but in your home, at your job, etc.

Environments are triggers.  The brain is always scanning your environments.  You are either going to be at the mercy of your environments or you are going to master your environments.

People often are stressed out of their minds because of their very mismanagement of their environments.

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Be your weirdest self – Kyle Newell


The Lumberjack Who Worked Smarter . . .

The Lumberjack Who Worked Smarter . . .

It’s a lumberyard and there were these lumberjacks that this lumberyard sends out every day to the forest out in Oregon to chop down trees.

It’s early June and all the recruits of college guys came to work for the summer, and you know, they’re all college athletes and most of them were football players and these huge guys because not only are they getting paid, but they were also getting in shape by swinging axe all day.

This was the perfect job.

So, after a few weeks, after the initial thrust were people are kind of getting a little bored, one day the boss called everybody over and he said, “Okay, every once in a while I do this. We’re going to give a bonus of $250 to whoever chops down the most trees today.

So, we’re going to start as we always do at eight o’clock.

Everybody is going to take an hour break for lunch, and then you’re going to hear the bell ring at five o’clock.

Then, we’ll tell you tomorrow who won the prize.

Well, everybody’s geared up because these are all competitive guys, and about twenty of them, all college guys.

There was one guy who was in his sixties.

He’s been working for this company for years and years and years and years. Everybody totally discounted him.

Well, everybody started swinging their axe and falling trees and the energy level was high, but the old guy like every hour, hour and a half, he would just mosey up the way into a shed and come back fifteen minutes later and start chopping again.

So, people said, “What a loser this guy is.”

So, they’re chopping and chopping and then another hour and a half later, they see the old guy go up to the shed and all that. Okay, five o’clock, everybody ends with a big spurt, and everybody thinks they won.

The next morning at eight o’clock, the boss calls everybody around, and he said, “Ralph, come over here.

Here’s your $250.”

Everybody says, “Are you kidding me?

Ralph was the old guy.

How he could win?

He was taking a break.

How could he win?

How could he chop down more trees?”

Somebody said, “Ralph, what were you doing when you’re going up to that shed?”

Ralph said, “I might be old, but I’m smart.

I was doing something that you guys weren’t doing.

Every hour, hour and a half, I was sharpening my axe.

I was sharpening my axe.”

That’s what we’re talking about.

The person who gets the best grades is not the person that works the hardest.

It’s the person who works the smartest, and we’ve spent all these hours trying to convince you of this that don’t just keep swinging the axe, just don’t keep working hard.

Start working smart.

Prep for you week ahead today – Kyle Newell

If you aren’t quite clear on how to work smarter, then perhaps  you should schedule a short mind map with me.  Tire kickers please do not apply:)


Listen to Learn and Learn to Listen

Listen to Learn and Learn to Listen

In the summer before my senior of high school, I was fortunate enough to travel out to Michigan to attend Tom Izzo’s summer basketball camp at Michigan State University.

I was born in Michigan and am a HUGE Michigan State fan, so getting to meet Izzo, his staff and the current players was icing on the cake.

It was at that particular camp that I got to meet my favorite player of all-time, Mateen Cleaves.

You may not be aware of the fact that we named Mateena, our silver lab, after Mateen.

But anywho, the reason it was the best camp I ever attended was because of the teaching style of Izzo.

Everything had a purpose.  There wasn’t one second wasted.

One of the big pearls of wisdom that I walked away with was his saying, ‘Listen to learn and learn to listen.’

So clear, and so simple

Listening is a skill, one that I would call the mother skill of becoming a success.

Too many people don’t know how to listen or they don’t care about listening.  In their minds, they know all the answers already.

I often re-listen to audiobooks, time and time again because each time, I learn something new.

You don’t learn everything the first time through.

Each time I coach someone, I learn something new.  Read that again, I learn something new, not just the client.

In life, I don’t believe that you can stay stagnant.  You are either marching up the hill or you are rolling back down it.

DO NOT fall for the illusion of maintenance and complacency.  They both will lead to mediocrity and as my idol Arnold once said, ‘Average is the worst thing in the world.’

I agree.

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