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I Can Really Bring Out the Weird In People

Two weeks ago, the men’s group from Newell Strength went out for a bite to eat.

And at the table, in the course of riveting conversation, one of the guys says, ‘Man, you can really bring the weird out in people’.

I chuckled as did all the others.

It was one of the greatest compliments anyone could give me.  By being weird and not hiding it, I hope that others can let their guard down too.

How exciting and interesting is life if you are only surrounded by a bunch of zombies and robots, people that are always trying to ride the road of vanilla?

The theme for this year is not to be more than you are, just BE all that you already are.

If you’re ready to have a Mind Map about your weirdness, just reply with ‘weird’ and I’ll be glad to give you a session.

Think differently – Kyle Newell


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There is More to Life Than Simply Increasing the Speed

Old Man Look at My Life

Old Man Look at My Life

I remember two years ago when I wrote an essay about Newell Strength in 60 years.

It was actually Christmas eve as I was writing it and I had to stop after every damn sentence to gather myself.

A few weeks later we had our staff holiday party and I shared with the team bits and pieces of what I had written and again, emotion overcame me.

I used to think showing my emotions was a sign of weakness, now I know it’s a sign of inner strength.

Nevertheless, when I wrote that piece about going into Newell Strength for one final workout when I was well into my 90’s, not a person in there knowing me from Adam, it was a flash-forward about life and the special memories and connections we make with others on a daily basis.

Life is precious, you know that, but YOU, like me, forget that sometimes.

Devon took this picture of me and Brax the other morning when I slept on the recliner with him as he was running a high fever.

I have been toying around with this idea of my Old Man article for a few weeks and this picture cemented it for me. Enjoy…

Old man look at my life,
I’m a lot like you were.
Old man look at my life,
I’m a lot like you were.

Braxton, you are a lot like me. Except you are better. I am proud of the man you have become. My life transformed when you came into our world. I think back to when I could still pick you up and hold you. You are still figuring things out and that’s normal. I want you to know that you are a great person and you have the potential to inspire the world. You are like me in that you want the best for people and yet, you struggle with how to accomplish that mission. You are like me, only you have completed my weaknesses.

Old man look at my life,
and there’s so much more
Live alone in a paradise
That makes me think of two.

Braxton, you are only 24 and you feel like you should have ‘made it’ already. Don’t worry, I am 59 and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life, fully. You have endless possibilities in front of you. The world is your oyster. You are going to be one of the greatest leaders ever to walk the earth, I believe that in my heart and soul. You are beginning to realize that heaven and hell are an in apart because paradise arises within YOU, inside your mind. The ‘two’ that you live with are the angels of fear and love. Always choose love, it will never steer you wrong.

Love lost, such a cost,
Give me things
that don’t get lost.
Like a coin that won’t get tossed
Rolling home to you.

Braxton, there’s that word LOVE again. Love can live forever and impact the world forever. Yes, you will have many relationships in life but they will ALL come to an end sooner or later. In the end, it will be just YOU and the trail of love that you blazed. Me and your mom will one day be gone but our love for you will never die. Your girlfriends, your brothers and sisters, your wife, they will all one day be gone too. Yet, your children and their children will always be able to draw strength from the LOVE you gave. Your love will never BE lost. It is the home of your spirit.

Old man take a look at my life
I’m a lot like you
I need someone to love me
the whole day through
Ah, one look in my eyes
and you can tell that’s true.

Braxton, you are a lot like me, only infinitely greater. And that’s what all parents want for their children. The greatest enemy you will ever face is the angel of fear. When you face it, walk through it. Put a knife into fear’s heart and scream a scream of victory at the top of your longs. That’s what I know you WILL do. Mom and my love for you will live on forever. We all need love in this life but I want you to remember that your ability to love will be limited by how much love you have for yourself. My life changed the day I literally told myself I loved WHO I was, out on that beach in So Cal. When relationships end, the love will not.

Lullabies, look in your eyes,
Run around the same old town.
Doesn’t mean that much to me
To mean that much to you.

Braxton, it feels like only yesterday that this picture was taken. I would love to live that moment over and over again. To look into those baby eyes of yours, the innocence, the pure joy. Always keep that with you, it’s a rare gift in an adult. Wherever you go in life, there you are. You can explore, you can go out and find yourself, but the hidden treasure is in your heart. The things of the material world will fall away, one by one. Moments like you laying on me are special, cherish them. Every minute is a blessing but once every so often you will KNOW when you are in one of those life long memories, a snap shot that is branded on your heart. We are proud of you no matter what.

I’ve been first and last
Look at how the time goes past.
But I’m all alone at last.
Rolling home to you.

Braxton, I’ve won some in life and lost some. I loved winning but I hated losing. That is the spirit of a competitor. Before you know it, you will be writing a letter to your son, only he too, will carry on the legacy. He will BE better than YOU and that is the best gift you could ever give. You are like me in that you draw inner strength from being alone, from sitting down by the river. Know thyself, know where you can connect to God and go there often. If you don’t go within, you will go without. Be comfortable Being alone, its one of the best places in the world to BE. When you can be alone with yourself, it means you truly love yourself.

Old man take a look at my life
I’m a lot like you
I need someone to love me
the whole day through
Ah, one look in my eyes
and you can tell that’s true.

Braxton, I know you are a lot like me, only you are better. Our spirits came into contact for a reason and we don’t yet the know the full impact of our spirits teaming up, but I do know its for something great. I would one day, in another realm, another life time, hope to find a spirit as strong as yours but you see, spirits, our souls are like finger prints, unique and never duplicated. Mom and I will look down your legacy from the skies above one day and have a smile on our faces. The physical world is fleeting. Your love and spirt will live on into infinity. Remember the impact that your words and actions have on others. Someone is always looking up to you and watching you. I am sorry for the times I acted in a way that came from a place other than love. Be better than I was.

Old man look at my life,
I’m a lot like you were.
Old man look at my life,
I’m a lot like you were.

Braxton, yes you are. Only you are better. Continue to bring your ‘light’ to other people’s darkness. The world needs a man like YOU. You are a lot like me, only better.

Kyle Newell’s Rules #6-10

In today’s show, the human strength expert Kyle Newell shares the immutable laws that he holds true in his life. They are classic principles which everyone else can practice.

Here are the show highlights of Kyle Newell’s Rules #6-10:

  • Subscription newsletters ([1:32])
  • Immutable laws ([3:09])
  • Rule 6 clarity is king ([3:31])
  • Significance of clarity (4:21)
  • Rule 7 have a morning routine (5:08)
  • Kyle’s routine ([6:35])
  • Rule 8 put your own mask first ([7:43])
  • Rule 9 rhetoric vs dialect ([9:01])
  • Rule 10 compassion towards self ([10:40])
  • Recap ([12:14])

Clarity is King

Kyle’s personal word for the year is clarity. The mind can go on a reactive state when it lacks clarity. Consequently, a lot of bad things can happen.

In most of his mind mapping sessions with clients, he saw the lack of clarity that people deal with in life. It presents a kind of ambiguity where you wouldn’t know what’s supposed to happen.

Significance of Clarity

Unspoken issues can lead to unwanted division in a relationship. Consider a husband who has something in mind that annoys him. His wife, on the other hand, thinks about something according to how she views his situation. This unspoken tension, however, grows over time and divides them.

That is why clarity is important—it lessens the intensity of the emotions that one suppresses. Everyone around you wouldn’t have a hard time knowing what you want when you’re clear with your thoughts.

Have a Morning Routine

Having a morning routine enables you to make the most out of your day. The most stressful hour is when the cortisol goes up for about 2 hours before you actually get up from bed. It’s the time when you move from being unconscious to conscious.

Regardless of how comfortable your bed is, the cortisol will alert you of the day. Most people wake up confused, and further allows this main stress hormone to take over. It could lead them to doing things they’re not in control of. This is why it’s important to have a morning routine.

Download and listen to Kyle Newell’s Rules #6-10 to learn about Kyle’s life principles that you can also live by. An expert in his field, Kyle wants to help people get better in life. Share this to your friends, family, and loved ones.

Check these awesome resources for today’s episode:

Unlocking Your Inner Strength website

Time Mastery manual
If you have any suggestions or other interesting ideas, please contact Kyle at kyle@kylenewell.com or at kyle@newellstrength.com. You can also leave a comment or review on today’s show. We love hearing from you!

The Furtive Troll

The Furtive Troll

Lapland souvenir, Troll with elk figurine on white background

“People who cling to their delusions find it difficult, if not impossible, to learn anything worth learning: A people under the necessity of creating themselves must examine everything, and soak up learning the way the roots of a tree soak up water”. –James Baldwin



I want you to imagine what it would be like to be a Troll Hunter.


Place yourself in any of the numerous movies that have trolls in them (Lord of the Rings, Trolls, Troll Hunter, etc.)


It may seem so far-fetched and outlandish but I got news for ya, trolls are real.


I know, I’ve seen them many times.


Recently, I have come across a new species of troll: The Furtive Troll.


The only way to kill a real troll is to use a ray of sunlight.  Folklore has it that this is so because trolls cannot vitamin D top calcium, which causes their insides to eventually bloat to the point of a grand explosion.


Well, that is not an option for me in my latest quest against trolls.


So, I have developed a way that you can deal with trolls, more specifically, The Furtive Troll.


Furtive Trolls, by their very nature, are sneaky.  They think they are putting one by you.


They are like sociopaths in the way that they are very good at mimicking emotions.  Furtive Trolls, like the one I have been dealing with, want to create an illusion of comradery and teamwork.


They got your back.  All for one and one for all.


And if you don’t realize what’s going on, they will shut down your creative efforts.  Furtive trolls are like politicians too, which funny enough, most politicians fit the exact definition of a sociopath.


It seems to me that sociopaths predominantly take one of two paths in life; they become a politician or they become the dreaded Furtive Troll.


Moving on from my sidebar, let’s get on to how you can deal with a Furtive Troll when they sneak into your otherwise pleasant life.


In my most recent exposure, I called it from the get go.  ‘My’ Furtive Troll, as I told Devon and the team at Newell Strength, would try to shut down our efforts and our message before it ever saw daylight.


Why would a Troll do this?  Because, Furtive Trolls are very threatened by people that actually give a sh**.  These Trolls hate the true hustler, and by hustler, I don’t mean shyster.


I mean a person that is trying to make an impact in the world. Someone that operates with massive energy and speed because they are so in love with what they are doing that they can’t slow down.  It is their DUTY to get their message out to the world because IT can truly help people.


The first way you can deal with a Furtive Troll is to make sure they aren’t in a position of power over you.  There is a reason I don’t work for anyone, I am unemployable at this point because I refuse to give up my creative freedom and thought.


Now, if you can’t get out from under the ‘thumb’ of power just yet of the Furtive Troll in your life, then here’s the next best thing.


You must be swift.  The swift sword always wins.  Speed wins.


Furtive Trolls are cunning, but they are also stupid.  Now, don’t confuse stupid with unintelligent.


They are often smart, but they are stupid because they think with EGO.  They operate from a lower vibrational energy and they act from a place of insecurity.


When a Furtive Troll blocks your path, they will sit their pounding their chest.  They don’t do this in public, but rather in their stupid brains.


While they are doing this, it is your chance to use your swift sword.  Shift gears and move on to the next idea you had and make it such a kick ass idea that the effects of it will crush the Troll.


Never, never, EVER try to reason with a Furtive Troll.  Their stupidity will rub off on you.


It will be such a monumental waste of your energy that the Furtive Troll will have won in another way; you will have no energy after the encounter which will rob you from putting your efforts into other areas of your life in which they Furtive Troll doesn’t have access to.


If you do this, the Furtive Trolls initial efforts will have backfired on them.  Kind of like taking their evil snout that spews slime and shoving up their behind.


The Furtive Troll will eventually become seen by the people as an impediment to progress, someone that tries to hold down something great.


In recapping: never give up your power to a Furtive Troll and use the principle of the swift sword.


If you come across someone, but you aren’t sure if underneath their garments they are indeed a Furtive Troll, you can tell if they fit at least two of these criteria:


  • They appear like a team player but your GUT is screaming that something isn’t adding up
  • You can predict their evil ways before they play out. Heck, before even they themselves know what their little seedy brain is planning.
  • They try to pull you into their dumb little games at all times but they don’t make it obvious.
  • Their point of view or opinions can be flipped on their head by a third grader.
  • And finally, they are in some kind of position of power or higher responsibility.


In the meantime, I’m gonna go try and work up a potent dose of Vitamin D so I can deal with future trolls in an easier manner:)


Click here if you’d like to get show notes from the first 10 episodes of ULYIS:)

Lessons Learned From ‘Hovey’

Lessons Learned From ‘Hovey’




That was my first thought this past Wednesday when I saw 3 people exit a RAV-4 in our development. I happened to be in the back with Munchie, Mateena and Dax.


I literally chuckled as the threesome split up and went right to work. The one guy, with satchel across his shoulder, took off to the left. The other man and woman started the other way and their first ‘victim’ was a little old lady that lives across from us.


As Munchie was playing in the dirt, fully occupied, I watched the scene across the stress play out as I was fascinated by some Mind Map and business principles at work.


Yes, I was getting to reinforce my education without going back to school.


The little old lady, a devout Catholic (I remember her from church growing up as a kid), panicked and started yelling something, which froze the man and woman dead in their tracks; and promptly proceeded to head into her house.


Little old lady had seen these creatures before.


She recognized the Hovey’s instantly and so did I! They were Jehovah’s witnesses, the particular breed that feel its necessary to interrupt people on an otherwise beautiful, sunny, fall day.


Now, before I get into my observations, you need to know that if I were still single, my dream life would revolve around being a recluse. I am very, very introverted and very few things set me off like getting stuck in an unexpected social encounter with people I don’t know.


Yup, if it were only me, I’d be living up in the mountains in West Virginia or somewhere similar, leaving the house every few weeks for a grocery run and that’d be about it.


With that in mind, I observed for about 5 minutes and then gathered the three kids to head into our back door, where we were playing. I saw one of the Hovey’s start down our sidewalk just as we were going in; the race was on!


I left Munchie in the basement for a quick second while I sprinted upstairs to shut the front door. Not a second too soon as it rang about 10 seconds later. I played like I wasn’t home, which was probably silly since the man could hear the two large pups that he had just seen outside minutes earlier.


Incredibly awkward and draining social interaction averted…


To each his own, I don’t care if you believe in a 4-headed Cracken as your savior. What I am interested is the principles at play here.


The first one: Why do the Hovey’s come around in the middle of a week day? It’s the least likely time to get the majority of people at home as most are working a 9-5. Is there some kind of weird guilt going on here? The kind like, ‘Lets do it, but not really do it to the best of our abilities, that way we can say we did it.’ Seriously, the only people they are going to ‘trap’ are little old ladies, shift workers and weirdo’s like moi.


Second: Essentially what the Hovey’s do when they do this is they preach, very similar to teaching or coaching. And one of Mind Map’s core principles is that ‘You must be given permission to coach’.


Otherwise the receiving brain will reject the words coming out of your mouth. As you can see from the little old lady’s reaction, the animal brain in us will react when we a preached to unsolicited because a part of our brain and our EGO holds very dear our beliefs, especially when it comes to things like religion, politics and even food (yes, food and diet).


The Hovey’s would ‘do’ much better position themselves as ‘welcome guests’ rather than ‘annoying pests’. (Big business principle here as well).


Lastly: The whole premise of Mind Map is that the brain is a pattern recognition machine; = prediction and response, and then repeat. If we are ambushed, we haven’t been able to ‘predict’ and therefore rather than going into response mode we enter into reaction mode.


An extreme reaction mode example would be ‘road rage’. Reaction puts us into unpredictable outcomes and irrational thought.


If they somehow just announced they would be coming around on such and such a date through some direct mail or something, it would certainly soften the blow.


There are lessons and principles everywhere if we are just open to seeing and experiencing them. Let the ‘real world’ be your classroom. Carry on!



How Zen Buddhism Beats Creative Blocks

How Zen Buddhism Beats Creative Blocks



Don’t get your panties all in a wad if you aren’t Buddhist. I am talking here more specifically about the philosophy of Zen Buddhism.


Ever since I have been following Dan Kennedy, I have been working to the clock, meaning I set a timer and I go. When the timer goes off, I take a quick break and do something else totally unrelated and for the most part mindless (get coffee, pee, do some mobility work for my joints).


That alone was a game changer for me personally. But then, recently, I have been hearing a lot about setting the timer to [33:33], whereas I used to set it to 50 minutes. As a quick aside, the mad genius scientist guru Charles Poliquin told me at one of his workshops that he recommends teaching in 20 minute bursts followed by a 10 minute break because he felt that was the longest that the brain could focus in a lecture type setting.


Ok, back on track here. And while I knew that a famous copywriter named Eugene Schwarz was the one that popularized [33:33], I didn’t quite know where the number came from. So of course, while listening to a Schwarz interview while on my morning walk with the 3 kiddos this morning, he went into detail about a Zen Buddhist ‘trick’ that allows them to never have writers block.


And its all based in routine, because remember from Mind Map, routine is a survival mechanism in itself and routine also allows us to not have to rely on will power, which is a good thing. Will power is very finite and burns up very quickly because that part of the brain (pre frontal cortex) relies heavily on blood glucose for energy, which is limited in supply.


So in the east, they make sure they write at roughly the same time of the day, they make sure their pad is in the same spot and the pen is placed in the same starting spot every day (they leave it like this when they are done for the day, which is a lesson in and of itself that we can use in a ton of different areas of life), they get one cup of coffee, swirl it around and then take a sip.


And finally, they set the timer to [33:33]. They realize it doesn’t have to be perfect; the idea is to just begin. Now, when the clock strikes [33:33], they stop, even if they are in mid thought, because at that point, something greater than yourself is at work anyway, a deeper part of your brain is running with it. If you lose the thought, you lose it, but don’t worry about it.


While you are away for 5 minutes or so, your subconscious brain has been grabbing ideas from the ether and it locking and loading them for when you get to the next [33:33] block of work.


I’ll leave with this. Mozart is arguably the most prolific writer of music ever and he never re-wrote anything, everything was paper and ink. How’d he do it? He would write at a billiards table and he would have the white cue ball, the rest of the table was empty. And between each note, he would roll the ball off of one of the cushions and it would bounce off the other two available cushions and back to him.


Each time, it would come back at a different angle so he had to pay attention with his human brain but his animal subconscious was developing the next note, which he would jot down and then repeat.


Your take away, start working to the clock and then start adding in little things over time like certain pieces of music that help you, etc. Go get ‘em tiger.

Acres of Beans


Acres of Beans

The other night, Devon was making a few corn on the cobs on the stove. One of the pieces wouldn’t fit in the pot. That in itself is not significant, but it reminded me of the old story where a mother always cuts the ham in half when she cooks it.


Her daughter asks her why and she says she doesn’t know, but if they ask grandma, she would know. So grandma says she doesn’t know, so they go to ask great grandma why they always have to cut the ham roast in half before cooking it. And GG says, ‘Oh, I always did that because the ham wouldn’t fit in the cooking dish I had at the time.’


We don’t just have to do things a certain way because that’s the way they have always been done.


It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of, ‘well, I can’t move forward with ‘X’ yet because I don’t know enough yet’. Notice the word ‘yet’. Yet is just our lizard brain trying to keep us in a nice little safe cocoon of the world we currently know.


I go through this myself all the time, thinking that there has to be some new thing out there that I have to know. And there isn’t. I have tons of books and DVD’s, CD’s etc. that I haven’t even gotten to yet and many that I have gotten through but that I would be wise to refer back to.


Right under my nose there are ‘acres of diamonds’ in terms of a wealth of knowledge and of opportunities that my lizard brain would rather keep me away from, because that’s where the unknown lay.


That very same night that she was cooking the corn, Munchie was eating his dinner and he had a few pinto beans left on his tray (organic of course). And as I was sitting there with him, he decided to smash a few of the beans with an open palm. It was Munch being Munch but it made me think of yet another idea.


We don’t know where we are going to end up until we get there, at which point it won’t matter anyway because there will be a new ‘end’ and then another and another.


But what we have to do is we have to ‘smash the beans’, one at a time. Next thing up, do it. Next thing up after that, do it. And repeat and continue to go on until the Universe responds accordingly and starts matching your efforts and actions with actions and efforts of equal or greater gifts back to you.


You have the diamonds, you have the knowledge, you can do things differently and yes, you can smash the beans.

God is the Novelty

God is the Novelty


“Anything new coming into your life is a message from God….How can you search for it? You don’t know it, you have never met it. One has to start in a state of not knowing, and one has to move innocently like a child, thrilled with the possibilities—and infinite are the possibillites.” –OSHO


Novelty is the greatest aphrodisiac. Part of our brains crave something new (the human part) while the mammalian and reptile centers of our brains despise change or the new. It is so much easier for us to play it safe and deceive ourselves into thinking that we need to wait until all the lights are green.


Our brains are pattern recognition machines, meaning they need prediction and response to move forward smoothly, but there is something to be said about motion being better than meditation in some instances.


If you read the above quotes from OSHO, the great Indian mystic, you will see that he says you cannot know the new directly. The new career path, the new relationship, the new passion. How could we know it before some exploration? It is new and new by its very definition in this sense means that we have not experienced it before.


I have talked about syncroncity in many articles and I do believe that when things happen such as messages, conversations, ‘coincidence’ (there is no such thing in my opinion), it is God trying to put us on the right path.


We need to trust the process and the path. I am working on a lot of new things in my life, things I never in a million years thought I would be passionate about and no, I do not know exactly how they will unfold. Heck, when I start writing articles I have no idea what is going to come out, I just start with one idea and then I turn the voice off in my head and its go time.


Ships are safe in the harbor, but ships were meant to sail. You have a ship, you have a vessel and the clocks a tickin’. Get back to that sense of awe(someness) and wonder that little kids possess. Start dabbling in whatever it is that your gut is telling you to get into. Stephen King didn’t know he would become ‘Stephen King’ back when he was writing novels on his lunch break while he was a public school teacher. He just knew a voice inside him had to be expressed.


We all have some majick (I know its spelled wrong on purpose) and uniqueness that we have been suppressing for far too long. The new will bring difficulties, that’s why we choose the old and safe. But no one ever fulfilled their greatness by choosing the old and safe.



The Importance of Knowing Your Principles

Jump straight to the highlights of todays show right here:

  • Knowing yourself to master life ([2:40] mark)
  • The three words Kyle uses to ‘show up’ everyday ([4:30] mark)
  • ‘The Safe Haven Technique’ and how to use it ([6:40] mark)
  • The importance of knowing your values and principles ([11:30] mark)
  • The uncomfortable reason why many people never grow stronger ([13:00] mark)
  • The truth about where  real happiness ‘actually’ comes from ([14:20] mark)
  • Kyle’s ‘Golden Rule’ ([14:50] mark)
  • Why Perfection is the enemy ([16:15] mark)

Today’s Show

In today’s podcast, Kyle talks openly and honestly about how important it is to know your principles and what it takes to show up as your true self in the world today.

Your Biggest Flaws

Kyle begins by saying everyone has flaws and weaknesses. Its uncomfortable and can be painful

but if we want to prosper and move forward in life, its important that we ask the difficult questions. The best thing you can is ask people who are close to you, ask them to tell you what your unique strengths are and also your flaws.

The ‘Showing Up’ Words

To make sure Kyle is being his true authentic self where ever he shows up in the world, he uses these three key words to live his life through. “Its critical to know the definition of each, so you can cut through the fluff and clutter” Kyle goes on to explain. The safe haven technique talked about in this show teaches you how to make sure you show up with your true intrinsic values in any situation.

The Golden Rule

As well as having values that live and breath through you, having principles to live by is just as vital. Kyle has a great Golden Rule he lives by which he shares with you in today’s podcast.


Change is challenging. Its uncomfortable because the human brain sees it as threatening. Find out more about your primitive mind and the reasons why you may be finding it hard to grow right now.


Many people today wont experience true growth because they struggle with being perfect. Perfection is the enemy when trying to achieve absolutely anything that involves progress.

All this and more in todays show.