I Implore You to Explore You

Yup, I was channeling my inner Mike Tyson with that headline.


I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to implore your, inspire you or tell you a story with today’s message.

So, I am going to attempt to do all 3:).


On Christmas day, I sent out an email with an article I wrote about setting your goals for 2017.


It may have gotten lost in shuffle, so here it is again:  http://www.newellstrength.com/year-can-great/



This is going to be your year…if you make the decision to have it be your greatest year yet.


That sounds scary and it is.  Yes, you may fall short.  Yes, it is going to require a lot of work.  Yes, it will require you to get outside of your comfort zone time and time again.


But what’s the alternative?


When I was coming into my own zone in 2007, shortly after the rectal ulcer story from yesterday, I had signs printed up and I hung them everywhere.


The most important place I wrote messages to myself of becoming great were on my bedroom ceiliing.  Every morning and every night I stared at those things.  I meditated on them.


I put vision board pictures on my ceiling.


I couldn’t not pay attention and focus.  And that focus led to my framing of each circumstance and situation in my life.


That was the year my life changed forever.


If you think about goals, that don’t mean diddly.  Everyone thinks about goals.


If you write them down, that’s a little better.  But most people that write down goals never look at them again.


However, if you carry your goals with you and make them a daily thing to look at, you will stand apart, most importantly you will stand apart from your old way of thinking.


It’s not easy, but I am not asking you to be average.


I am imploring you to BE great in 2017.


You can do it.  I believe in you.


-Kyle Newell


P.S-If time and energy management is your biggest nemesis, then check out this book I wrote for you along with the complete audio to make 2017 your greatest year yet: http://www.kylenewell.com/time