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How to Do Simple Meditation
To commit to anything requires some level of understanding of what you are trying to do.  In this episode, I give you the nitty gritty on what happens when we meditate and how I like to best meditate.  Its my hope that you can take one thing...
Think Small and Think For Yourself
Thinking. We have something like 75,000 thoughts per day.  Most of the time we believe we have no control over those thoughts.  Well, in today's episode, I explain why you need to be aware of your thoughts and a few different ways to think...
You 2 Biggest Assets
Whenever I talk about a person's two greatest assets, it usually isn't given a second thought, because it is so simple.  Today, I discuss one way in particular that you can increase your energy and confidence and also one way you can be sure that...
The Double Sided Coin of Success
In today's episode, I discuss the one thing we all want more of, which is happiness.  But until you understand what it is and how to have it, it will be fleeting.  Take a listen as I break it down in just a couple minutes of your time. ...
Have You Happiness?
With all this talk of goal-setting, I thought it would be beneficial to you to talk about the whole reason or purpose for any goal, which is to increase your level of happiness.  In this 12-minute episode, I explain what happiness is and give you...
Water and Walks
Now that you have all of your goals set for at least the first 90 days of 2019, its important to maintain forward momentum and to release the drag that can hinder your progress.  Two very quick ways to build momentum are going for a short walk...
Systems Trump Goals
This is the time of year that people have grand visions of what they will become.  Yet, time after time, goal after goal fails to come to fruition.  It's because they have been taught the wrong way to think about goals.  In this...
Can You Be More Confident?
Confidence is our second most important asset.  Yet, so many people walk around feeling a lack of it.  In this episode, I talk about what confidence is and how and why you can and must increase your confidence.  Enjoy! 
The Greatest Teacher You Ever Had
Think back to the greatest teacher or Coach that you ever had.  What made them have the most influence or impact on you?  It was most likely NOT their knowledge but rather than inspiration.  There is a lot more to having an impact than...
The Automatic Millionaire
Life is about patterns.  'The processes that are automated usually work.  The one's that aren't, don't.' If you can develop an understanding of how patterns are formed and why we form habits, then you are much more likely to be consistent in...
Have Faith in the Path
In life, so many people get caught in the land of indecision because they don't know which path to go down.  Here's the secret: you can't be off your path because its all your path.  
Where is Your Focus?
Newell Strength has been hit with the Certified Personal Troll, a man that will give great content to me as I write.  But on a serious note, it brings up the point of focus and where are you placing your focus?  You can tell a lot about a...
Living in the Pressure Cooker
The saying: nothing creates focus like intense time pressure is very true and there is a principle within it that can be applied to all areas of your life.  If you learn to live in the pressure cooker, you will constantly push out the edges of...
Your Strategic Energy Map
All of life comes down to energy.  Energy is your most important asset.  In this episode I discuss ways in boost your physical energy, your spiritual energy and your vibrational energy.  Remember, the creation of anything in life...
Lessons from Having Snot
When you get sick; there are two things to take notice of: you have to listen to your body and what it is trying to tell you and you have to use that down time to work on different parts of your being and energy.