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Where is Your Focus?
Newell Strength has been hit with the Certified Personal Troll, a man that will give great content to me as I write.  But on a serious note, it brings up the point of focus and where are you placing your focus?  You can tell a lot about a...
Living in the Pressure Cooker
The saying: nothing creates focus like intense time pressure is very true and there is a principle within it that can be applied to all areas of your life.  If you learn to live in the pressure cooker, you will constantly push out the edges of...
Your Strategic Energy Map
All of life comes down to energy.  Energy is your most important asset.  In this episode I discuss ways in boost your physical energy, your spiritual energy and your vibrational energy.  Remember, the creation of anything in life...
Lessons from Having Snot
When you get sick; there are two things to take notice of: you have to listen to your body and what it is trying to tell you and you have to use that down time to work on different parts of your being and energy. 
The 9 Natural Laws of Life
Life is a set of laws.  Laws are beliefs and beliefs drive everything you do.  In this episode, I play off of what Ari from Zingermans taught us at a recent mastermind out in Michigan and apply 9 laws to life, that if and when applied, you...
2 Quick Ways to Fire Up Your Brain
In this episode, I break down two quick games that you can play alone or with a partner to instantly increase your energy levels.  Give it a shot and let me know what you think!
The Story of the Mexican Fisherman
This story is one of the most powerful stories I have ever come across as far as putting your life into perspective.  In this episode, listen as I tell you the five minute story and then go into 10 quick lessons that you can take away from this...
Darkness is an Opportunity for Light
In life, the things you most want others to give you or show to you are the things you must give first.  If you want more love and respect, then you first have to show more love and respect.  In this episode, I explain how the same door you...
What Do You Want From Life?
In order to create the life you want, you need to increase your energy.  All creation requires us to raise energy levels and you can only raise your energy to the maximum possible by making sure you checking all the boxes in the Fitness Pizza...
There is No Such Thing as Perfect
This whole idea of perfection is really just fear disguised as something that makes the ego feel good.  Yes, the concept of perfection feeds the monster that is our ego.  In today's quick hitting episode, I discuss the concept of perfection...
Beware of Second Order Consequences
If you are listening to this show, then you want to continue to better your life.  Winners are always seeking out growth opportunities.  Yet, before making any decision, you must consider 3 key questions.  In this episode, I go over the...
The Concept of Woody the Woodpecker
Life is about asking the right questions.  Whenever you are deciding which path to go down, you need to think about 'Am I willing to put the energy in to this project until it pays off?'  If the answer is no, then you probably shouldn't be...
Kyle Newell's Rules: #11-13
I've been fortunate enough in life to have some great Coaches, mentors, hard knocks and experience.  With all those things, I've begun to compile a list of rules that I live by, that hopefully, can help you too!  In this episode, I discuss...
You Don't Have to Be More Than You Are
In life, all we have to do is be all that we are.  This is a paradigm shift from thinking we need to be more than we are.  If you are looking for 5 minutes of inspiration heading into the weekend, then check this out! 
3 Scariest Things I See In the Fitness World
I observe what clients tell us when they start with us.  I listen to what goes on out there with all the fake fitness experts, giving you the latest thing they read in that month's muscle mag.  And when I travel and go to gyms, I look around...