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Where Does Your Neediness Come From?
When you deprive yourself, you get needy.  Neediness is a lower form of energy.  And when you realize that you have all you need to feel happy right now, then and only then, will your brain and spirit allow you to move forward. Enjoy!
The Most Powerful Skill in the World
Your brain will focus on the negative.  It is a survival mechanism.  And if we don't take time to develop positive mental habits, we won't get very far in life.  In today's episode, I talk about how you can reframe any situation and how...
Discover the 4% Gap OF Self Leadership
In a recent book I am finishing about the state of flow, they have discovered that there only needs to be a 4% gap between your current skill level and the task at hand as far as how challenging it is.  In fact that's optimal.  In today's...
How To Set Great Goals for Yourself
We are approaching the third quarter in business lingo or by the time you are listening to this we are in the third quarter.  I love to set goals for 90-day blocks.  Wherever you are in life, I suggest trying to apply this simply goal...
Feed Your Stallions, Starve Your Ponies
In life, we all have one unique ability.  Its your duty to pinpoint that ability and share your message with the world.  And one of the best ways to do that is to figure out the obstacles and distractions so you can be on guard about...
How to Create Unstoppable Momentum
In today's episode: ☑️how to create unstoppable momentum  ✅if you can predict it, you can own it ☑️don’t feel bad about feeling like an imposter Enjoy! 
Is There Value In Education?
I am an educator at heart.  In today's episode, I discuss the value of education and how to best educate yourself.  And it's not the traditional route.  Enjoy! www.newellstrength.com    
Amazing Benefits of Fasting
Fasting is something I am very passionate about and I know can change the lives of many.  In today's episode, I cover 8 bullets and benefits of fasting that are simply too amazing to ignore. 
The Amazing Story of Newell Strength
Newell Strength almost didn't happen.  In fact, it was between starting a landscaping company and staring a personal training business back in 2007.  And along the way, there were many times that I wanted to stop because of burnout and...
Kyle Newell's Final 7 Rules
In this final entry on the 33 rules that I live by, we discuss: judgment, letting go of the rope, being the BEE, planning out your day, the value of a Coach, the Golden Rule, the slight edge and using resistance as your compass in life.  Enjoy! 
Newell's Rules #21-25
Episode 157 of Unlocking Your Inner Strength: rules 21-25 ✅know your why ✅guard your time  ✅decide ✅you only lost if... ✅learn daily Enjoy!
Newell's Rules #16-20 for Success
This week, we have rules #16-20 for success in life.  One of the topics I cover is the idea of fear being an illusion.  This episode is short yet super powerful and will give you tools to put to use right away.  Take a listen and...
Newell's Rules #11-15 For Success in Life
In this episode, I go over the next 5 rules that have impacted my life and helped me to become a better version of my former self.  Today I cover:  Fasting Emptying Your Mind Meditating Why information is never the problem Embracing Your...
Newell's Rules #6-10 for Success
In today's episode, I cover rules 6 through 10 with concepts that have helped me to live life on my terms.  Here they are: Good is good enough Imperfect Action Beats Perfection Comparison is the Thief of Happiness Invest in yourself Laugh Often ...
Newell's Rules 1-5 For Life
I've been working on 33 tips that have had a huge impact on my life and that allow me to win more often than I lose.  In today's episode, I shared tips 1-5 and explain how to put them to use.  Next week, we will be covering 6-10. ...