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Resistance is There to Make You Stronger
Just as in the gym, lifting heavier weights makes us stronger, so does resistance in life make us tougher and stronger.  The resistance you are feeling today or facing today is there to build you up.  You can retreat from it, but there is no...
The Inspiring Story of Gori
Gori came to Newell Strength about 2 years ago and the first time around, we failed each other.  And that was the end of Gori until he suffered a painful event down in Disney World.  He has since come back and set the world on fire. ...
The Circle of B.S.
In life, you don't own the process if you truly don't know it and know  the truth.  In fitness, we have what is called a circle of B.S, where fake fitness knowledge is taken as gospel and just continually spewed out.  Take a listen to...
How I Stay Motivated
Life is about growth.  IF you aren't aiming to grow, you may think you are staying the same, but you are actually dying.  Motivation is about constantly having a target to strive for.  In today's episode, I share the system that I use...
Your Unique Ability
In life, we all have a unique ability. Your unique ability is where your deep interests meet your knack for being able to do something.  In today's episode, I talk about how I discovered my unique ability and hopefully this will parallel your...
5 Tips to Win More at Life
In today's episode, I cover 5 things I live by in life to help me make consistent daily progress.  I have found these to be of great use and I know if you put them to use, you'll start seeing daily forward progress.  Enjoy! 
2 Concepts That Will Blow Your Mind
In life, we are a direct result of observing our parents.  Yet, it will either be in mimicking or completing their traits.  Secondly, there is a belief cycle of life and once you realize that everything starts and ends with your beliefs, you...
How to Have a Healthy Heart
A couple of weeks' ago we gave a sell-out seminar on heart health.  We received great feedback so I decided to recap what my portion of the talk was about.  In this episode I talk about what you need to cut back on in your nutrition to have...
All Growth Happens From a Deficit
If it hadn't been for a mysterious stomach illness, I doubt I would I have ever become an avid reader.  And if I haven't become an avid reader, who knows if Newell Strength would have ever come to be. The lesson is that all growth comes from a...
The External Cannot Defeat Your Internal
You are always going to face resistance when you are trying to live a more impactful life.  Many times, we make excuses that it is the external obstacles that are blocking us, but in reality, the biggest barrier to our success is usually our...
7 Facts About Fasting
In this episode, I cover: ✅your body responds to hormones ✅are you an addict? ✅the 3 joys of eating  ✅concept of purposeful eating  ✅the 2 very different roads of dieting vs. fasting  ✅what to do when special occasions come...
The Amazing Pathways of Your Mind
Your mindset literally creates your brain, if you practice the skill of focus and attention.  Your brain is changing second by second and the cool thing is, that you are the master of your brain if you learn how to be mindful of your...
What Do You Have in Common With Abe Lincoln?
Famous Abe had so many setbacks in his life that it is almost unfathomable, yet he became the President of the United States that changed the course of history for this great nation.  Find out how he did it and how you have the very same...
Hurried is a State of Mind
There is more to life than simply increasing the speed of it.  That's a Ghandi quote and very relevant for today's episode.  Take a listen to find out how and why you must slow down your brain from always living out in the future. Enjoy!
Why You Must Abandon Safe
In life, our brains will trick us into believing that our decisions are life and death.  Fortunately, they are not that, in 99.9% of instances.  So why do we play it so safe as if that were the case?  In today's episode, I discuss why...