Panda 66

Imagine YOU Finally Discovered the Ancient Secrets and Power of Fasting to Dramatically and Permanently, Transform Your Physical Being….


Well, you don’t just have to imagine it, you have found ‘it’ and ‘it’ has found YOU.

Just the other day, on one of my group Coaching sessions within the Panda Challenge, a woman point blank said, ‘Where has this been all of my life?!’

She went on to say many more things but the point I want to highlight here is how incredibly simple and effective she is finding the Panda 66 way of life.

In the Panda 66, I will teach YOU:

  • Why fruit is NOT forbidden and how eating fruit in the fashion I teach (and plenty of it) will dramatically lead to better health and looser pants
  • The number 1 superfood that I recommend at every meal that most others say is strictly off limits
  • Why willpower is not your issue and has never been your issue.  Standard diets are set up to fail, despite promises that ‘this time will be different’.
  • Why working out is completely ineffective for weight loss and how to make sure you are getting appropriate exercise for your individual goal
  • The 12 steps to a true Mind Map transformation.  ALL other diet programs don’t focus on your mind, they assume that you have an information problem.  I assure you that you don’t, what you have is a ‘threat’ problem.
  • A simple way to make sure your liver is functioning at peak capacity, another thing that all the fake fitness experts out there won’t tell you because they don’t know it and would rather continue to peddle nonsense like calories in and calories out
  • My simple yet super effective method for a more restful night’s sleep.  Sleep is the king and fasting is a close 2nd, combine the two and you make magical things happen.
  • The #1 supplement (you’ll never believe it) that you have in your cabinet already, that’ll blow your energy thru the roof (in a good way) once consumed in the fashion and method that I teach all my students
  • 5 Reasons Why the North American ‘Diet’ Mentality is wrong and deeply flawed and in all actuality, designed to keep you on the hook as a repeat customer

Here’s the deal…

You’ve tried a million other things and none of them have worked.

How do I know that?  Simply by the fact that you have read this far along.

You are searching for a magic bullet and you’ve finally found it.

You can hem and haw about the investment you have to make but consider this:

  • How much is it worth to you to never have to pay for another diet program?
  • How much is it worth to you to finally lose the weight, gain some lean muscle and never have to worry about doing ‘it’ again?
  • You have hundreds, if not thousands, of dollar’s worth of old clothes that are perfectly fine to wear, in fact, you’ve been dying to get back into them, that’ll be like found money, money you won’t have to spend
  • You will save hundreds of dollars per month on your food shopping and you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg on expensive supplements or the latest fad ‘shake’ (shakes are for fakes)
  • What’ll it be worth to you to become more self-aware? To know your patterns and what to look for to self-correct in the future, rather than just yo-yoing up and down what seems like at least once per year?

This program was scientifically created throughout my 20 years + in this field.

And no, I am not some genetic marvel that has the body of Adonis or Schwarzenegger.

In fact, I struggled my entire adult life with trying to lose weight.   I’d measure my food, count my calories and strictly adhere to my plan.

Only to have my wife tell me one day, ‘You know, with how strict you eat, you should be leaner, you should look a little better.’


Now don’t get me wrong, I was never obese, but the effort DID NOT justify the results.

There had to be a better way….

And there was.  It just took me 15 years into the field to discover it and then another 6 years to perfect it.

When I tell you that I am completely free of food issues and that I was able to keep 30 pounds off without effort, I am selling it short.

My energy is through the roof and I finally look like the fit-pro I am.

But don’t take my word for it, check out with these students have to say about their experience with the Panda 66.

If you’d like to apply simply fill out the form below and I will personally be in touch to set up a call.


P.S-The first 4 rounds of this sold out extremely quickly.  I have every reason to believe this will be the case this round too, so don’t delay!