Discover How to Recover From Your Patellar Tendon Rupture in Record Time!!!

Imagine what it would be like to recover from your patellar tendon rupture in a fraction of the time.  

I know what it’s like, I have ruptured both of mine.  It is scary.  Most doctors want to treat it like it's an ACL tear.  

The uncertainty of whether you will ever completely recover.  

The uncertainty of whether or not you will regain a full range of motion.

The FEAR of having some mis-informed PT crank on your leg to ‘break’ the scar tissue or ever worse, doctors that want to manipulate the leg under anesthesia!

But my friend, you are dealing with a different beast.  

Not to worry.  I have created the one and only Recovery Manual for Patellar Tendon Ruptures in the world and the results have been outstanding with people from all over the world!

Some of the highlights of the #1 Knee Recovery Book in the World:


  • What to do within the first 2 weeks of your surgery that will greatly decrease your recovery time
  • The ONE thing never to let a physical therapist or doctor do to your surgically repaired knee
  • The mindset you will need to overcome this one of a kind injury
  • Which exercises you will need to do to recover all the way back to 100% and then some
  • How to know when you are really healed from this
  • The exact timeline you will experience along the way.  The first time around for me was the worst because I had no idea what to expect.
  • And, when you get the book, you'll get a phone call with me and I will be there to guide you as much as needed during your recovery!

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Warning! This is NOT a traditional e-book. I wrote it in order to teach you how to recover from the most serious of knee injuries in the shortest possible time. It contains  theory and application for immediate results.


Check out this behind-the-scenes look at how I discovered the tactics I share in this book.


By the time I had reached out to him, I had already watched more than 50 of his Youtube videos. So essentially I felt like I had already met him....Kyle was very instrumental in helping me get back to work 4 ½ months post-surgery. I work with one of the greatest athletes in tennis (Venus Williams). My job as her hitting-partner is to push her by playing matches, sets, gym workouts, speed/agility, strength work and etc. Thanks to Kyle, I was able to return to the 2016 U.S Open with her this year. I am currently doing off-season training and looking forward to the start of 2017. Thanks so much Kyle for your help!

Jermaine Jenkins

Trainer of Venus and Serena Williams

When I first got home from surgery I had no clue as how to deal with this injury. It really sucked to know I was going to be in a splint for 7 weeks. The real work was going to start once I was out of the splint.  When I hit a ceiling in my recovery, I very fortunately stumbled onto Kyle's Youtube videos. His videos are really refreshing because they're not the same cookie cutter approach to rehab. His videos are really informative.  Finally, the most impressive thing is Kyle. Like he says in his video is "hit'em up" with a phone call or an email. Anytime I had a question Kyle responded quickly with an answer. I highly recommend Kyle and his rehab techniques. Thank you Kyle!

-Dr. Sam Johnson

Initially upon my injury, on March 23, 2018, all I was reading online was negative, poor-pitiful-me reviews from people. Then I ran across some of Kyle's videos on YouTube. At 47, I had made big strides in my conditioning and was in the best shape of my life, so to say it was more mental than physical is  understatement.   I reached out to Kyle and it was a game changer. 

Kyle was gracious and giving to a fault in sharing his experience and recovery. He took time to phone me on a Sunday afternoon and we talked for about 15 minutes. I immediately ordered his book and have stayed in contact with him throughout my recovery. One of the key tenants that Kyle preached to me from the outset was the mental toughness. Less than 2 weeks out of surgery and before my post op follow up, I threw that cumbersome knee brace off and started shifting my weight. In less than 3 weeks I could walk across the room in a Rehband knee sleeve.
I am currently five weeks out from the injury occurring today and can ride a spin bike, drive, and even did kettlebell swings today. My physical therapist said she has never seen anyone recover this fast from this injury. I credit Kyle for him coaching me from afar. Purchase this book if you are serious about recovering but have a Warrior's mentality in attacking it. As Kyle says, fear nothing. 

Bo Oates  Columbus, GA 4/27/18

"I suffered a mid substance patellar tendon rupture playing soccer on September 15th, 2018. Playing basketball, April 2018....After suffering the injury, I made an immediate commitment to myself that I would do everything possible to come back from this injury. This involved significant research. I found Kyle while perusing the internet studying how to recover from patellar tendon ruptures. Within the first week I found him on YouTube, then ordered the book. I was feeling a need of direction because no one else was giving it to me. I've learned that mental strength is the biggest asset you can have to come through a devastating injury like this. Kyle's successful recovery from two patellar tendon ruptures turned out to be an inspiration. He encouraged me to push my boundaries early with key exercises, which quickly bolstered the speed of the overall recovery. In my case my mid-substance rupture involved a more complicated surgery and extended recovery timeline, but my surgeon was shocked to see my progress after three months. My goal was to ski during a vacation I had planned prior to my injury in March 2019 after suffering the injury in September 2018. At six months post surgery, I was skiing expert runs at Jackson Hole. Without Kyle's support, I would have never have got my skis on.Patellar tendon ruptures are a very different injury compared with other knee injuries, such as the ACL. The ability to leverage Kyle's experience with recovery from not one but two patellar tendon ruptures provided a perspective that no surgeon or PT could offer. He gave me a clear vision of what to expect with the recovery process and the confidence in my ability to get back to 100%. I would absolutely recommend anyone who has a suffered a patellar tendon rupture to take advantage of Kyle's expertise." -Rob Barberi



As with all of my 'stuff', I offer the Dax and Brax guarantee.  If you don't find this helpful, you will get all of your investment back, no hassle, no questions asked. And You can keep the book! You have a TON to gain and nothing to lose, literally!


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