Step Right Up to Colty’s Emporium

12 days ago, we had a long, fruitful day (how they all should be) with a leadership team offsite meeting.  


So, when we got home, it was nice to have some chill time in the driveway play area with the kiddos.  


Devon had a nice glass of wine, I was smoking my Friday afternoon stogie.  


Devon had asked me to move this huge piece of tree that I cut a few months early that we had been using as a seat for a period of time.  


Whelp, upon moving it, I noticed a newt, which is one of Colt’s favorite critters.  I told him to grab his portable critter case so we could put him in there for some observation.  


Not more than 10 minutes later, the boys had found about 3 more newts.  


And then as luck would have it, we saw this giant caterpillar-like creature.  It was about the size of my index finger and red.  In he went.


Then, we found a bull toad that took up my whole palm, he didn’t go in the case, we put him in a bucket.  


This all happened in the matter of minutes.  Colty created a whole emporium in the matter of minutes along with Braxton’s help.  


You can create something pretty quickly when you focus on it and put your attention on it.  


And yes, we let the critters go at dusk, safe and sound.


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


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