Advantage (3)

Free Fear or Freedom Over Fear?

When I was 7, I had the stark reality of a childhood friend dying.  It was almost too much for me to comprehend and it put me into a hyperfocus on death for the next several years.

But believe it or not, I think that this gave me a big advantage in life.  

For one, I live with urgency, because I know life is not infinite, at least this ‘5-sense’ reality isn’t.  Now, I don’t live with urgency in the sense that I am hurried, I live with urgency in that I want to experience a lot and achieve my mission.

Secondly, I have been able to connect the dots with death to my mastery of Mind Mapping and I realize that although fear is a real feeling, I can usually tamp it down until the point of acting in the face of it and not backing down when it wants to look me in the eyes. 

The mainstream media sells you ‘free fear’.  They know the brain is hyper focused on all things fear so it drives ratings.  The question is, are you going to choose free fear or freedom over fear?

It’s a matter of focus and attention.


Be Unconventional – Kyle Newell


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Why You Can Have an Advantage over 99.9% of People

As I’ve been looking back at videos I made from nearly a decade ago, I get goosebumps.


Because, I am learning from my younger self.  Some of the stuff resonates now with me more than it did back then.  

It’s a cool thing when you can learn from your younger self.  Old videos, old journal entries and such.  

If you don’t have a record of your younger thoughts, then begin now.

Anyhow, enjoy today’s throwback video of why you have an advantage over 99.9% of people out there if you choose to.

Think Differently- Kyle 


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Please Be Politely Persistent

There have been a few times in my life when people have tried to take advantage of me because they’ve mistaken my politeness and compassion for weakness.

Things never seemed to turn out good for those people in those certain circumstances.

Maybe that’s because if there’s one thing I believe in, its persistency.

You can’t do anything great if you aren’t willing to persist when you hit the first ten ‘No’s’ or when the obstacle gets in your way.

If you fail to be persistent, you aren’t just letting yourself down, nope, you are letting down so many other people that need your help and your message.

One doesn’t have to be polite or persistent.  Rather, BE polite and persistent.


Think differently – Kyle Newell


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