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This Pregnancy is Putting a Toll On Me

I remember going to see the movie Junior, with Danny DeVito and Arnold back when it came out.

Arnold was a huge role model for me and that role was definitely not what I was used to seeing from him.

In case you don’t know, they perform an experiment which allows him to carry his baby with a full term pregnancy.

Well, sometimes, that’s how I feel too.  Now, before you go telling me I am crazy, let me explain.

With the past 2 pregnancies, I must pick up on Devon’s hormones or something.  I get: joint pain, indigestion, morning nausea (only in the first trimester), weight gain, lethargy and the list goes on.

She thinks I am crazy but she will also tell you that I can call her midday and tell her what she is feeling that day because I too have the symptoms.

The point is, sometimes you pick up on and absorb what your partner is feeling (or closest friends).  It’s just something to be aware of.

If you have a goal and they are not supportive (most likely because you haven’t explained it to them clearly), then it’s going to be much harder to achieve your desired outcomes.

Think differently- Kyle Newell

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I Used to Hate this Feature on Me

I Used to Hate this Feature on Me

Today is actually the national ‘Love Your Body Day’.

I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I weren’t staring at it on the calendar as I write this.

As a kid growing up, I used to hate my nose.

I thought it was too long and oddly shaped.

Mixed with my big lips, I thought I looked like some kind of mutant.

My brain was on high ‘judgement alert’.

I wanted to fit in.  I was going through that awkward adolescent male period of life.

Things didn’t get any better going into high school.

I had such bad acne that I had to go on Accutane, probably one of the most horrific drugs in the past few decades.

I wanted to love my body, but I couldn’t.

Until I found my way to the gym.  I slowly transformed and my confidence grew.

I began to love who I was and I openly started to accept how I looked.

Transforming your body starts from the inside, with environment #1 (right between your ears).

The answer are within.

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Recharge this weekend, let the mammal brain out to play. –Kyle Newell