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A Purple Ball, A Mallet and Golf Ball at 5A.M.

For the first 3 days of this past week, I woke up feeling like someone drugged me with Ny-quil.


No, I didn’t take any sleep supplements nor was I hungover.




It was my environment change.  As I was saying earlier in the week, it is very challenging for the brain and nervous system when you change environments.


Most of the time, one wouldn’t notice this, but in extreme circumstances and stresses, such as moving homes, you can’t not notice it.


I managed it as best I could.  I eased back into my morning routine.


I also didn’t try to get as much done for the business part of my life because I knew the juice wouldn’t be there.


But it’s coming back.


Thursday of this week was the first time that I got into my full morning routine groove.


I even added in a little extra since I knew I wouldn’t be making it to the gym that morning.


All in all it took 30 minutes, but it could be modified to fit anyone’s schedule.


I started with a quick shower with my breathing meditation.


Then, I did 100 pushups, 50 body weight squats and 50 burpees.


Next came my favorite part:  I practiced bouncing a golf ball off a mallet, using both hands, followed by rolling my stomach with a soft purple ball and finally I practiced my cursive hand writing with both hands to write out my affirmations.


And today I have been feeling great!


I love my morning routine, but the main point is that you need a routine to start the day.  A way to set your brain on fire if you will.


Or else you will be at the whim of how you woke up that morning, which by default, is usually going to be a negative state.


I gotta run, so I can’t explain it any more right now, but if you want to get one of the last two spots for this month’s ULYIS workshop, check out this link and act while you still can!


Peace – Kyle Newell