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Sitting is Slowly Killing You

One of my best friend’s was over a few weekends ago and he was saying that in his new job, he sits almost exclusively from 9-5.

And unfortunately, that is all too common.  It’s one of the main things i hear from new clients and friends all the time.

If you have a job that you sit at most of the time, try this….

Make a goal for the month of June to do 45, ten minute walks.  Yup, that means some days you will have to do 2.

You can do it first thing in the morning, before or after lunch or whenever you need a mental break.

Walking is great for staying young and lowering stress hormones.

Are you up for the challenge?

Think differently – Kyle

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Your Main Problem is That You Think You Shouldn’t Have Any

Your Main Problem is That You Think You Shouldn’t Have Any


While eating a nice grass fed, organic cheeseburger the other night, I had a Tony Robbins documentary on in the background.


I have long been a HUGE fan of Robbins’ work.  ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ is one of my top 5 all-time books and was THE book that got everything started for me.


Devon and I even stayed at his resort in Fiji for our honeymoon 5 years ago.


His message is always relevant to the listener IF the student is ready to accept the truth.  And that was once again the case in his documentary when he told the crowd: You wanna know what your main problem is?  Your main problem is that you don’t think you should have any of the problems that you have.


Think about that for a second.  The nature of the mind is to not want problems, yet we cannot grow without problems, failure and challenge.


The winner’s mind seeks out and embraces problems.  If you avoid problems at all costs, you are living small.


Were you put here on this earth to live big or play small?


The purpose of life I believe, is growth.  You cannot stay the same.  You are either regressing or growing.


The very law of momentum in life means that it’s impossible to stay put.  Yes, you can rest for a few minutes to smell the roses, like the sherpa that is climbing the mountain.  But like the sherpa, you must decide to keep going.


The higher up you go, the more important it will be to rest and recharge.


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Get something different this year for your family members.  You can even use that extra session on yourself to recharge.


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Peace – Kyle Newell



What Do I have to Lose….Besides my Pride?

What Do I have to Lose….Besides my Pride?

This past Saturday, one of my good friends, Poppzilla, the eating champ, got married.

It was cool to hang with a bunch of the old crew again.  I saw guys that I haven’t seen in probably 10 years or so.  Fun times.

Well, when old friends get together, old shenanigans tend to come out.

I used to be a master instigator, I guess that kind of goes along with being a storyteller.  I stopped with my instigating ways a long time ago because I realized that although harmless, they were powerful.

But, on Saturday night, I had to scratch that itch.  I saw a willing victim, Ahman (Aboo-Haha, we added this part on).  Aboo is an aspiring bodybuilder and he has come quite a long way in the sport.

And knowing what I know about Aboo and bodybuilders, I could not resist the temptation to have him perform a pushup challenge out on the dance floor.

I pitched it to Aboo as, ‘If you can do 100 pushups in a row, then me, along with others from the old crew, will pay you $10 each.  You have absolutely nothing to lose.’

He thought about it and pondered for a few minutes back and forth and I continued to reiterate that he had a lot to gain and nothing to lose.

So, five minutes laters, we had a circle around him on the dance floor and the DJ counting the reps over the loudspeaker.

Aboo got to 67 before dying out.  Not bad, but not 100 either.  He didn’t get the money.  We all had a laugh.  Aboo had nothing to lose until he realized that what he did put on the line was his self-image.

Self-image is EVERYTHING in life.  You can only achieve things in life that are on par with your self-image.  I am amazed that so few people ever realize this ‘secret’.

Aboo had a lot to lose and you could see it in his body language after the challenge was over.

He will recover, no doubt.  He and I along with everyone else will remember it as a fun highlight of the Zilla’s wedding.

On a macro scale though, it was a good lesson for him and others who picked up on it.

Self-image is very easy to deflate but all it takes is a little persistent consistency to build it up to world class levels as well.

If you don’t ever think about it, it will be low and negative, that’s the way the brain is wired.

However, look out for the rare person that works on their self-image every single day.  They are the people that will change the world.

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-Kyle Newell


Have You Ever Dropped Your Beer Twice on One Walk?

Have You Ever Dropped Your Beer Twice on One Walk?

I bet you haven’t.

Because most people don’t walk around with beer.

But I decided to multi-task.

While taking Dax and Mateena for a walk the other night, I decided to treat myself to a nice pumpkin beer.

The only problem is that I, like you, only have two hands.

You do the math: two leashes, 1 beer, two hands.

Needless to say, I dropped my beer twice on the walk.

I salvaged some of it and amazingly the bottle didn’t break on either fall.

I was trying to juggle too much at once.

Multi-tasking is dangerous and the brain can’t really do it.

It’s a waste of ener-geez.

Trying to figure out how to fulfill all the roles you play in life is tough.

You need time to ‘put your own mask on first’.

With that in mind, we are getting ready for two November challenges, our Fit Moms and Ripped Dads program.

Dads click here to apply:

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Philosia –Kyle Newell