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Pay for Peanuts, You Get Peanuts

Recently, we had a prospect inquire about training.  


He was shocked that we were so ‘expensive’.  


He griped that Gold’s was running a 3 month special for $99. 


Ha!  Here’s what you get at a big box gym:


-No attention, little if any guidance


-A plethora of personal trainers that want you to ‘grind’ and cut out carbs for the rest of your life, while of course charging you an arm and a leg for those extra sessions and advice


-A bunch of machines that you don’t know how to use and that have no real world application


-Judgmental stares from the meatheads and cardio queens that have made the fitness their life, rather than using fitness to enhance their life


-If that weren’t enough, there’s pretty much no sense of community 


-And being stranded to your own devices which is why most people just get frustrated and hop on the cardio equipment, like giant lab rats


If you want the nice box of gourmet nuts, you have to pay for it.  


Newell Strength is the box of gourmet nuts.  


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


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How do You Match That?

The emotions I had on Monday and the drive in and when I got to Newell Strength on Monday the 18th are very hard to describe.

They were unmatched by anything else I had ever experienced. 

Anyhow, my grandfather, Leo, WW2 veteran and my family, were here to support as well as a lot of friends and family from the community. 

I continued doing interviews, one after the other until it was time to open at 4 PM. 

At that time, we played the national anthem. It was awesome! Everyone stood at attention to the flags that many of the patrons had brought with them. 

Then, the first clients entered for their workouts. At that moment, I knew that we had achieved what we had set out to do: we provided hope. 

The Police officers provided me with my summons after notifying me that I was in violation of the Governor’s orders. They were awesome that day and throughout the week. I seriously couldn’t respect those guys more. 

Going into Tuesday, day 2, was going to be a bit different because I knew that hoopla was going to die down (I am not much for attention, so to me that was a blessing). 

It unfolded very similarly to day one. 

Just to see the expressions on the clients faces and the joy of being back to normal somewhat was well worth it. 

Which led me into Wednesday, which was probably the strangest day of my life. The morning started with me doing a radio interview on New Jersey’s biggest radio station, followed by a workout. 

When I got home is when I started to hear some rumors about how the day would unfold, which Devon and I were prepared for. 

And add to that the uncertainty about calls I was getting about there being some BIG protest at the gym, of which I was completely unaware of. 

I did know that clients that came were now going to be in violation of the Governor’s orders, which bothered me because they just wanted to come for a workout and to feel great once again in mind and body. 

I give them so much credit because they knew the consequences as they headed in for their workout but some of them still went in. What courage and belief in HOPE they displayed!!! 

When I opened up that day, the law was fully ready for the protestors that thank God, did not show up. The Officers were again very gracious and just awesome, although it was quite a scene for the people that were driving by that were trying to see what was going on (I will be able to write about all this more detail in the near future). 

Anyhow, since I was in violation, I got my 3rd summons in 3 days. If it were baseball, I’d be the best player of all time with that average:). 

Well, then I received a call about a closed door meeting that night that involved myself and 3 other men, all of which I respect the heck out of. The meeting was about coming up with a compromise, which I was all about. Again, this had nothing to do with me opening the gym, it had to do with providing hope to everyone out there that was fatigued with the past few months. 

That meeting lasted about 2 hours and the one man that gets a lot of credit is Assemblyman, Roy Frieman, who set it up and was one of the 4 men in the room. 

It was just a fantastic thing to be a part of and I knew that our actions were heard all the way up to the top just by the nature of the meeting and what I was privy to. 

The day certainly took a turn that I did not expect, but I guess that’s why you have to have no expectations or just expect anything and everything to happen. 

What a day, what a night. By the time I went to bed, I was running on empty, elated but drained….


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


P.S-By the end of the week I will have a date ready for you for our annual Fat Shredder contest, so stay tuned!!!!