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The Guy that Had Two Livers

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The Guy that Had Two Livers


Before you go looking up whether or not humans have two livers, let me save you the time.  We don’t.

We have two kidneys.

But just one liver.

Recently, a ‘big shot’ personal trainer was telling me about how one of his clients had to get a liver removed.

And how the client’s brother donated one of his livers to the cause.

A great and noble thing indeed.  But you don’t have two livers.

This personal trainer, much like the infamous Tool Boy would do, was spouting out about liver health and nutrition, yada yada yada.

No, this was not a slip of the tongue.  He kept repeating it over and over.

Unfortunately, this is how most personal trainers are.

They try to teach and educate about things they have no clue about.

They try things on clients that they themselves have never done.  (But it sure did look cool in the magazines).

Personal trainers are a flighty bunch.

Coaches on the other hand are much harder to find.

A true coach will inspire, teach through stories and BE a mirror into the client.

A true coach knows that very often, it’s not a lack of information that is the problem.

It’s a lack of inspiration.  It’s a poor ‘brain set’, but it’s not a lack of information.  If it were, Google would be able to solve everything.

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