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Yours Is Bigger Than Mine

Back to the movie I was talking about yesterday….

They have a scene in which the main character gets a brain scan and they find out that his amygdala is very ‘quiet’.

In case you haven’t been exposed to Mind Mapping yet, the amygdala is part of your reptilian brain that is always scanning your environment for threats.

Alex’s amygdala needs an extreme amount of threat to ‘light up’.

Is this nature or nurture?

Probably a bit of both, but I can tell you that I believe I have tamed my amygdala over the years by exposing myself to high risk journeys and practicing meditation.

The more you are exposed to something, the less frightening it is.  And meditation helps you become aware of when you are thinking emotionally and irrationally.

Don’t avoid the edge of your comfort zone, learn how to expand your comfort zone.

If you are always living at capacity, any little thing can make your amygdala sound the alarms.  In this case, it’s not good to have a ‘bigger’ one (more active:)).

Think differently – Kyle Newell


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The Greatest Fat Loss Comes From…

As you read this, I am hiking up in the mountains somewhere in New Hampshire.

No, I didn’t write this this morning, I applied some time travel skills to talk to you even while I am holiday.

Anyhow, I am up here enjoying the fresh mountain air, getting a little sweat going with Suzy, the boys and pups.

A side effect would be fat loss.

You see, the greatest fat loss comes from moving the body through space.  And the greatest strength gains come from moving the body through space.  Machines don’t fit this definition.

Fat loss and muscle gain come from affecting the nervous and hormonal systems, both of which are heightened when moving through your environment.

An inverse row beats a machine row any day of the week and a hike beats an elliptical machine ten times out of ten.

Put this knowledge to use, it’ll make you smarter than 99% of the trainers out there.

Think differently – Kyle Newell


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You Don’t Have Time to Be Sick

I often like to think of myself as Bruce Willis’ character from the movie, Unbreakable.


*SPOILER alert.


In case you’ve never seen it, he survives a horrific train crash in which nearly everyone else is killed.  Except, he doesn’t even have a scratch.


As the movie goes on and you learn more about him, turns out he has never broken a bone (neither have I!) and never so much as even had a cold in his entire life.


He is a closet super hero.


Well, I used to get sick quite often back when I was teaching.  And no, it wasn’t from the kids as much as it was that I was just running my body into the ground by teaching all day and building Newell Strength in the early morning hours before school and heading back there until late night, each and every night.


And then I stopped teaching.


I’ve only been sick once in the past 4 years and that was a quickie.


As a man, you don’t have time to be sick.  Yes, part of not getting sick is a belief system.  Call it crazy if you want but it’s true.  Look at the most successful and accomplished people that you know and I am willing to bet that they rarely, if ever get sick.


It’s probably not something that you’ve noticed before but that’s because you weren’t looking.  Take stock.


How could part of it be in the mind?  The mind and your emotions play a great deal into your immune system.  If fact, too much stress throws off the internal environment of our guts, which is home to 80% of our immune system.


But I’m not going to go too far down that path right now (I’ll save that for the super heroes in training for another workshop and article).  Nope.  I am going to give you some practical advice that will help you to be the healthy superman that you need to be.


First off, make sure you are getting at least 6 hours of quality sleep per night.  6 hours of quality beats 8 hours of tossing and turning every night of the week.


Second, drink water and lots of it.  A minimum of ¾ of a gallon per day.  Have you ever noticed how weak you felt when you last had the flu?  That’s because your cells began to become dehydrated.  Use a little reverse engineering and realize that if a bug is trying to fight its way into you, one of the ways to fight it is to hydrate yourself to clear piss.  Trust me, it works.


Next, you need to be taking the right supplement protocol to stay healthy.  As I was saying, the majority of the immune system is housed in the gut, so you need to do everything you can to ensure that it maintains a positive environment.


For that, you want to make sure you are taking a very good, live probiotic.  I take two per day at lunch.  Second, make sure you are taking a digestive enzyme.  I take hydrochloric acid, HCL.  Stress depletes levels of this in the gut.  Without it being present in the amounts that it should be present in, the bad bugs can begin to proliferate in the gut and weaken the immune system.  Take one in the middle of each solid meal.


Another key supplement is D3.  You are very low in this vital ‘pro-hormone’, I can guarantee it.  If you have had blood work recently, you are looking for a number north of 110.  Don’t buy into the norms that the doctors provide you, those norms are developed for all the Homer Simpson’s out there and that ain’t you.


The only way to get this number up to that range is to take 35,000-50,000 IU twice per week.  Most doctors will tell you to take 2,000 IU or so per day.  That noise you hear is me laughing.  That won’t do diddly.


Charles Poliquin told me a story once of a high-level CEO that was under his care.  This CEO had a HUGE business meeting in China that was potentially worth over $100 million.  The only thing is that the CEO had a very bad flu and felt like crap.


Poliquin injected him with something like 1.5 million IU’s of D3.  By the time the CEO landed, he was totally fine.  Every cell in your body has a D3 receptor.  Yes, vitamin C is good but it doesn’t compare to vitamin D in terms of fighting off illness.


Lastly, we have a bunch of lymph sitting in the gut.  Your lymphatic system (which is fluid connective tissue) stores the majority of your disease-fighting cells.


However, the lymph ducts and tubing are an odd one-way highway:  there is no upward movement out of the ducts and tubes other than being pressed and squeezed through motion, position, palpation or muscular contractions (this is another reason why regular exercise is SO important).


Motion will help pump the lymph into your blood stream which will help to fight off any bugs.


Now that you have the Bill Nye explanation, how do you do it?  Well, besides exercise, I use a small purple ball.  It’s called a ‘coregeous ball’ and I got it from Jill Miller’s website.  It looks like a miniature stability ball.


I lie face down with the ball firmly pressed into my gut.  I begin to roll all areas of my gut while also working on my deep belly breathes.  I do this for a couple of minutes each morning.  It is uncomfortable at first but it is well worth the return on investment.


And there you have it, my protocol for not getting sick.  Being sick will cost you financially but even worse it will rob you of your most valuable asset; your time.  Don’t get sick, you don’t have time for it!

Why Have I Been a Bit Off Lately?

You may have not noticed, but I certainly have.


But I know the answer as to why I have been feeling off.


First, it’s because we just took on one of life’s top 5 biggest stressors: a move.


And two, my morning routine has been stifled.


My morning routine is the key to my entire day.  But I don’t know where all my stuff is yet, I don’t know exactly what to do with the pups in the morning and heck, I don’t even know which light switch is which yet.


That’s okay though. I expected this and I gave myself permission to ease into our new home.  As long as I do one part of my morning routine this week (theater of the mind), then all will be okay.


It takes the human brain and nervous system roughly 3 weeks to get used to a new environment.


After that, you begin to know your way.  The environment begins to become a part of you.  Kind of like a living, breathing habit.


What environments in your life are positive and which ones are negative?


You are probably going to have to think about that because after those intial 3 weeks you tend to go on auto-pilot and go through the motions.  Unless of course, you bring some conscious thought to your environments and do an assessment.


There is nothing as powerful in life as BEING self-aware.


And I am going to teach you how do just that at this month’s workshop.  I believe there are still one or maybe 2 spots left (I haven’t checked yet today).  It is on 12/28 at 7:30 PM.  You can find our more here or register if you so desire: http://kylenewell.com/december

Peace – Kyle Newell

The Pitbull Attack on my Birthday

The Pitbull Attack on my Birthday

Two years ago, on my birthday to be exact, we took Dax and Mateen over to the dog park before going to see a movie later on that night.

Devon was 8 months pregnant with Braxton at that point.  We were already at the dog park for about a half hour when I noticed a pit bull acting very strange.

And after talking to the owner, I knew why.  The owner was aloof and didn’t even know the background of this dog that he had rescued one month earlier.

I do hate that pit’s get a bad rap, they are beautiful dogs and usually the ones that you see on the news are part of a cultural problem, not the actual breed.

Anywho, we watched as the pit spearheaded another mut right in the side for no good reason.

That’s when I said to Devon that we should start making our way to the truck.  We had already been there long enough and I didn’t like having this wild card near my pups.

Now, keep in mind, stupidly, I had flip flops on because it was a very hot, late summer day.  Mateena made one more bee line to go mark her territory as we were walking towards the gate.

I turned around and saw the pit running at her. There was also a rot that had just arrived, making his way over to the very same area.

Mateena knows herself as silly as that sounds.  I’d argue that she knows herself better than most people.  She knows that she is a loner and that she doesn’t like being in a crowded area.

And like any dog, she reacts if put in a situation that she doesn’t like.  The pit went up behind her and started sniffing her BE-hind.  Mateena turned and did this little chomp she does to let other dogs know to back off.

As I saw this unfolding, I was already running as fast as I could over to the spot because I knew what was about to happen.  The pit reacted to her chomp and clamped down on her skull.  Thank God I got there in time to kick the pit in the head a few times, dislodging his grip on her.

Stupidly, once again (man this was a dumb day by me all around), I stayed between the pit and Mateena and the rot that was now starting to get worked up.  I didn’t think about what it could have done to me.  I reacted and put my family first.

Luckily, I was very aware of my surroundings that day.

I knew the environment and I could ‘feel’ the energy that was in the air.

You can do the same thing, not with a pit bull of course but in your home, at your job, etc.

Environments are triggers.  The brain is always scanning your environments.  You are either going to be at the mercy of your environments or you are going to master your environments.

People often are stressed out of their minds because of their very mismanagement of their environments.

Well, lucky for you, Dana told me it’d be okay to run a special for her Fascial Stretch Therapy service for the holiday season.  For the month of Decemeber, Dana is offering a buy 2, get 1 free deal.

I am already booking a bunch for myself and Devon.

If you are overly stressed, tight in your lower back and regular old massage isn’t doing the trick, then shoot me an email and I will set you up with Dana.  For inquiring minds, if you aren’t sure what FST is, Dana shows you in a quick video here: https://youtu.be/mSUTCEkl3lM

Be your weirdest self – Kyle Newell


Will and Skill(s)

Will and Skill(s)

As I am sitting here in my basement office, beginning this piece, I am now a 35-year old man.

Far too old to even attempt to enter the Navy, which would be the first step to becoming a Navy SEAL.

Nor would I even attempt it at this stage of my life.  Devon and Braxton depend on me, but I have often fantasized what would have happened if I was a young, single guy and I had the wisdom of life that I have now, compared to when I was 20.

In my fantasy world, I think I could have made ‘it’.  I wouldn’t be worried about the physical tests, but I was always highly intrigued by knowing whether or not I could have made it mentally.

The SEALS are known for their mental and physical toughness.  I have read many SEAL books and have even employed some of their methods into some of the ‘mental toughness’ portions of workouts at Newell Strength and in my own training as well.

But enough of my fantasy world.  Why I am talking about SEALs in this article?

Well, I’ll tell ya why…

SEALs to me are associated with a certain mindset.  And this article my friend, is about the biggest mindset myth and a new way to achieve success.

In my humble opinion, the biggest mistake that people make in terms of trying to create a habit (your entire life is nothing but a bunch of habits: what you eat, how you work, whom you hang out with) is they rely on will-power.

Somewhere along the way, it was taught to us that will-power was the key to success.  And while a little bit of it is great, too much will lead you right back to your starting point or perhaps even a lesser starting point from which you began.

The human brain (PFC) runs on will power.  And that part of your brain runs on glucose.  Once the glucose is ‘burned up’, you will go into a mental fog so to speak.

You have to let that area of your brain replenish before tapping back into it.  Yes, you can try and push through it, but if you ever have in the past you will know that it feels like moving through quicksand.

And that is because you enter into a ‘tension zone’ and tension is pretty much like sand paper for creative thought.

What this also means though is that our supply of will power is finite.  BUT, most people never use their will power at all.

They go through life like a robot, happy to be mediocre.  They do what they are told and their entire life is one big comfy routine.  They never try to get out of their comfort zone.

Being that most people never use their own will-power, you can and should use other people’s will power.  How can you do this?

Simple, whatever it is that you are trying to do, whatever you are trying to achieve, tell them about it and tell them often.  They are going to ask you about how your quest is coming along, and they will do this constantly if you tell enough people.

I’d say that nearly 100% of people that have lost significant amounts of weight and have kept it off have used this little trick.  People start to cheer them on and every time they see them, they will ask, ‘How much more have you lost?’

I use weight as an example because the physical visual is very easy to comprehend.  Now, if they used will power and didn’t tell anyone about their journey, you could be sure that they would have failed.

The brain doesn’t form habit around will-power based activities.  The brain can only form habit around things it finds easy and pleasurable to do. So yes, you will need a little will power but that also means that you will have to rob it from other areas of your life.

Trying to become a best-selling author and lose 50 pounds at the same time?  Good luck, unless you are writing a best-selling book about your journey in real time (which would actually be pretty smart now that I think about it).

Ok, so now that you have some understanding of the biggest myth of the mind; the myth of pushing through everything you don’t enjoy doing and hoping that success finds you on the other side of that rainbow, let’s move onto my new views on goals and goal setting.

I was recently exposed to an outside the box thought, one of the first that I have heard in quite some time and by that, I mean an idea that I have never heard anywhere else.

In the book, ‘How to Fail at Almost Anything and Still Win Big’ by Scott Adams (this will be this month’s book of the month), he talks about goals and they are the wrong way to go.

Goals leave us in an almost perpetual state of feeling like a failure, IF you set them like most people set them or if you even set goals at all.

We are never quite there when it comes to goals, so that will leave a feeling of: still haven’t made it or, man, I still have a long way to go’.  Who wants to have our numero uno environment, your brain, having thoughts of failure constantly?

I sure don’t.  But what’s the solution? It’s to have systems that you can work every single day.  A system is binary, it’s did you do it today, or didn’t you?  Systems are habits and now you can see why I am so intrigued by this idea.

Systems will move you towards anything you want to achieve and they will leave you each day feeling like a positive success.

This may take some thought on your part, so to help you along, here are some of my systems that I need to employ every day:

  • Wake up by [4:30] AM at the latest every day
  • Workout in the morning or get some kind of sweat on every single day
  • Perform my ‘brain’ exercises immediately after taking the dogs for their walk, first thing in the morning
  • Setting my schedule for tomorrow, the night before. And doing a recap of the current day.

I have more, and I won’t explain why I do each of these just now because this is quite lengthy and I want to make sure you get through this before that brain sugar burns off.

I do know though that if I do these systems every day, I will move closer and closer to what I want to achieve in life.  Notice too that there are no specific goals because a specific goal would be just that, a goal.  These are general systems, although specific to me, that will and have been working magic in my life.

Enjoy your newfound brain knowledge and as always, be sure to put it to use.  Otherwise, you just wasted 10 minutes reading this. Peace.

What’s Scarier, Michael Myers, Freddy Kreuger or Staying ‘Fat’?

What’s Scarier, Michael Myers, Freddy Kreuger or Staying ‘Fat’?

It’s Monster Mash Day.

And that means that as I write this I am listening to the ‘Monster Mash’ on and endless loop.

You do know that I love Halloween, right?

Little Mikey Myers was compared to the boogeyman in the original ‘Halloween’ movie.  He was an unstoppable force that came back to finish a job.

Freddy, my first horror movie hero, would actually haunt you in your dreams.

You weren’t safe when you were asleep and then he figured out how to come to the reality dimension, which meant you weren’t safe anywhere.

Scary dudes to say the least.

But are they really as scary as staying ‘fat’?

I put fat in parentheses because it doesn’t mean fat as you know it.  Yes, you may be overweight or maybe your energy is terrible.

It doesn’t matter.

We all have our own version of what it feels like to be ‘fat’.

And the thing that’s holding you back is fear.

Fear of change.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of disrupting your current lifestyle routine.

Fear of the lack of a plan.

Go back to what old Ben did in an earlier email from this week; simply make a list of what you need to do to start.

Now, I’ll admit that going into an unknown environment (a new gym) can be scarier of all the horror movie characters put together.

You aren’t sure if the people will be nice.  You aren’t sure of what to do.  Heck, you may not even be sure of where the bathrooms are or how to sign in.

There are just so many things that can cause us to go into a feeling overwhelm.

Here’s your chance to just be pleasantly whelmed, not over, not under, just whelmed.

Check out our Fall Sweepstakes, the chance to win 5 FREE week of personal training and more with us at Newell Strength.

We eliminate all the unknowns and we will coach you through every step of the way.

There’s only 10 days left until we close the doors.

-Kyle Newell

I Used to Hate this Feature on Me

I Used to Hate this Feature on Me

Today is actually the national ‘Love Your Body Day’.

I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I weren’t staring at it on the calendar as I write this.

As a kid growing up, I used to hate my nose.

I thought it was too long and oddly shaped.

Mixed with my big lips, I thought I looked like some kind of mutant.

My brain was on high ‘judgement alert’.

I wanted to fit in.  I was going through that awkward adolescent male period of life.

Things didn’t get any better going into high school.

I had such bad acne that I had to go on Accutane, probably one of the most horrific drugs in the past few decades.

I wanted to love my body, but I couldn’t.

Until I found my way to the gym.  I slowly transformed and my confidence grew.

I began to love who I was and I openly started to accept how I looked.

Transforming your body starts from the inside, with environment #1 (right between your ears).

The answer are within.

And in our Fall Sweepstakes Transformation contest, we will be working on the inner game through mind mapping and mindset scorecards.

We are taking 4 lucky son of a guns.  You can apply here: http://vyper.io/c/608

Recharge this weekend, let the mammal brain out to play. –Kyle Newell