Fat (3)

She Dropped 22 Pounds and 3 Inches!!

Nicole entered an application for the first ever Panda Challenge back in early March, before the world turned upside down.

Nicole was familiar with our unconventional approach as she was a former, long-time member.

You can listen for yourself in this short video, but what she did in 45 short days was amazing and inspirational! 

She lost 3 inches on her waist and 22 pounds!  Better yet, her visceral fat, the fat that surrounds your organs (a marker of stress and dangerous predictor of future disease) went down 5 whole points! 

Take a quick look and get inspired! 


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


P.S-I am taking people for the next Panda Challenge, it begins June 22nd.  Based on the first two challenges, the average inches lost around the waist in just 45 days is 3”!!!! If you are interested in one of the remaining 7 spots, go here: https://hillsborough.newellstrength.com/panda_diet


P.P.S-After much consideration, we are pushing our Fat Shredder to September.  We will be able to run it better and people will be ready for it.  We don’t want anyone to miss out.  Details will come out as it gets closer.  

Unlearning Nutrition Principles

I remember way back in college, in 2003, my senior year, when I was really thinking outside the box about nutrition.  Part of that process, being young and naive, was going against anything that was inside the box.

And while that has mostly served me well, one of the things that I think back about is the nutrition pyramid that the US government put out years ago and is taught in every school.

I used to vehemently disagree with it.  The answer, as I was taught, was protein, protein, protein.  Protein was the answer to both muscle building and losing fat.  But how can that be?

In today’s episode of Unlocking Your Inner Strength, I go over that and some other things I’ve had to unlearn over the years about nutrition.  You can take a listen and subscribe over here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/unlocking-your-inner-strength/id1138596023?mt=2

Think differently – Kyle Newell


P.S- School is back in session, which means it’s a great time for you to find your routine again (even if you don’t have kids)….If you’d like to join our Fall Fat Loss Classic Contest at our Hillsborough location, please click the link to find out more or simply send an email to Dana@newellstrength.com: https://www.newellstrength.com/2018-fall-contest

What’s Scarier, Michael Myers, Freddy Kreuger or Staying ‘Fat’?

What’s Scarier, Michael Myers, Freddy Kreuger or Staying ‘Fat’?

It’s Monster Mash Day.

And that means that as I write this I am listening to the ‘Monster Mash’ on and endless loop.

You do know that I love Halloween, right?

Little Mikey Myers was compared to the boogeyman in the original ‘Halloween’ movie.  He was an unstoppable force that came back to finish a job.

Freddy, my first horror movie hero, would actually haunt you in your dreams.

You weren’t safe when you were asleep and then he figured out how to come to the reality dimension, which meant you weren’t safe anywhere.

Scary dudes to say the least.

But are they really as scary as staying ‘fat’?

I put fat in parentheses because it doesn’t mean fat as you know it.  Yes, you may be overweight or maybe your energy is terrible.

It doesn’t matter.

We all have our own version of what it feels like to be ‘fat’.

And the thing that’s holding you back is fear.

Fear of change.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of disrupting your current lifestyle routine.

Fear of the lack of a plan.

Go back to what old Ben did in an earlier email from this week; simply make a list of what you need to do to start.

Now, I’ll admit that going into an unknown environment (a new gym) can be scarier of all the horror movie characters put together.

You aren’t sure if the people will be nice.  You aren’t sure of what to do.  Heck, you may not even be sure of where the bathrooms are or how to sign in.

There are just so many things that can cause us to go into a feeling overwhelm.

Here’s your chance to just be pleasantly whelmed, not over, not under, just whelmed.

Check out our Fall Sweepstakes, the chance to win 5 FREE week of personal training and more with us at Newell Strength.

We eliminate all the unknowns and we will coach you through every step of the way.

There’s only 10 days left until we close the doors.

-Kyle Newell