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The Importance of Knowing Yourself

For way-back Wednesday, I came across this old video with a prime Mind Map principle about knowing thyself.


Hopefully it gives you some food for thought and insight into asking the right questions about how you show up in life.




Think differently – Kyle Newell


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Wanna Know How I Went 4 Years Without Getting Sick?

Wanna Know How I Went 4 Years Without Getting Sick?

When I was teaching, I used to get sick all the time.

I was over-extended and run down.

But a funny thing happened as soon as I stopped teaching; I ceased getting sick with things like the common cold or sinus infection.

My streak came to an end last year during a period of high stress (hmmm, I wonder if there is any correlation?).

Now, I am back at my streak.  Although Devon’s bronchitis tried to weasel its way into me this past week, I told it to go find someone else to bother because ‘I don’t have time for that non-sense.’

Yes, I actually talk to my brain like that and often.  And there’s your first clue as to why I don’t get sick anymore.

  • Besides a strong belief in my immunity, I also eat a ton of good, organic, cholesterol-laden foods.
  • And I roll my gut out each morning as part of my morning routine. Why?  Because 80% of your lymphatic fluid and immune system are located in the gut, but there they stay if you don’t do anything to ‘pump’ them to the rest of the body.

And these are two things that we are going to be adding into our clients programs in terms of education and practice.  What other fitness facility would even dare to make such claims?

None that I can think of.  But then again, there are none that I know of that are striving to BE the best in the world.

If you’d like to try some of this wizardry out, then you can inquire about our 3-Week Test Drive this holiday season.  I must warn you, we are highly selective and spots are limited to just 5 for the month of December since it’s our super busy season.

Be weird-Kyle Newell



A Real Life Game of Frogger

A Real Life Game of Frogger

There used to be a video game in the 70’s or 80’s called Frogger.

The purpose was to get across the road without getting hit by a truck.

And if you are a Seinfeld fan, you surely remember George Costanza playing a real life game of Frogger while ironically, trying to get an arcade gaming console of the actual Frogger across the street.

I thought it was hilarious.  He would move up, come back, gain ground, lose ground, 2 steps forward, 2 steps back, all the to avoid the oncoming traffic.

Well, last week, Devon sent me to ShopRite at peak time.  When I say peak time, I mean when the rest of the world is there.  A perfect recipe for disaster for my introverted self.

I wore my pseudo disguise: a hoodie, baseball cap and sunglasses (yup, I left my sunglasses on the entire time).

Of course, I saw not one, not two but 3 people that I knew.  All nice people, but I just couldn’t get into a draining conversation.

So a game of Frogger ensued at ShopRite.  I would turn one corner, catch a glimpse of person A walking up that aisle, and quickly do a 360 to go back around the other corner.

I would make it to the end of that row to see person B approaching which meant I would quickly duck down the next nearest aisle.  Person A again, then person C and so on.

I hadn’t been spotted.  I quickly made my way to the self-checkout and slid out the side door.  I know sometimes I am neurotic with social settings, but I was on a mission.

Devon and Munchie were waiting for me to pick them up at the playground.

When I arrived, Devon asked what took me so long.  I didn’t realize I was gone for nearly an hour (although in my defense I did pick up firewood too).

I tried explaining my real life game of Frogger but she just shook her head.

Where have you been running into obstacles in life?

And once you locate those obstacles, are you going to approach them or go down a different path?

Food for thought…

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Don’t Rip Up Your Money Like I Did

Don’t Rip Up Your Money Like I Did

On Monday morning, Munchie and I went out to run a few errands.

The first stop on the way to Devon’s school Halloween parade was to the bank.  Munchie was taking a quick catnap in the back of the truck, so I made it snappy.

I made a deposit and took out a little cash.  I stuffed the cash in my pocket and forgot about it.

We made it to Devon’s school on time and wound up staying for the classroom party.  Munchie is always a big hit with her third grade students.

The Munch man and I were out for a little bit longer than I expected, which meant that he and Dax and Mateena were all going to be hungry for lunch .

Well, I whipped up some food for him and gave the pups their food.  All was good.  10 minutes later, as they were all finishing up, I took Braxton out of his high chair and put him down so he could run around.

Meanwhile, I was making a quick call.  I don’t know if it was Munchie or Dax (Dax loves to put his nose in my pocket to see if I have any treats in there), but one of them took a few twenties out of my pocket.

I didn’t realize that though until I heard a ripping and tearing noise a minute or two later.  Even at that point, I still didn’t give it much thought.  I was thinking Dax had gotten a paper towel or something.

And then, I walked around the corner and saw it.  Two twenty dollar bills completely shredded!

I had to laugh at the situation.  The little rascals had fooled me.

While that’s an example of literally throwing money away, there are so many areas of your life in which you are probably of the opportunity or cost mindset which is just another way to throw away your money.

If everything is an expense, then you will opt for the cheaper and inferior option.  The option that promises the quick fix.

Where can you start using an investment mindset in your life rather than the ‘get rich quick’ mindset?

If you’ve been spinning your wheels for years with your health and fitness regiment, now is the time to start using an investment mindset towards it.  You can apply for one of our limited 3-WTD spots here.

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-Kyle Newell