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Most People at 25 and are Buried by 75

A week ago, I heard the same message twice within the span of an hour, which means I was being spoken to by the Universe.

The first message was from some random video on YouTube during my walk and the second was from a written excerpt from a MLK speech.

The gist: If you have a calling at 38, as Dr. King did, and refused to do anything about it, yet you live until you’re 90, you really died at 38.  

Life is a gift and with that gift you have gifts that you are supposed to share.  

Is it scary?  Yes.  But if you share gifts despite what you think others may think (ego and reputation) and you listen to your gut, then you are truly living.

What have you been holding back on that keeps yanking at your heart string?


Be Unconventional – Kyle Newell


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Your Unique Ability

You have a unique gift to share with this world with your time here.

It’s called your unique ability.

We all have one and it’s like the fingerprint of your spirit.

In today’s episode, I talk about finding your unique ability and why it’s imperative that you do so.

You can take a listen here:


Think differently – Kyle Newell

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