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Tank Was Bitten Three Times in a Week

Two Sundays ago, Devon was on a river trip with Brax.  I was home, Emma was napping, so Tank and I went out to do some lawn cutting and yard work.  

While I was cutting the grass, he was searching for bugs, his favorite pastime. 

I stopped to hear what he was trying to tell me and it was: ‘Dad, there’s a bumblebee!’

He went to pick up it up and bam!  Sucker stung him.  It wasn’t a bumblebee, it was a wasp.  His finger swelled pretty good and he left the stinger in until Suzy’s gentle touch got home.

Anyhow, about 2 hours later, Devon was home, so Brax and Tank and myself went over to our neighbor’s to do some target practice.  Not more than 20 minutes there and Tank gets bitten on his shoulder by our neighbor’s dog.  It was over the shirt, but a nasty bite.  

Poor kid, but he rebounded within a minute, no more tears.

Finally, he was bitten by a black beetle a few days later.  

And the moral?  He still has no fear of the aforementioned critters/dog.  Fear is what might go wrong in the future.  Kids live in the NOW.  

It’s a beautiful thing.


Be Unconventional – Kyle Newell


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Why Have I Been a Bit Off Lately?

You may have not noticed, but I certainly have.


But I know the answer as to why I have been feeling off.


First, it’s because we just took on one of life’s top 5 biggest stressors: a move.


And two, my morning routine has been stifled.


My morning routine is the key to my entire day.  But I don’t know where all my stuff is yet, I don’t know exactly what to do with the pups in the morning and heck, I don’t even know which light switch is which yet.


That’s okay though. I expected this and I gave myself permission to ease into our new home.  As long as I do one part of my morning routine this week (theater of the mind), then all will be okay.


It takes the human brain and nervous system roughly 3 weeks to get used to a new environment.


After that, you begin to know your way.  The environment begins to become a part of you.  Kind of like a living, breathing habit.


What environments in your life are positive and which ones are negative?


You are probably going to have to think about that because after those intial 3 weeks you tend to go on auto-pilot and go through the motions.  Unless of course, you bring some conscious thought to your environments and do an assessment.


There is nothing as powerful in life as BEING self-aware.


And I am going to teach you how do just that at this month’s workshop.  I believe there are still one or maybe 2 spots left (I haven’t checked yet today).  It is on 12/28 at 7:30 PM.  You can find our more here or register if you so desire: http://kylenewell.com/december

Peace – Kyle Newell

Do You Know What the Answer to ‘Overwhelm’ Is?

Do You Know What the Answer to ‘Overwhelm’ Is?

On our Sunday morning hike over in the mountains this week, Devon and I were having a heart to heart conversation.

She was letting me know that she was quite overwhelmed with life right now.

And who could argue with her?  She is a full-time teacher with a very active 14-month old son.

She is pregnant with number 2.

We are going to be moving into our new home within the month.

Life seems to pile on at times.  I am sure you are familiar with the feeling, right?

Well, I asked her, ‘Dev, what’s the answer to overwhelm?’

Being the good student that she is, she said, ‘I know, I know, it’s to be present.  I am thinking too far out into the future.’

While that may be, I was looking for something even simpler.  So  I said, ‘Yes, but the real answer to overwhelm is never more.’

Dax Moy taught me this long ago.  So simple, yet profound.  The brain wants to pile more and more on when it gets caught in the endless momentum of all the ‘to-do’s’ of life.

But the answer is never more stuff.  It’s to take a step back and do one thing and only one thing at a time.

You can’t do 10 things at once, you can try, but I’ll save you the time and tell you it won’t end up pretty.

You have a lot on your plate.  Life happens.  Sometimes what we need is a little R and R.

That won’t happen unless you plan for it though.  Do yourself a favor and write out a time this week when you are going to take 30 minutes for yourself.  30 minutes to just enjoy life and to breathe.

Never more my friend, never more.

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Stoke That Fire Bay-beee

Stoke That Fire Bay-beee

It’s about midday and just lit another fire in our cozy little family room.

I am sad to say that we only have a few more weeks here, the first ‘home’ that Devon and I shared together.

We are moving to a dream home of ours, very zen, quiet and complete with a creek in the back.

One of the things I am most excited about is the fact that I will turn part of the shed into my office.  I will have a singular light bulb or even a lantern, haven’t decided which yet as my lone light source.

Man, it’s got a mystical feel already, I can feel it!

But back to the fire.

I have been known to light fires in the middle of the summer because it set’s my environment for me.  For me, it’s always been fire and water, the two things that make me feel most connected to my source.

So when we were at my buddies the other night for a big bonfire, an old thought re-popped into my head.

As the fire raged, it was putting off quite a bit of heat.  Each palate that my buddy Chris through on went up in flames within minutes.

The fire had momentum.

Getting my measly little fire started today was a bit tough.  Normally I can get that sucker going within seconds.

After fiddling with the layout of the logs, I got it.  I can feel the heat.  And as I throw on more and more logs, I won’t have to mess around with it.

You see, the fire is already going.  The hardest part of starting a fire is just that: starting it.

Wherever you are at in life.  Whether your goal is to lose some weight, to start a business, to write a book, just start.

And once you start, keep going, day after day.

Momentum is often the most powerful force in nature, yet NO one talks about it when it comes to success.

Momentum will make you unstoppable, especially if you link it to something you are passionate about.

Momentum is about managing your time and energy in the smartest way possible.

Well, lucky for you, I finished transcribing October’s workshop which was all about Mind Map and Time Mastery. You can get the full manual (12 or so pages) and the actual audio from the workshop here: http://kylenewell.com/tm

In a brief moment, you can begin creating massive momentum.


-Kyle Newell

The Ghost Out In Leftfield

The Ghost Out In Leftfield

A couple of Thursday night’s ago, we were playing in playoffs of the local softball league.

I happened to be coaching first in the second inning or so when I noticed an apparition starting to appear in left field.

Now, the field that we play at has a slow, one lane road that is essentially where a home run would be.

Normally, the outfielders play on the near side of the road as anything hit over the road would be a bomb in softball terms and more than likely a home run assuming the hitter could run anything faster than an 8 second forty yard dash (that is super slow if you aren’t sure).

So the other team’s left fielder, kind of goofy, but I will give him credit that he did make quite a few plays the couple of times we played this particular team is awaiting the pitch, when the guy on our team, sure enough, hits a bomb to left field.

By now, that apparition started coming into focus.  It wasn’t a ghost, but an older guy with a long white beard.  The ball was heading straight for him, but instead of getting out the way like a normal person would do, he decides that he is going to make a play on the ball.

The left fielder had no clue the guy was out there and proceeded to collide with the old man.  Amazingly the old man nearly caught the ball.

And unfortunately for us, he stopped the ball from rolling which meant our guy didn’t get a homerun.

The guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Unless of course, his goal was to catch a fly ball at a local softball game, in which case he was in exactly the right place at the right time.

It’s all about knowing your goals.

The goal is to keep the goal, the goal, at all times.

If are lacking clarity on your goals in life or fitness, then you might want to check out our http://www.newellstrength.com/3wtd (3-week test drive).

Don’t be like the old guy in the outfield, although it was one of the oddest yet funniest things that I have seen in quite a long time.

-Kyle Newell