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Is There a Benefit in Education?

I resigned from my professional career as a teacher at the end of 2012.

I come from a family that has a lot of educators within it.

Education and knowledge is powerful.  Yet, if you are relying on schooling for yourself and your children, then you looking down the wrong path.  School is great, that’s where we learn to socialize and mature emotionally.

But you wont’ enhance your skillset too much at any level of formal education.

Yes, I wholeheartedly believe in educating yourself.  I just go about it in a different way.

You can take a listen to today’s episode which is all about my views on education right here: www.newellstrength.com/single-post/2019/07/01/Is-There-Value-in-Education

Think differently – Kyle Newell


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Member Showcase: Action Jackson

Action Jackson has been a part of Newell Strength for a few years now and the guy brings the attitude and personality to the table each and every time he shows up!

He is what I would call a ‘character’, which is a good thing in my book!

Action Jackson is always willing to help out other members and give them a word of encouragement.  And the guy loves to learn.

I can say that he is the strongest 40+ year old man I know and we are proud to call him a good friend of Newell Strength.

Here he is in his own words: https://youtu.be/QCmdCU7BiNs

Think differently – Kyle Newell

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It’s Not What You Comprehend, It’s What You Retain

It’s Not What You Comprehend, It’s What You Retain

I am going to let you in on a little secret of mine.

But you have to promise not to tell anyone!

Ok, here it is:  when I learn something valuable, I teach it and implement it immediately, like that same day-immediately.

That’s it?

Yup, that’s it.  So many people go to seminars and learn and get all jazzed up but never take the shrink wrap off of their ideas.  They never implement.

Just last week, a friend and mentor of sorts of mine, Roy G Biv, was giving me some nifty pointers and advice.  I made sure I took action that very night on the two things he had taught me.

If I had waited, they would have become just some other cool ideas that never saw the light of day.

Every time I learn a new Mind Map technique or style of writing or exercise, I teach them or put them to use in the very next session.

Teaching is the greatest learning tool we have.  Teaching is how you implement.

Teaching will cement ideas into your nervous system in ways that mere comprehension never can and never will.

Comprehension is what everyone does.  No one retains much these days.  Be different, start retaining the lessons you are learning in life.

In December’s Mind Map workshop, I am going to be teaching YOU some very cool things that you will implement the very same night to understand your brain more and to unleash some hidden powers within that you never knew you had.  You can register for one of the 6 spots here: http://kylenewell.com/december

Think differently – Kyle Newell


The Real Reason Mind Mapping Almost Didn’t Happen

The Real Reason Mind Mapping Almost Didn’t Happen

A little over two years ago I was sitting at a sandwich shop, talking with a buddy, scheming about why we should leave the seminar we were attending.

It didn’t make sense.

There was no way we could actually use it.

And, there was one really annoying girl in the 10 person class.

But something in my gut told me to stay, so that we did.

That seminar was my first exposure to Mind Mapping with Dax.

I was scared.  I was so into the mind, but this would be one more thing to learn and to try and master.  I didn’t have the time I told myself.

Or was I scared that I would actually become much more powerful in helping people transform their lives and the awesome responsibility was the thing I feared?

I am not quite sure, but I am glad that I over-rode my instinct to flee.  Every time you feel that instinct in a non-violent situation, it is your chance to step outside your comfort zone and grow.

Pay attention to the signs of life, they are everywhere and they come at you multiple times per day.

Grow or shrivel, the choice is yours.

Speaking of growing, here’s a chance for you to master yourself; for a limited time, followers of Newell Strength can get the 25 page time mastery manual and live recording for dirt cheap.  This is powerful if put to use, so if that awesome responsibility scares you, then it’s probably best to pass on it.  http://www.kylenewell.com/time

Stay frosty – Kyle Newell



President Reagan’s Favorite Story . . .

President Reagan’s Favorite Story . . .

There were eight year old twins.

By the time they got to be eight years old, they were driving their parents crazy because one of the twins was down, depressed and negative, and the other one was positive, up and energized all the time.

Well, the parents finally decided to bring them to a child psychologist.

After a few sessions, the psychologist decided to do a little experiment.

So, when they came in, he took the negative boy and brought him downstairs, and in the room was ice cream, cake, candy, video games, rocking horses, everything an eight year old would want.

He said to the eight year old boy, “Why don’t you stay here and play while I meet with your brother?”

The kid walked off, sat in the corner, and sucked on his thumb.

The psychologist went upstairs and got the positive kid.

He brought him down the hall to this huge gymnasium, but there weren’t any basketballs and baskets.

There was just this huge mountain of horse manure that almost went to the ceiling.

He said, “Son, why don’t you stay here and play for half an hour while I meet with your brother?”

Almost instantly, the positive kid starting running up the mountain, rolling down the mountain, and within a few minutes, he was a total mess.

A half an hour later, the psychologist went down to see the negative boy.

He was still sitting in the corner sucking on his thumb.

They psychologist said, “Why don’t you have some ice cream, candy or cake?” “I might get sick.” “Why don’t you get up on the rocking horse?” “I might fall down and get hurt.” “Why don’t you play with the video games?” “I don’t know how.” “Well, why don’t you follow me? You might learn something.”

So, he went back upstairs to the gym, and the positive brother was still running up the mountain, rolling down.

The manure was in his hair, down his shirt.

It was a total mess.

When he saw the psychologist, he came running over all excited.

The psychologist said, “What in the world are you doing?”

The positive kid said, “Well, I figured with all this horse manure, there must be a pony somewhere.”

You see, it’s all about perspective.

Happiness is so simple and is really the purpose of all that we aim for in life.

It’s Sunday and that means I wrote you an article.  I know this one will have a big impact on you.

If you like it, please share it with a friend:) www.newellstrength.com/happy

Peace-Kyle Newell


Why Goals and Will-power Won’t Help you Succeed

Why Goals and Will-power Won’t Help you Succeed

‘Your systems will help to protect your dreams’.

That’s what Dax Moy said to me last May out in Las Vegas.

I was fortunate that I was one of just 4 people that got to learn from Dax for 3 straight days.

But out of all that I learned from him that week, the systems quote from above is the ONE big thing that stuck in my mind.

After sending out an article last Sunday, it seems that many of the loyal NS fans loved it, so ‘that’ will now get turned into a system.

You can read the entire article here:   http://www.newellstrength.com/systems/

And in that article, you will find out why my mind is changing about goal setting and a cool trick or two about using will-power and not using will-power.

WARNING: If you apply what you read in the article, your life can and will change dramatically….

Just in case you read too fast and missed the link above, here it is:  http://www.newellstrength.com/systems/

-Kyle Newell


Listen to Learn and Learn to Listen

Listen to Learn and Learn to Listen

In the summer before my senior of high school, I was fortunate enough to travel out to Michigan to attend Tom Izzo’s summer basketball camp at Michigan State University.

I was born in Michigan and am a HUGE Michigan State fan, so getting to meet Izzo, his staff and the current players was icing on the cake.

It was at that particular camp that I got to meet my favorite player of all-time, Mateen Cleaves.

You may not be aware of the fact that we named Mateena, our silver lab, after Mateen.

But anywho, the reason it was the best camp I ever attended was because of the teaching style of Izzo.

Everything had a purpose.  There wasn’t one second wasted.

One of the big pearls of wisdom that I walked away with was his saying, ‘Listen to learn and learn to listen.’

So clear, and so simple

Listening is a skill, one that I would call the mother skill of becoming a success.

Too many people don’t know how to listen or they don’t care about listening.  In their minds, they know all the answers already.

I often re-listen to audiobooks, time and time again because each time, I learn something new.

You don’t learn everything the first time through.

Each time I coach someone, I learn something new.  Read that again, I learn something new, not just the client.

In life, I don’t believe that you can stay stagnant.  You are either marching up the hill or you are rolling back down it.

DO NOT fall for the illusion of maintenance and complacency.  They both will lead to mediocrity and as my idol Arnold once said, ‘Average is the worst thing in the world.’

I agree.

Here’s your chance not to be average: come out on Thanksgiving morning for the best Thanksgiving morning workout you’ve ever had.  You will be above average by donating to a great cause (Little Charlie Kroog) and you will be superior to all the couch potatoes that are like sloths on this great holiday.

Boost your brain chemicals first thing in the morning and I can guarantee that this Thanksgiving will be your favorite and most memorable one yet!




How Can you Learn From the Longest Remodel in History?

How Can you Learn From the Longest Remodel in History?

I call our neighbors the slugs.

Nice people, but slugs.

They don’t seem to do much besides sit around the house, day after day.

They walk around in their PJ bottoms at all hours of the day.

They brought in the Mrs.’ brother to remodel a bathroom about 2 months ago.

He still isn’t done.

Day after day, I hear the saw going and the hammer clanking away.

I shouldn’t be surprised.

Like attracts like.  And to be honest, I don’t believe the dude that is doing the remodel is a professional (a pro wouldn’t take 2+ months to re-do a 4×3 foot bathroom).

And if you missed the lesson, allow me to point it out for you.

Most of the time, most people, want to remodel their body in some way.  Yet they never seem to do it because the circumstances are never right.

Another reason is because they didn’t hire a pro.

We just had a client sign up that spent nearly 10 grand the past year on personal training with little to show for it.

When results are important, you hire pros.

Just because someone has the title, doesn’t mean they are a pro.

Here’s your chance to work with the pro coaches at Newell Strength for free: http://vyper.io/contests/update/608/1

Be whelmed today (not over, not under)-Kyle Newell


The Time I Almost Killed the Ref

The Time I Almost Killed the Ref

I am typically a very quiet and reserved person.

It’s my nature.

Throughout  my life, people have often taken that to mean I am timid and un-passionate.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

When I was a junior in high school, basketball was my life.

I dedicated every waking moment to fulfilling my ‘hoops dream’.

One weekend, I filled in for my dad’s CYO team and we were playing a team that I fiercely wanted to beat.

And this poor ref was making one call after another against us.

I blew my top so to speak.

I charged him.

Teammates had to hold me back.

I told him I was going to ‘kick his ass’.

Totally out of ‘character’ but at the same time it wasn’t.

I have a blinding passion for those things that I love.

Lucky for you, the main thing that I love is inspiring others and helping those people to find their inner strength.

I have dedicated my life to the study of all aspects of ‘human strength’.

If you’d like to enter the world of growth and inspiration that Newell Strength has to offer, then take a chance and enter our Fall Sweepstakes here: http://vyper.io/contests/update/608/1

And yes, by the way, I did calm down after a few minutes of belly breathing and I apologized to the ref after the game once I was back in my ‘human’ brain.


Why You Must Know ‘Your Edge’

Why You Must Know ‘Your Edge’

Braxton is a daredevil.

When he started to become more mobile a few months ago, we would cringe at first when he came up to a step or edge.

However, he learned very quickly to turn around and go down feet first.

Except for when he saw the dog bed lying there in the living room.  Our dining room and living room are only separated by a small 6 inch drop off; otherwise it’s an open floor space.

Munchie will go up to the part where the dog bed is and he will fall face first into it, knowing full well that the soft bed will break his fall.

Braxton (in case you were unaware, his nickname is Munchie) seems to have developed great depth perception, thus allowing him to know when he is at the top of a case of stairs, a ledge, the edge of the pool, etc.

(As an aside, I partly think this is due to his lack of TV time.  A toddler’s dimensional vision is still developing until roughly the 2-year-old mark.  They cannot distinguish that the shapes on the TV are supposed to be 3-dimensional, often causing problems in depth perception and vision, which can lead to processing issues.  But lets save that for another Mind Map article).

Now I don’t want you to think we just let Munchie roam free without supervision, we are always there watching, waiting if he needs us.  But, his ‘knowing of where the edge is’ has given us peace of mind and has allowed himself to explore and do things that he otherwise wouldn’t be able to do.

So how does that relate to you?  Well, ‘knowing thyself’ is a crucial factor in living a meaningful, on-point life.  And as you know from observing others, self-awareness or a lack thereof is the difference between those that create their own destiny and the common ‘tire-kicker’.

I want you to think of what your limitations are, what you are not good at and start there.  I will use myself as an example, so you can see warts and all but more importantly so you have an example of how this can be applied to your life.

First, I am not good at corralling my many ideas into actionable steps for others to follow.  Ideas pop into my head a mile a minute but ideas are no good if you they aren’t actionable.  I guess that the entrepreneurial blood in me.  But I’ve had to surround myself with a team and coaches that are good and creating step-by-step instructions.

Next one, I am not the best at techie stuff or handy man work for that matter.  I can do both; I can figure them out, but not without some frustration.  And, I know what I value my time at (monetarily in this case) and most of the time it just doesn’t make sense for me to fiddle around with the stuff I am not good at, especially when it causes ‘frustration momentum’.

Thirdly, trying to ‘Coach’ Devon when she doesn’t ask for it.  Guys listen up here; YOU must be given permission to Coach the person, whomever it is.  Otherwise your opinion will be unwelcome and thus it will remain unimplemented.  I violate this rule of Mind Map constantly with Devon and then I have to catch my mistake, apologize and realize it for what it is.  Every time you find yourself telling someone else: you should, you have to, you must; stop and ask yourself internally if they asked for your advice.

Another one; I know that my work will expand to fill the time that I give it.  That is why I must work to the clock when I am in high focus mode.  And when it’s a bit longer term than the immediate moment, I must set deadlines.  Remember this, deadlines are our lifelines.

Finally, and it took me until a few years ago to finally realize this fully, I am an extreme introvert.  Yes, I can function in public and hold a conversation, but when it comes to managing my energy, this knowledge has been HUGE for me.  I recharge by quiet time and being alone.  Parties and such have always drained me, but I have gotten better in social situations because I have given myself time to recharge on other days of the week.

This explained to me why in high school and college I was always begrudgingly going to parties and I would often leave early to go find solitude somewhere.  Weird yes, but I’d rather know myself and be weird than just follow the herd.

There you go, 5 things of my own that I constantly have to be aware of.  Things that are ‘my edge’.  Make a list of 5 things that represent your edge and work on them frequently.  (I don’t mean work on them as in learn how to doing something you aren’t good at, I mean work on them in terms of self-awareness).  Know thyself.