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Who Can You Help?

About 5 years ago, I added a bumble bee tattoo on my left arm.  


It’s hard to spot but when you focus in, you can see it.  


It represents a concept from an old mastermind group that I was in where you never know the power of your words or energy towards another person, so be sure to reach out with a word of encouragement from time to time.


And that is all I am reminding you to do.  Be someone else’s Coach today.  No, you don’t have to get into the weeds with them, just offer them a boost.


Afterall, a Coach is someone that can help get someone from point A to point B, point B representing a place that they can’t get to on their own (after the term ‘stagecoach’).


When you become too focused on the self, troubles arise.  When you shine your focus on someone else, your worries melt away.


The same door you give through is the same door you receive from.


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


P.S-The next Panda Challenge will begin Monday, September 14th.  I am only taking 10 students this time and I have 3 NEW things that will be implemented into this journey.  It will be 7 weeks.  *ONLY 2 SPOTS REMAIN!!!*. To apply and set up a call so I can see if you’re a good fit, go to:


P.P.S- We are in fact having our annual Fat Shredder contest, albeit a little later than normal.  If you are ready for some fun, accountability and ready to take back your health, then this is it.  Contest begins on Sept. 17th and we are only taking 20 teams.  Each team is made of 3 people and must include at least one woman and one non-member (can be one and the same).  If you are interested, reply to this email or sign up at either Newell Strength location.

It’s Time to Reinvent Yourself

A month ago, right before all this chaos hit us, I was down in Orlando, Florida for a mastermind.

And as luck would have it, one of my old friends and legends in the world of fitness, Thomas Plummer, was a guest speaker on the first day.

I was fortunate enough to be invited out to dinner with Thom and a few others and then we proceeded to share a few beers well into the night.

Thom said a few times throughout the night, ‘Kyle, it’s time for you to reinvent yourself.’  He knows Newell Strength and he knows my story.

That resonated with me.

And then Corona hit us.  Impeccable timing? Coincidence?  

I think not.  

I am using this time to take the road less traveled and to ponder what he said to me.

Do not come out of this situation unchanged, that would be a complete waste.


Be unconventional – Kyle


1- The Fat Shredder is coming!  Realistically it’ll probably start at some point in the backside of May and run until the 4th of July weekend.  Here’s all you have to do for now: start thinking of your teammates. Each team will have at least a member, non-member and one woman (teams of 3).  It’s gonna be epic and just what we all need at that time:)