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Put Your Mind Where Your Eyes Can See It

A week and a half ago, I was having a nice conversation with a loyal Newell Strength client, Dan, and his son Daniel.


I always love seeing them together because I know how much of a great bonding experience lifting together is, especially for a father and son.


Well, in this particular conversation, I was explaining to Daniel the concept of a good workout.  


If you are going to enter the weight room and throw around the iron, then you must make sure that you put your mind in an uncomfortable situation.  See your mind in the palm of your hand and picture new grooves and pathways being formed because of the demands you are placing upon it in your workout.


Now, it depends on the purpose of your workout plan, but for me, if I don’t go somewhere that expands my mind, it was a less than fruitful session.  


Be aware that working out is first and foremost for your mind (it’s absolutely useless when used as  a weight loss tool). 


Something for you to ponder.


Be Unconventional – Kyle 


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You Possess the Most Powerful Tool in the Known Universe

Six years ago, I was exposed to Mind Map for the first time and since that time, it has become a great passion of mine.  

Until then, I hadn’t given much thought to the difference between the Mind and the brain.  

All animals have a brain, yet only the human BEING possesses a Mind.  This is the most powerful tool in the known universe.  

It can plan, create, learn, visualize and use linear logic.  Yet, most people never tap into it, they take it for granted.  

The way you can use it to its fullest is to develop SELF-belief and know that you can do what you want to do with your life, you can create what you want to create.  Once you believe this, unleash that unlimited power.

Plan out how you are going to put the power of your brain to use and then get to work (learning, acquiring knowledge, meditation, visualization, learning by doing and so forth).


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


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Count How Many You Have

This morning, on my weighted vest walk, I was contemplating what to make the Monday morning video about.

And this idea of ‘critical thinking’ kept popping into my head.  

Based upon different conversations I’ve been having recently, it’s become more apparent that the ability to think critically is more important than ever.  

It’s a HUGE advantage if you possess this awareness.  

Why do I say awareness?  Because, it takes awareness and setting aside the ego to examine your thought patterns.  Most people don’t critically think because they are either lazy (thinking does take a lot of energy) or because they’ve committed to a certain stance and to examine the other side of that coin might mean they would have to admit they were incorrect.

Listen, I always say, I reserve the right to change my mind at  any moment.  I know that as a voracious student of life (which I hope you are), I am always learning and therefore new information will eventually come along that makes me change your stance.

This is how the Panda Challenge was born and how it is continuing to evolve.

So, do yourself a favor this week and see how many conversations or thoughts you have that are genuinely original.  

The first step to change is self-awareness.


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


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It Takes a Village to Mold a Mind

Two weeks ago today, we went down the shore with the kids to celebrate our actual anniversary date.  


Our good friends, Cynthia and Louie, took us out clamming.


It was a first for me and my family.  

I watched as Braxton took it all in.  Anytime he was curious, I would tell him to go ask Louie why or what he was doing.  


That way he could learn.  


This process went on all day and all the way through the point when we ate the clams for dinner.


Just like yesterday’s email, it’s about listening, learning and learning by asking questions.  When we converse with the world, we get to organize our thoughts.  And if you only converse with a small number of people, you have a limited world view.


It takes a village to organize a young mind, or any mind for that matter.  ?And much of what you learn through talking to others is based upon their body language and reactions, rather than what they have to say in response (although that is important too).


There have been many great therapists that have said minimal words in counseling questions, rather, they’d just sit there, and let the client organize their thoughts as they talked through it to another person (the therapist).  


When you start looking at interactions and conversations this way, the world becomes much more magical.


Be Unconventional – Kyle Newell


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Calm as a Sleeping Puppy

Two weeks ago, Suzy took Brax over to the BMX track for the first practice run of the season.  

Keep in mind, last year, Brax was still racing on his balance bike.  

Although, a year from tomorrow is the date that he officially rode a bike without training wheels for the first time (Devon always wonders how I remember specific events and dates like that….).

So now, it was onto the big boy bike on a bigger portion of the track.  

Surely he wouldn’t be able to race from the starting gate with the older kids?

Nope, he did it.  Devon reported back to me that he was sizing it all up and when he was ready, he lined up to the starting gate, as calm as a sleeping puppy.  

When the gunshot rang and the gate dropped, he propelled down the first hill.

As usual, I learn more from Brax than he does from me on a weekly basis.  The Zen-beginner’s mind is a beautiful thing.  

Your Heart and Mind Must Align

About 5 weeks ago, I had one of the most amazing weeks of my life.  

That was when we opened Newell Strength, despite the lockdown.

Did it make logical sense?  Not necessarily.  

But I wasn’t following my brain, I was listening to my heart.  And when you listen to your heart, you cannot go wrong.  When you ignore your heart, you almost always go wrong.

I knew that my decision was based in pureness of heart and therefore I had nothing to fear.  

And the results spoke for themselves.

Make sure your mind aligns with your heart, not the other way around.


Be Unconventional – Kyle Newell


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Mental Midgets and Mental Toughness

As I was doing this morning’s walk with the Little Warrior, I had a thought….

Yes, I am always thinking, but today, it was about mental toughness Monday’s theme.

There are a lot of ways to develop mental toughness, but one of the least talked about is this: Develop your own set of beliefs and speak your mind even when it doesn’t align with the herd mentality.

It’s not easy to develop a belief that goes against the grain.

You will be ridiculed and told to get back in line.

But when I look back at my fitness career in particular, almost everything we do at Newell Strength from training to nutrition was at first so outside the norm that the fake fitness experts would critique and judge.

I didn’t care though, because it was a set of beliefs that we arrived at from real world experience.

You don’t have to agree with everything you are told you have to agree with.  Will that make you an outlier?  Yup, but who cares.

I’d rather be an outlier than a sheep.

Something to think about as you start your week.


Think Differently- Kyle


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How’s Your Mindset?

Each day this week I will be bringing one of the five areas of growth to get and learn from this situation.  Today’s topic is Your Mindset….

One of my passions is mindset and Mind Mapping. 

For as far back as I can remember, I have been working and focusing on my mindset. 

I was reading books on it when I was a high school basketball player.

I always knew that my mind would give me an advantage in any situation. 

Note that I am not talking about my intellectual capacity.  I am talking about my Mind SET. The things that I believe.

My optimism.  My outlook, my inner beliefs and my inner strength. 

How did I build those traits?  I train them, day in and day out.  When I stray too far and don’t do my daily reading or listen to something positive or write my affirmations, then it falls away, and quickly, I’ll add. 

Your mindset is a muscle.  It must be trained the same way that you train your body. 

The people that are struggling the most with this current situation are the ones that have the most fear and that haven’t taken the time to work on their mindset day in and day out. 

Now is the perfect time to begin.  There are hundreds of free resources from blogs to podcasts to YouTube in which you can begin to sharpen your mind and build that muscle. 

I am not just talking about positive thinking, although that’s better than nothing.  I am also talking about knowing how your brain works. 

When you have a basic understanding of your brain then you are going to be more self-aware and you are going to be able to catch yourself before you go too far and wind up in freeze mode or depressed or anxiety-ridden. 

Your inner-dialogue is really what mindset is all about. 

Take out an old notebook and begin journaling, getting clear on your current situation.  Begin meditating, try it for just 5 minutes. 

Write out the vision for your life.

Your mindset is what will get you through the darkest and toughest times in life. 

Either keep investing in it or simply begin by doing something about it today. 

Be unconventional – Kyle

1- The Fat Shredder is coming!  Realistically it’ll probably start at some point in the backside of May and run until the 4th of July weekend.  Here’s all you have to do for now: start thinking of your teammates. Each team will have at least a member, non-member and one woman (teams of 3).  It’s gonna be epic and just what we all need at that time:)

Did You Get Dressed in the Dark?

Two weeks ago, I got into my truck after a tough workout, just the way I like to start my Wednesdays.


Well, I looked up into my rearview and I noticed I had dry toothpaste, not just in one spot, but two!




I had the light on low as I was brushing my teeth but after a quick spot check, I thought I was good to go, all clear.


There are a couple of lessons here…


One, if you are going to laugh about it later, mind as well laugh about it in the NOW, which I did.


Secondly, you can’t always see your own flaws, sometimes you need an outside eye.


Which is why Coaching is of utmost importance.


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


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How Dare I

12 days ago, Devon was out to work early in the morning.


And on the way out, she asked me to be sure to stir her turkey chilli periodically throughout the day.


Sure, no problem I told her.


Well, 7 or so hours later, she came home.


Did I stir the chilli?  Nope, totally slipped my mind.


The ingredients cooked, but not the way they should have.  The corn was still sitting right on top.


You might have all the knowledge you need.  In fact, I know you do.  Information is not the problem.


This issue is in knowing how to put all the right pieces together.


That’s where Coaching with a capital C comes in.


Know when you need to seek Coaching, because if information were the only problem, then a quick Google search would solve all your problems.


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


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