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How Much More Money Are You Willing to Waste?

Two weeks ago, I received two separate text messages. 


One was from a long time Newell Strength member, who had recently purchased my Panda Diet book.  She went through it and applied the lessons and protocol within and dropped 8 pounds, easily I might add, in her first week on the plan.  




The other text was from an old friend that ordered the book, read it in one sitting and wanted to inquire about joining the next Panda Challenge.  He raved about the book, over and over.  


Point being, you can simply purchase my book, for a pittance of $30 and have all the ‘dieting’ answers you’ll ever need for the rest of your life or you can continue to search out dieticians, magical programs, ridiculous experts that will have you weighing every morsel that crosses your lips, only to have those programs work very short term after which you’ll suffer the dreaded rebound.  


Or, if you want direct Coaching throughout the Panda program from yours truly, the doors are open for that as well.  See below, although by the time you read this there may not be any spots left.  


If you want to get the book, that link is down below too.


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


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P.P.S-We will be having our annual Thanksgiving workout for charity on Thanksgiving morning at 7 AM sharp. It will be outdoors due to circumstance but the show must go on.  Non-members are welcome to join including out of town visitors.  There is a minimum $10 donation to participate.  All proceeds will be going to a local man, more details to come.

P.P.S-Our annual deadlifting contest for charity will be Saturday, December 12th.  If you’d like to participate, you can send an email to

Protect Yourself From Future Health Disasters

It was a weeknight in the fall of 1998.

Two of my buddies, Rogel and the Worm, were over playing a college football video game.  We used to play a season together complete with wagers on taking the champ out for a nice dinner.

Man, it was simple back then:)

Well, shortly before I had to leave to go pick up my brother Presh from CCD, I offered the guys a snack to have while I was gone.

Rogel said he would have the sleeve of cookies that was sitting in the pantry which was A OK by me.

I went out, picked up Presh and was back all within 15 minutes or so.  About 15 minutes after I got back, Rogel was starting to feel a little ill.

It was at that point that he asked me, ‘Was there peanut butter in those cookies’?

I didn’t know so I had to go down and find the box and sure enough, there was peanut butter in the cookies.

Rogel then informed us that he was allergic to peanuts, which the Worm and I found hysterical because at that time, it was literally unheard of.  NO ONE I ever came across had a peanut allergy.

Needless to say, Rogel missed the next 3 days of school.

In the present day, it seems that every other kid has a peanut allergy.  I am not sure what happened to cause this, although I do have my theories…

That night was about 20 years ago.

And 20 years from today, I hope the norm is that things like cholesterol and sodium are looked upon as the critical and beneficial nutrients and substances that our bodies need for superior health.

But I highly doubt it since there is too much money going the other way.

YOU need to, YOU must take your health into your own hands.

Think differently – Kyle Newell


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What Do I have to Lose….Besides my Pride?

What Do I have to Lose….Besides my Pride?

This past Saturday, one of my good friends, Poppzilla, the eating champ, got married.

It was cool to hang with a bunch of the old crew again.  I saw guys that I haven’t seen in probably 10 years or so.  Fun times.

Well, when old friends get together, old shenanigans tend to come out.

I used to be a master instigator, I guess that kind of goes along with being a storyteller.  I stopped with my instigating ways a long time ago because I realized that although harmless, they were powerful.

But, on Saturday night, I had to scratch that itch.  I saw a willing victim, Ahman (Aboo-Haha, we added this part on).  Aboo is an aspiring bodybuilder and he has come quite a long way in the sport.

And knowing what I know about Aboo and bodybuilders, I could not resist the temptation to have him perform a pushup challenge out on the dance floor.

I pitched it to Aboo as, ‘If you can do 100 pushups in a row, then me, along with others from the old crew, will pay you $10 each.  You have absolutely nothing to lose.’

He thought about it and pondered for a few minutes back and forth and I continued to reiterate that he had a lot to gain and nothing to lose.

So, five minutes laters, we had a circle around him on the dance floor and the DJ counting the reps over the loudspeaker.

Aboo got to 67 before dying out.  Not bad, but not 100 either.  He didn’t get the money.  We all had a laugh.  Aboo had nothing to lose until he realized that what he did put on the line was his self-image.

Self-image is EVERYTHING in life.  You can only achieve things in life that are on par with your self-image.  I am amazed that so few people ever realize this ‘secret’.

Aboo had a lot to lose and you could see it in his body language after the challenge was over.

He will recover, no doubt.  He and I along with everyone else will remember it as a fun highlight of the Zilla’s wedding.

On a macro scale though, it was a good lesson for him and others who picked up on it.

Self-image is very easy to deflate but all it takes is a little persistent consistency to build it up to world class levels as well.

If you don’t ever think about it, it will be low and negative, that’s the way the brain is wired.

However, look out for the rare person that works on their self-image every single day.  They are the people that will change the world.

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-Kyle Newell


Don’t Rip Up Your Money Like I Did

Don’t Rip Up Your Money Like I Did

On Monday morning, Munchie and I went out to run a few errands.

The first stop on the way to Devon’s school Halloween parade was to the bank.  Munchie was taking a quick catnap in the back of the truck, so I made it snappy.

I made a deposit and took out a little cash.  I stuffed the cash in my pocket and forgot about it.

We made it to Devon’s school on time and wound up staying for the classroom party.  Munchie is always a big hit with her third grade students.

The Munch man and I were out for a little bit longer than I expected, which meant that he and Dax and Mateena were all going to be hungry for lunch .

Well, I whipped up some food for him and gave the pups their food.  All was good.  10 minutes later, as they were all finishing up, I took Braxton out of his high chair and put him down so he could run around.

Meanwhile, I was making a quick call.  I don’t know if it was Munchie or Dax (Dax loves to put his nose in my pocket to see if I have any treats in there), but one of them took a few twenties out of my pocket.

I didn’t realize that though until I heard a ripping and tearing noise a minute or two later.  Even at that point, I still didn’t give it much thought.  I was thinking Dax had gotten a paper towel or something.

And then, I walked around the corner and saw it.  Two twenty dollar bills completely shredded!

I had to laugh at the situation.  The little rascals had fooled me.

While that’s an example of literally throwing money away, there are so many areas of your life in which you are probably of the opportunity or cost mindset which is just another way to throw away your money.

If everything is an expense, then you will opt for the cheaper and inferior option.  The option that promises the quick fix.

Where can you start using an investment mindset in your life rather than the ‘get rich quick’ mindset?

If you’ve been spinning your wheels for years with your health and fitness regiment, now is the time to start using an investment mindset towards it.  You can apply for one of our limited 3-WTD spots here.

P.S-Its kickball time this Sunday!  If you’d like to play or donate to help towards raising money for little Charlie Kroog, then you can read more about him and his struggles here:

-Kyle Newell