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I Know How You Feel…

I know how you feel.


Being a busy parent is tough.


Your time is limited.


It’s rare that you get to relax and kick your feet up.


Sometimes you think about all the freedom you used to have.  (It’s okay, don’t feel guilty about it).


Sometimes your energy is on ‘E’, but you can’t stop, you need to be the parent and partner that you committed to being.


And that’s why it’s more important than ever to manage your energy, to create more energy so you can be the best you to those that need you.


Get your weekly workouts in, manage your sleep (you need at least 7 hours per night), do a short, daily meditation or walk, drink you water, nourish your body with good food.


Yes, it’s tough, but you got this.  I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Put your energy first and foremost and it’ll be A O K:)


Think differently- Kyle Newell


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Pumpkin Patch Pictures

2 or so weeks ago, Braxton and I went on his first field trip to the local pumpkin patch.

It was cool to see all the other parents there with their kids and I was able to meet some of Brax’s school friends.

Yet, I had a million things to do and being that this fell on a Wednesday, it was taking away one of my high focus days.

I could have focused on all those things and wished the time by or worse yet, I could have resented the moment.

But I didn’t.  I enjoyed it.  I got pictures that’ll last him and I a lifetime.

After all, life is about connecting and special little moments, not being busy being busy.

P.S-We have our people of fitness night party tomorrow, Friday, the 12th at the Flemington Newell Strength.  We’d love for you to come out and enjoy a drink (Skunktown Distillery) and have some pizza! No, you don’t have to be a member and yes, you can and should bring friends!