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Powerful MindMap Realities for You

Back in 2014, when I first started learning about Mind Mapping from Dax Moy, I knew I had connected with something that spoke to my spirit.


It became and remains a deep passion of mine.


So, as of late, I have been going back to the beginning and ‘re-learning’ the whole thing.  Which means, lucky you, I am going to be entertaining you with Mind Map principles and stories for the forseeable future (remember, teaching is the best way to learn).


Anyhow, in today’s episode, I teach you about how your actions are determined by your inner dialogue.  You inner dialogue is determined by…well, you’ll just have to listen to find out.


You can take a listen to episode # 191 here:


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


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Your Goals for 2020

21 years ago, most of my goal setting was centered around basketball.  It was my passion and I worked my tail off to be the best player I could.


One of my goals heading into my junior was to be able to dunk the ball.


I tried some of the fancy stuff such as the old jump soles that would attach to your shoes and all types of plyometric programs.


I became a much better player my junior year, but I didn’t succeed at dunking…yet.


I was able to dunk my senior year with ease.  And it wasn’t because of anything exotic or fancy, it was simple strength training.  I got as strong as I possibly could.  Simple, daily effort.


And although I was behind on my timeline, the important point was that I achieved my goal and I had a timeline.  Your deadlines will make you take action, even if you don’t achieve your goal by the exact date you set.


If you haven’t already set your goals for 2020, don’t fret.  There is no time like the present and now is better than never.


Make 2020 the best year of your life.


Think differently – Kyle Newell

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Are You the Worn Out Lumberjack?

There was once a big, husky lumberjack.


The lumberjack loved what he did and he did it with superior efficiency.  If there were trees to clear, he cleared them, on time, every time.


There was no challenge to big.


But, about 10 years into his career, he started to become lethargic, and felt burnout.  One day, a younger, newer, smaller lumberjack noticed and asked him what was the matter.


The older lumberjack explained how he had lost his feel and passion and everything was now a struggle.


To which the younger lumberjack replied, ‘Well, have you tried sharpening your axe?’


Bam! That hit home, square between the eyes.


How does this apply to your life right now?


Think differently – Kyle Newell


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Mastery or Obsession?

I first listened to Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, 8 years ago on my drives to and from my day of teaching, which was sandwiched in between Coaching sessions at Newell Strength.

In that book, he highlighted study after study which showed that it takes 10,000 hours to become a master of your craft.

Not just 10,000 hours but 10,000 of focused attention on the skill you are trying to master.

It goes without saying that if passion is present, then there is no way that you will be able to stick out 10,000 hours of anything.

Most people go after something because it looks cool and they like the idea of it.  Yet, they are lucky to even make it to 500 hours because the initial enthusiasm wears off and passion was never present to begin with.

One of the clues I like to look at with people is their level of commitment and that means they are either in a flow of mastery or obsessed, which opens a whole other set of problems.

So what’s the difference?

Mastery is when you own the craft, the process and obsession is when the goal owns you.

Read that again.

Think differently – Kyle Newell


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The Time I Almost Killed the Ref

The Time I Almost Killed the Ref

I am typically a very quiet and reserved person.

It’s my nature.

Throughout  my life, people have often taken that to mean I am timid and un-passionate.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

When I was a junior in high school, basketball was my life.

I dedicated every waking moment to fulfilling my ‘hoops dream’.

One weekend, I filled in for my dad’s CYO team and we were playing a team that I fiercely wanted to beat.

And this poor ref was making one call after another against us.

I blew my top so to speak.

I charged him.

Teammates had to hold me back.

I told him I was going to ‘kick his ass’.

Totally out of ‘character’ but at the same time it wasn’t.

I have a blinding passion for those things that I love.

Lucky for you, the main thing that I love is inspiring others and helping those people to find their inner strength.

I have dedicated my life to the study of all aspects of ‘human strength’.

If you’d like to enter the world of growth and inspiration that Newell Strength has to offer, then take a chance and enter our Fall Sweepstakes here:

And yes, by the way, I did calm down after a few minutes of belly breathing and I apologized to the ref after the game once I was back in my ‘human’ brain.