Peanuts (1)

Pay for Peanuts, You Get Peanuts

Recently, we had a prospect inquire about training.  


He was shocked that we were so ‘expensive’.  


He griped that Gold’s was running a 3 month special for $99. 


Ha!  Here’s what you get at a big box gym:


-No attention, little if any guidance


-A plethora of personal trainers that want you to ‘grind’ and cut out carbs for the rest of your life, while of course charging you an arm and a leg for those extra sessions and advice


-A bunch of machines that you don’t know how to use and that have no real world application


-Judgmental stares from the meatheads and cardio queens that have made the fitness their life, rather than using fitness to enhance their life


-If that weren’t enough, there’s pretty much no sense of community 


-And being stranded to your own devices which is why most people just get frustrated and hop on the cardio equipment, like giant lab rats


If you want the nice box of gourmet nuts, you have to pay for it.  


Newell Strength is the box of gourmet nuts.  


Be unconventional – Kyle Newell


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