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Don’t Envy the Transformers

On our last date night a little over a week ago, Devon and I were talking about the brain and how change actually  happens.

(Don’t you feel sorry for her sometimes that she is stuck with my weirdness?)

I was explaining to her the difference between thinking about change and when change actually happens.  Many people think and ponder changing their life for the better for months, years, heck, even decades!

In their mind, change and transformation is this long, drawn out process that must be suffered through.

In reality, real change happens in a split fraction of a second, once you make up your mind to transform.  Will the physical manifestation happen in a split second?  Nope, but all things start in the mind first.

People that have totally transformed their lives have done so by first making up their mind to do so.  So, while you may think about changing, it will remain nothing more than that; a fleeting thought that you have every now and again.

When you finally make up your mind to transform, it’s like a lightning bolt.

You don’t have to envy those that transform into the butterflies of life, you can BE one yourself once you decide to BE.


Think differently – Kyle Newell

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Sitting in a Box Collecting Dust

When I work out in my office shed each week, I have to walk by a few crates of old certifications and a few college diplomas.

Yup, they sit there, collecting dust.

Just like the few remaining bodybuilding trophies I have left (I gave most of them away).

Certifications and degrees aren’t worth the paper they are printed on unless you have taken the knowledge and made them your own.

Having an alphabet soup following your name impresses no one, nor should you be impressed with fake fitness experts that are all about their certifications.

What you should be looking for is someone that can simplify the process.  Because as the level of simplicity goes up, so does the effectiveness of the plan.

Think differently – Kyle Newell

P.S-Whenever you’re ready here are 3 more ways we can help you transform your life, lose weight and gain bundles of energy!

1- Check out this podcast I did on Resistance (any time you are trying to improve your life, you will face this!)

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How to Gauge the Quality of Your Workout

Have you ever felt like you were going through the motions when it came to your workouts?

And how do you know if had a great workout?  Surely, not every workout can be an all-time best.

Just like I was talking about yesterday, you need clarity on your process and purpose.

In today’s episode of Unlocking Your Inner Strength, I go into great depth (still under 15 mins or so) on gauging the quality of your workout.  You can take a listen over here:


Think differently – Kyle Newell


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What to Do IF You Get Injured?

I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV.

Although, my mom still says I should go back to med school.

But, I will claim outright that I know more about practical healing than any doctor I’ve come across.

It’s not the doctor’s faults. They have too many areas they are supposed to be experts in. Worse yet, they are fighting against the upstream flow of tradition and dogma.

Lucky for me and you, I broke the mold when it came to thinking about the human body.

In case you did not know, I have two totally reconstructed knees. No, I didn’t suffer an ACL tear, although I that would have been a blessing compared to what I went through.

I actually ruptured both patellar tendons 2.5 years apart from each other. And the tendons didn’t tear like tendons normally tear. Nope. They ripped in half both vertically and horizontally.

Normally a tendon rips off the bone, also known as an avulsion fracture. If you’ve ever know anyone that has torn a tendon, most likely they will tell you there was no pain. That is because the tendon stayed intact.

Well, tendons are LOADED with nerves as they are the power transmitters for the central nervous system. So you may be able to imagine the pain I was in when they both happened. Not to boast, but in addition to that, I tore several ligaments, my knee capsules blew out and my IT band with each injury. Twilight Zone type of stuff.

I am not trying to have a pissing contest with anyone. I am trying to lay the stage down for you to know that I have been injured severely and not so severely in the past and I have come to know some of the best ways to recover from an injury in a hurry.

As far as I am aware of, I recovered faster than any professional athlete or anyone in the world for that matter from anyone that has ruptured a patellar tendon, the most severe of all sports injuries.

But for you, maybe it’s a bad back, maybe a sore shoulder or maybe your knees are bothering you. The severity of the injury doesn’t matter. What matters is that you know how the human body responds to injury and what to do about it.

First, when an injury occurs, inflammation sets in. Inflammation gets a bad rap. Yes, inflammation, chronic I mean, is the basis for disease. However, when it comes to acute injury, we need inflammation as it kicks off the healing process. What we don’t want is swelling.

So right away, you know we do not want to try and limit or stop inflammation. But we do want to stop swelling.

What is the first thing a doctor or physical therapist or weekend warrior going to tell you to do? Yup, ice.


A ha! Therein lies the question. First, it’s important to understand when this phenomenon of icing started. I don’t have my book right in front of me, but I believe it was in the 1960’s, if not the 1950’s.

An adolescent boy was riding a train car and was hanging out of it. His arm, hit a pole and was ripped clean off. There were some doctors nearby and thank God, they know to put it on ice. So the arm was put on ice, the boy was rushed to the hospital along with the arm and they were able to save his arm.

It became a national news story. And the myth of icing for all injuries was born. A little scrutiny would have saved a lot of wasted time on couches for the injured patient in years to come. The ice did its job; it slowed down the blood flow in the dismembered arm. Because it slowed down he blood flow, the tissue in the arm didn’t die and thus, they were able to reattach it.

As you can see, the media completely misapplied the logical thinking and the doctors of the day even bought into it.

When we suffer an injury, the last thing we want to do is to keep blood from entering in. We need blood flow to bring in nutrients and to carry away the bad stuff that is causing swelling. Ice has the opposite effect.

The first thing we need to do is get heat on that puppy to increase the blood flow to the area.

The second thing we need with any injury, assuming you are more than a day out of surgery, is MOVEMENT. Again, this applies even if its something like a chronically bad back that you have had for years. Stillness will wreak havoc on your healing process.

The body is like one big pump. In order to pump the blood and lymph fluid, we need to contract the pump. This can be accomplished by movement and muscular contraction, which will further bring the good healing nutrients to the area and remove the crap ones that are keeping you from healing.

Movement also releases a host of endorphins, which are natural pain killers and feel good chemicals. The brain plays a huge role in how you feel and how you interpret pain.

Movement also increase peristaltic action, which is basically how foods gets moved through your gut for digestion. No movement and this comes to a halt. Not only will this increase your chance of constipation but you won’t be extracting all the nutrients from your food that you need for healing.

Lastly, the only way that a joint can be truly 100% healthy is to move the joint! Ideally through a full range of motion. This brings synovial fluid to the area which is like WD-40 for the joints.

Finally, with healing, use compression when possible. For my knees, I used thick neoprene knee sleeves. This helps with the pumping system and it keeps it warm, both greatly beneficial.

The next time a doctor tells you to ice, tell him to for a hike and ask him why? (Note that the only thing ice is good for are cold adult beverages and for pain killing*).