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Protect Yourself Against These 4 White Devils

A few weeks ago, I was listening to a CD.  Yes, CD’s still exist.


In fact, I keep over $10K worth of high level audio CDs in my truck at all times, lol.


So, I began to pick up where I left off with a nutritional and health course that I listened to for the first time last year.


In the audio, the dude talks about the 4 white devils: white flour, pasteurized milk, white salt and table sugar.  Yup, they’ll do some damage to ya and give you a messed up GI tract and a clog or two in your arteries.


I’d rather drink urine than pasteurized milk.  Why?  Because the pasteurization process destroys and denatures the protein molecules.  That ‘lactose intolerance’ you hear about is not really a lactose intolerance.  It’s an aversion to the denatured protein molecules and yes, I had at least a dozen clients who were lactose intolerant confirm this.


Drum roll please….by drinking raw milk and having no ill effects.


Anyway, sometimes you’d be better off knowing what to avoid that rather what you should be eating at all times.  The mind likes clarity and clarity is about knowing what ‘is’ and what ‘is not’.


Just a different way to think about your nutrition.


Think differently – Kyle Newell


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Arnold Said It, So It Must Be Right…

A couple of weeks ago, I watched the new Netflix documentary, Game Changers, about animal protein and such.


It was definitely thought provoking, but no matter what you think of the content, Arnold, who was one of the producers of the movie, had this to say about switching to more of a plant based diet:


‘Don’t tell someone they can’t eat meat anymore, because first off, people aren’t going to like that (they won’t form a habit around it) and they will reject it with a big F-U.  Simply ask them to see if they go one day per week without animal protein’.


Here we have perhaps the greatest fitness icon of all-time with some great wisdom into how habits are formed.


Don’t go ALL-IN, it rarely works.  Start to dabble and build a foundation, keeping your approach ‘alive’ as needed.


And yes, I think it’s worth the watch, as long as you have an open mind:)


Think differently – Kyle Newell


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Unlearning Nutrition Principles

I remember way back in college, in 2003, my senior year, when I was really thinking outside the box about nutrition.  Part of that process, being young and naive, was going against anything that was inside the box.

And while that has mostly served me well, one of the things that I think back about is the nutrition pyramid that the US government put out years ago and is taught in every school.

I used to vehemently disagree with it.  The answer, as I was taught, was protein, protein, protein.  Protein was the answer to both muscle building and losing fat.  But how can that be?

In today’s episode of Unlocking Your Inner Strength, I go over that and some other things I’ve had to unlearn over the years about nutrition.  You can take a listen and subscribe over here:

Think differently – Kyle Newell


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