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2 Concepts That Will Blow Your Mind

Whenever I get the opportunity to do Mind Mapping, I usually connect the dots for clients based on simple observations.


Many times, its stuff that we know deep down, but once it is brought front and center, it can be mind altering.


Our brains are pattern recognition machines.  Once it knows and believes a pattern its very hard not to see it.


In today’s episode, I discuss 2 concepts, simple truths of life, that will blow your mind and allow you more self awareness.


You can take a listen here:


Think differently – Kyle Newell


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What do the Chinese and Russians Have in Common?

What do the Chinese and Russians Have in Common?

Election Day is nearing.

No, I am not a ‘politico’.  But I did think it was appropriate to tie two world superpowers into a single message.

Last Friday morning, I went over to the local high school turf field and did my backwards walking for 30 minutes.  It was one of my three ‘inner’ goals for the week.

This is a form of Chinese walking.  It helps to rewire the brain and to put you into a parasympathetic state.

I used to do my backwards walking on my lunch breaks back when I was still teaching.

About 10 minutes into my walking, I thought, ‘Why don’t I start WW3 right now?  Let me put the Russians against the Chinese’.

And so I did.

I kept doing my backwards walking but I combined it with my Russian Breathing Ladders.

My brain was on cloud 9 when I was done.

Sometimes, it’s not about pushing yourself to oblivion.  Nope, sometimes, it’s better to think about how you can have a higher functioning brain.

Sometimes it’s better to think about how you can recover and rest.

Not to worry, I’ll be covering Russian and Chinese performance Methods along with a ton of other cool, never before heard of ‘stuff’ at the exclusive November workshop at Newell Strength.

You can secure your spot below (and if you’re just a little bit curious, you can read about some of the fascinating and weird things I will be teaching).

-Kyle Newell

Why You Must Know ‘Your Edge’

Why You Must Know ‘Your Edge’

Braxton is a daredevil.

When he started to become more mobile a few months ago, we would cringe at first when he came up to a step or edge.

However, he learned very quickly to turn around and go down feet first.

Except for when he saw the dog bed lying there in the living room.  Our dining room and living room are only separated by a small 6 inch drop off; otherwise it’s an open floor space.

Munchie will go up to the part where the dog bed is and he will fall face first into it, knowing full well that the soft bed will break his fall.

Braxton (in case you were unaware, his nickname is Munchie) seems to have developed great depth perception, thus allowing him to know when he is at the top of a case of stairs, a ledge, the edge of the pool, etc.

(As an aside, I partly think this is due to his lack of TV time.  A toddler’s dimensional vision is still developing until roughly the 2-year-old mark.  They cannot distinguish that the shapes on the TV are supposed to be 3-dimensional, often causing problems in depth perception and vision, which can lead to processing issues.  But lets save that for another Mind Map article).

Now I don’t want you to think we just let Munchie roam free without supervision, we are always there watching, waiting if he needs us.  But, his ‘knowing of where the edge is’ has given us peace of mind and has allowed himself to explore and do things that he otherwise wouldn’t be able to do.

So how does that relate to you?  Well, ‘knowing thyself’ is a crucial factor in living a meaningful, on-point life.  And as you know from observing others, self-awareness or a lack thereof is the difference between those that create their own destiny and the common ‘tire-kicker’.

I want you to think of what your limitations are, what you are not good at and start there.  I will use myself as an example, so you can see warts and all but more importantly so you have an example of how this can be applied to your life.

First, I am not good at corralling my many ideas into actionable steps for others to follow.  Ideas pop into my head a mile a minute but ideas are no good if you they aren’t actionable.  I guess that the entrepreneurial blood in me.  But I’ve had to surround myself with a team and coaches that are good and creating step-by-step instructions.

Next one, I am not the best at techie stuff or handy man work for that matter.  I can do both; I can figure them out, but not without some frustration.  And, I know what I value my time at (monetarily in this case) and most of the time it just doesn’t make sense for me to fiddle around with the stuff I am not good at, especially when it causes ‘frustration momentum’.

Thirdly, trying to ‘Coach’ Devon when she doesn’t ask for it.  Guys listen up here; YOU must be given permission to Coach the person, whomever it is.  Otherwise your opinion will be unwelcome and thus it will remain unimplemented.  I violate this rule of Mind Map constantly with Devon and then I have to catch my mistake, apologize and realize it for what it is.  Every time you find yourself telling someone else: you should, you have to, you must; stop and ask yourself internally if they asked for your advice.

Another one; I know that my work will expand to fill the time that I give it.  That is why I must work to the clock when I am in high focus mode.  And when it’s a bit longer term than the immediate moment, I must set deadlines.  Remember this, deadlines are our lifelines.

Finally, and it took me until a few years ago to finally realize this fully, I am an extreme introvert.  Yes, I can function in public and hold a conversation, but when it comes to managing my energy, this knowledge has been HUGE for me.  I recharge by quiet time and being alone.  Parties and such have always drained me, but I have gotten better in social situations because I have given myself time to recharge on other days of the week.

This explained to me why in high school and college I was always begrudgingly going to parties and I would often leave early to go find solitude somewhere.  Weird yes, but I’d rather know myself and be weird than just follow the herd.

There you go, 5 things of my own that I constantly have to be aware of.  Things that are ‘my edge’.  Make a list of 5 things that represent your edge and work on them frequently.  (I don’t mean work on them as in learn how to doing something you aren’t good at, I mean work on them in terms of self-awareness).  Know thyself.