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Hurried is a Mindset

At Church 2 weeks ago, our Pastor was giving a sermon on stress and the effects it had on the human body.

What a great topic….

He said something that stuck with me: ‘Hurried is a mindset’.

This ties in perfectly about what I always believed in terms of ‘there is more to life than simply increasing its speed’.

If you are always hurried, you can never find joy.

If you are always hurried, time speeds up and there is more to hurry about.

If you think small, meaning in the moment, being where your feet are, then time slows down. Time expands.

If you are a hurried and rushed person, take stock and start to reflect on why you always feel the need to be hurried.

Think differently- Kyle Newell

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Who Are You Racing With?

I first read the Ghandi quote, ‘There is more to life than simply increasing its speed’ about 10 years ago.

It resonated with me.

I often sit back and observe the way people operate with frantic energy, as if each thing and each day is a race.  Frantic energy will only lead to more frantic energy.

Calm and serene energy will produce a calm and serene mind, which will make life have a beautiful flow.

We need to realize that life isn’t a race, it’s a marathon that doesn’t end.

And when it is final, you know what that means, right?

It’s time to start pondering these types of thoughts, each day that goes by is a day we cannot get back.

Think differently – Kyle Newell


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