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Why Are You Working Out?

Too many people make the mistake of thinking their workouts are solely for weight loss purposes.  


The first question you have to address is, ‘What’s the goal of your workout?’


In today’s episode I cover:

-The approach to mindset in your workouts

-Why you should always be trying to raise your energy levels

-Why I listen to ‘lame’ music in my workouts


Decide you are going to be different and a whole new set of doors open up for you.  




Be Unconventional – Kyle 


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Don’t Envy the Transformers

On our last date night a little over a week ago, Devon and I were talking about the brain and how change actually  happens.  

(Don’t you feel sorry for her sometimes that she is stuck with my weirdness?)

I was explaining to her the difference between thinking about change and when change actually happens.  Many people think and ponder changing their life for the better for months, years, heck, even decades!  

In their mind, change and transformation is this long, drawn out process that must be suffered through.

In reality, real change happens in a split fraction of a second, once you make up your mind to transform.  Will the physical manifestation happen in a split second?  Nope, but all things start in the mind first.  

People that have totally transformed their lives have done so by first making up their mind to do so.  So, while you may think about changing, it will remain nothing more than that; a fleeting thought that you have every now and again.  

When you finally make up your mind to transform, it’s like a lightning bolt.  

You don’t have to envy those that transform into the butterflies of life, you can BE one yourself once you decide to BE.


Be Unconventional – Kyle Newell


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Emma is Now Sleeping Through the Night!

Emma was born a little over 3 months ago and at that time, I vividly remember telling Devon that my goal was going to be to have her sleeping through the night by Halloween.


And that we did.


Was it wishful thinking?


Nope, it was by following the same system that we used for Colt.


Braxton was 8 months before he was sleeping through the night and I vowed not to let that happen again, so we sought a program, Coaching if you will and used it for Colt and simply applied the same system to Emma.


When you have guidance and you follow a proven process, you can set goals up and knock them down, much quicker than if you just wing it.


And yes, we have a proven process at Newell Strength too that has helped clients lose over 30,000 pounds over the past decade!


In case you were wondering.


Think differently – Kyle Newell


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Your Main Problem is That You Think You Shouldn’t Have Any

Your Main Problem is That You Think You Shouldn’t Have Any


While eating a nice grass fed, organic cheeseburger the other night, I had a Tony Robbins documentary on in the background.


I have long been a HUGE fan of Robbins’ work.  ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ is one of my top 5 all-time books and was THE book that got everything started for me.


Devon and I even stayed at his resort in Fiji for our honeymoon 5 years ago.


His message is always relevant to the listener IF the student is ready to accept the truth.  And that was once again the case in his documentary when he told the crowd: You wanna know what your main problem is?  Your main problem is that you don’t think you should have any of the problems that you have.


Think about that for a second.  The nature of the mind is to not want problems, yet we cannot grow without problems, failure and challenge.


The winner’s mind seeks out and embraces problems.  If you avoid problems at all costs, you are living small.


Were you put here on this earth to live big or play small?


The purpose of life I believe, is growth.  You cannot stay the same.  You are either regressing or growing.


The very law of momentum in life means that it’s impossible to stay put.  Yes, you can rest for a few minutes to smell the roses, like the sherpa that is climbing the mountain.  But like the sherpa, you must decide to keep going.


The higher up you go, the more important it will be to rest and recharge.


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Get something different this year for your family members.  You can even use that extra session on yourself to recharge.


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Peace – Kyle Newell



Picking Ticks Off In the Middle of the Night

Picking Ticks Off In the Middle of the Night

For as long as I can remember, I have been super-sensitive to touch.

It’s as if my spatial awareness was hyped-up on some juice.  And, it’s only gotten more pronounced as the years have gone on.

Not to say that I have a super power, but I often sense a thing moving before it moves.

A good example would be yesterday when my deodorant (not anti-perspirant, but that’s another article) fell out of my cabinet in the bathroom.

I was brushing my teeth with my left hand, sensed the deodorant falling and caught it before it hit the sink with my right hand.

Might not sound that odd, but it happens to me all the time.  I like to think I have a little bit of ‘spidey-sense’.

You would think that being so sensitive to my surroundings would potentially make it hard for me to sleep, but it doesn’t.

I sleep like a rock, usually only waking up for a crying Braxton (if Devon nudges me) or a few minutes before my alarm goes off.

Except when my spidey-sense kicks in during sleep.

About a month ago, I woke up from a deep sleep in a pitch black room, reached down to my leg with my thumb and pointer and plucked a tick clean off of me. It wasn’t embedded yet, it was simply crawling on my leg.

What’s the point of all this ‘weirdness’?

The point is that if you develop any of your skills or senses to a maximum degree, the brain will take over and your subconscious will do a lot of the thought for you.

Think about how this can relate to any of your routines or ways of thinking.

Plan out the next day the night before.  Know what your morning routine is every single morning.  Let the brain do it’s thing.

It’s the most amazing thing on earth if you allow it to be.

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Think differently-Kyle Newell

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Oil and Puke in the Bathtub

Oil and Puke in the Bathtub

On Sunday night, Munchie and I were taking a night time bath together.

We were having a grand old time; we had music playing, I had a beer and he was really enjoying playing in the water.

Before I knew it, he had somehow gotten the top off of the baby oil that Devon normally uses on him in the tub (that’s too girly for me to do).

We had a full on oil slick, just like Deepwater Horizon.

A couple of minutes later, as I was thinking about how to get the oil off of us, Munchie had placed the top of the oil bottle in his mouth.

It’s much too large to choke on, but I guess he activated his gag reflex and next thing I knew, I pulled it out of his mouth and he projectile vomited all over me.

He didn’t bat an eye, he went right back to playing and I was now thinking of how to get the puke that was sticking to us because of the oil, off of ourselves.

We wound up taking a shower right after the bath, a memorable experience that bath was.

Sometimes, you just have to laugh at life.  You won’t always know what is going to happen, as much as you want to control each event, you can’t.

But what you can always control is your attitude.  You can always control your response to any given situation.

Once you internalize that and make it  yours, you realize that you now have total control and power over your life.

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Do You Know What the Answer to ‘Overwhelm’ Is?

Do You Know What the Answer to ‘Overwhelm’ Is?

On our Sunday morning hike over in the mountains this week, Devon and I were having a heart to heart conversation.

She was letting me know that she was quite overwhelmed with life right now.

And who could argue with her?  She is a full-time teacher with a very active 14-month old son.

She is pregnant with number 2.

We are going to be moving into our new home within the month.

Life seems to pile on at times.  I am sure you are familiar with the feeling, right?

Well, I asked her, ‘Dev, what’s the answer to overwhelm?’

Being the good student that she is, she said, ‘I know, I know, it’s to be present.  I am thinking too far out into the future.’

While that may be, I was looking for something even simpler.  So  I said, ‘Yes, but the real answer to overwhelm is never more.’

Dax Moy taught me this long ago.  So simple, yet profound.  The brain wants to pile more and more on when it gets caught in the endless momentum of all the ‘to-do’s’ of life.

But the answer is never more stuff.  It’s to take a step back and do one thing and only one thing at a time.

You can’t do 10 things at once, you can try, but I’ll save you the time and tell you it won’t end up pretty.

You have a lot on your plate.  Life happens.  Sometimes what we need is a little R and R.

That won’t happen unless you plan for it though.  Do yourself a favor and write out a time this week when you are going to take 30 minutes for yourself.  30 minutes to just enjoy life and to breathe.

Never more my friend, never more.

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Has Anyone Ever Taught You How to Eat and Elephant?

Has Anyone Ever Taught You How to Eat and Elephant?

It’s Sunday morning as I am writing this in my basement office before Mr. Munchie wakes up.

And being that it’s Sunday, I bet you that I can read your mind; you are thinking of everything that has to be done with the upcoming week’s worth of time.

Your mind is racing and you won’t fully be able to enjoy the activities of today because of your wandering mind.

It’s normal, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it.

An elephant is trained from a young age to be submissive by a small rope or chain that is tied to its leg.

At such a small size, the soon to be ginormous creature can’t break free.  It gives up after a few tries.

But when it’s bigger, it can easily break free.  So why doesn’t it?  Because the thought patterns it has in its brain have been laid down and are set in stone.

Habits of thought are very tough to break.

You may set your goals if you are in the minority.  But  you stop there.  You need to go deeper.  You need to break them down further and further.

After all, you eat an elephant one bite at a time.

Take a deep breath and relax, have some clarity moving forward into the coming week.

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-Kyle Newell