This Doesn’t Mean You’ve Traveled the World

“What if on your last day, you met the man you could’ve become?” -Danger and Play


I once knew a man that traveled over 50,000 miles on his stationary bike.


He liked to brag and boast about this feat, but to me it was silly.


All I heard was, ‘I have wasted 50,000 miles worth of my time sitting in the same exact spot, accomplishing nothing but a little leg movement’.


I won’t go into one of my rants here about slow, long distance ‘cardio’ but I do want to help you connect some dots here.


By going that distance, he could have literally traveled the world more than a one time over.  He could have gained experience and overcome obstacles.  But he didn’t.  He did the same boring thing, day after day.


Wisdom is not found by age.  You don’t become more wise just because you are older.


You gain wisdom by experience and by failure.


If you are doing the same boring job in the same way that you were 10 years ago, I hate to tell you that have wasted 10 years.


When I was teaching, I used to see this all the time.  Some teacher would have 20 years in the game, but after year 2, they never grew.  They just did the same routines and lessons over and over and over again.


That’s 20 years of teaching with 2 years of experience.


Get out there and fail.  Get out there and experience life.  Put a knife into the heart of fear because fear is what will keep you the same as everyone else.



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Be different – Kyle Newell