What Would It Be Worth to YOU if You Could Become 4X More Effective with Your Time?

Discover the Exact Methods I Use To Accomplish More in One Day than Most People Do in a Month

In the Time Master manual, you will learn:

  • How Stephen King was able to write his first novel while working a full time job
  • How to flip the 'Time/Intensity' curve on its head to become prolific with your time
  • How to live off the grid which will open up pockets of time you could be using
  • To banish the myth of multi-tasking from your brain forever
  • The 3 types of days you can use to maintain a healthy balance while still striving to be best in the world at what you do
  • How much your time is actually worth per hour in $$$$ (if you don't know this, you will piss away a lot of your valuable time)
  • How to use a timer app and how long it should be set for to keep your creative powers at peak force
  • How to set your environment to be a 'peak productivity environment'
  • The secret to effective and powerful goal setting.  A method that you can use week by week. 

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Plus, you will get the actual recording from the live Time Mastery workshop I held in October of 2016. 

Warning! This is NOT a traditional book.  It's written like I speak, well, because I transcribed the actual workshop.  It's entertaining and informative.  The information contained in this manual is stuff that I have spent half of my life learning and have spent over $5,000 to learn, use it at your own caution....it's powerful.


Having recently attended Kyle’s seminar on “Mind mapping,” I can tell you it was time very well spent.  I learned more in the short time we spent together than seminars lasting a whole day.  Even if you think you are adept at time management, take the seminar.  It will be well worth the 58 minutes and 33 seconds that you’re there.  Why 58 minutes and 33 seconds?  You’ll just have to take the seminar to find out.

-Rich Vaill


Spending 58:33 minutes with Kyle gave me at least 3 a'ha moments. I follow a lot of the same material but with Kyle's experience and delivery of the material, which usually always requires you to go outside the box (comfort zone) we all like to gravitate towards, I was able to make more connections. Thanks again man!

-Matt Grasso

Fit Pro and Entrepreneur


I guarantee you’ll find this book valuable if you’re trying to build the life of your dreams. See for yourself by purchasing this book and reading it within the next 60 days. If you don’t come away with a better understanding of mastering your time, I don’t want your money. Just let me know within 60 days from purchase, and I’ll refund every penny.