You Don’t Have Time to Be Sick

I often like to think of myself as Bruce Willis’ character from the movie, Unbreakable.


*SPOILER alert.


In case you’ve never seen it, he survives a horrific train crash in which nearly everyone else is killed.  Except, he doesn’t even have a scratch.


As the movie goes on and you learn more about him, turns out he has never broken a bone (neither have I!) and never so much as even had a cold in his entire life.


He is a closet super hero.


Well, I used to get sick quite often back when I was teaching.  And no, it wasn’t from the kids as much as it was that I was just running my body into the ground by teaching all day and building Newell Strength in the early morning hours before school and heading back there until late night, each and every night.


And then I stopped teaching.


I’ve only been sick once in the past 4 years and that was a quickie.


As a man, you don’t have time to be sick.  Yes, part of not getting sick is a belief system.  Call it crazy if you want but it’s true.  Look at the most successful and accomplished people that you know and I am willing to bet that they rarely, if ever get sick.


It’s probably not something that you’ve noticed before but that’s because you weren’t looking.  Take stock.


How could part of it be in the mind?  The mind and your emotions play a great deal into your immune system.  If fact, too much stress throws off the internal environment of our guts, which is home to 80% of our immune system.


But I’m not going to go too far down that path right now (I’ll save that for the super heroes in training for another workshop and article).  Nope.  I am going to give you some practical advice that will help you to be the healthy superman that you need to be.


First off, make sure you are getting at least 6 hours of quality sleep per night.  6 hours of quality beats 8 hours of tossing and turning every night of the week.


Second, drink water and lots of it.  A minimum of ¾ of a gallon per day.  Have you ever noticed how weak you felt when you last had the flu?  That’s because your cells began to become dehydrated.  Use a little reverse engineering and realize that if a bug is trying to fight its way into you, one of the ways to fight it is to hydrate yourself to clear piss.  Trust me, it works.


Next, you need to be taking the right supplement protocol to stay healthy.  As I was saying, the majority of the immune system is housed in the gut, so you need to do everything you can to ensure that it maintains a positive environment.


For that, you want to make sure you are taking a very good, live probiotic.  I take two per day at lunch.  Second, make sure you are taking a digestive enzyme.  I take hydrochloric acid, HCL.  Stress depletes levels of this in the gut.  Without it being present in the amounts that it should be present in, the bad bugs can begin to proliferate in the gut and weaken the immune system.  Take one in the middle of each solid meal.


Another key supplement is D3.  You are very low in this vital ‘pro-hormone’, I can guarantee it.  If you have had blood work recently, you are looking for a number north of 110.  Don’t buy into the norms that the doctors provide you, those norms are developed for all the Homer Simpson’s out there and that ain’t you.


The only way to get this number up to that range is to take 35,000-50,000 IU twice per week.  Most doctors will tell you to take 2,000 IU or so per day.  That noise you hear is me laughing.  That won’t do diddly.


Charles Poliquin told me a story once of a high-level CEO that was under his care.  This CEO had a HUGE business meeting in China that was potentially worth over $100 million.  The only thing is that the CEO had a very bad flu and felt like crap.


Poliquin injected him with something like 1.5 million IU’s of D3.  By the time the CEO landed, he was totally fine.  Every cell in your body has a D3 receptor.  Yes, vitamin C is good but it doesn’t compare to vitamin D in terms of fighting off illness.


Lastly, we have a bunch of lymph sitting in the gut.  Your lymphatic system (which is fluid connective tissue) stores the majority of your disease-fighting cells.


However, the lymph ducts and tubing are an odd one-way highway:  there is no upward movement out of the ducts and tubes other than being pressed and squeezed through motion, position, palpation or muscular contractions (this is another reason why regular exercise is SO important).


Motion will help pump the lymph into your blood stream which will help to fight off any bugs.


Now that you have the Bill Nye explanation, how do you do it?  Well, besides exercise, I use a small purple ball.  It’s called a ‘coregeous ball’ and I got it from Jill Miller’s website.  It looks like a miniature stability ball.


I lie face down with the ball firmly pressed into my gut.  I begin to roll all areas of my gut while also working on my deep belly breathes.  I do this for a couple of minutes each morning.  It is uncomfortable at first but it is well worth the return on investment.


And there you have it, my protocol for not getting sick.  Being sick will cost you financially but even worse it will rob you of your most valuable asset; your time.  Don’t get sick, you don’t have time for it!