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After years of research and coaching Kyle Newell has unlocked the code to true human performance, mentally and physically. 


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By using a blend of Mind Mapping and a world-class understanding of the Body-Mind connection, Kyle can get you to heights you never imagined possible.

More About The Man

Discover more about the life and events that brought Kyle Newell to who he is today- and how he has helped thousands of people recover from injury, reset their mindset, and grow as people.

Books & Courses

The Patellar Tendon Manual

In this book, you will learn the #1 way to recover from your patellar tendon rupture in record time. This injury is very frightening and rare. Lucky for you, I’ve been through it twice and have literally helped hundreds of people recover from their patellar tendon rupture in record time. This book focuses on timelines, mindset and exercise protocol.

The Panda Diet Book

Kyle gives you the wisdom and knowledge that has been accumulated over the course of the past two decades when it comes to nutrition and fasting. The simplicity of this book will astound you because you will walk away thinking (as so many others have), ‘Man, this makes perfect sense and it seems so simple’. If you are looking for THE book that’ll end any need to ever diet again, this is it. 

Unlock Your Inner Strength

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