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Not only did I lose 20 lbs but the weekly educational sessions with Kyle and the other participants was very helpful for me. Prior to [Kyle] I felt like I was struggling at work, at home and in general. Since [Kyle] I have been highly motivated and energetic. I’m succeeding in all aspects of my life. I’m more present in my family life, I’m more focused in the office and have seen immediate successes with my clients. I highly recommend this experience to anyone in a rut and looking to make life altering changes.


To start, choosing Newell Strength has been one of the best overall decisions for me I have made in these past couple of months. [Kyle] has helped me massively in not only working out, but having a better mindset about everything related to the gym. To anyone considering choosing his programs, you will not regret it, it is truly amazing!


If your looking for results, [Kyle] is the ONLY place to go. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about how much of a change I would see within 6 weeks. My energy levels are higher than they have every been before, I have nearly cut my total body fat by 50%, and I am getting strength back that I haven't had in over a decade. The hands-on approach, fitness plans, nutrition guide (not a diet), and education on the physical and mental side of our health has been a wining combination for me and my peers. I'm proud to say that I have formed habits that benefit me in all aspects of my life. This could not have been possible without [Kyle’s] full circle approach to health and fitness!