Have You Been Thinking About How Much More You Want to BE as a Dad???

Have You Been Thinking About How Much More You  Want to BE as a Dad???

I am super pumped as I am writing this in my blue glasses, no, not my blu-blockers, but actual blue glasses.  


Because our Ripped Dads program has been on the back burner for a little while and we are bringing it back to help dads out there get out of the rut and chaos of uncertain times.  

If you are a dad, then you know the deal. 

Life is busy, super busy.  

You have a career, which most of the time, eats up the bulk of your day.

You have kids that need your attention.

You may or may not have a marriage that needs your devotion.

Yet, at the end of the long day, your energy tank is on empty.  

You want to be more for your family and not to mention friends, yet you just don’t know how  to  close the gap between where you are and where you need to BE.

The first step is in building one little bit of confidence.  

Your energy and confidence go hand in hand.  

How can you do this before you even think about getting into a regular fitness routine?

Start in the morning, get up 15 minutes earlier than normal and read 5 pages then proceed to do 20-50 pushups.  

Take your time, 15 minutes is more than enough to get these two things done.  

As you build confidence, the seed will grow inside of you and then you will be ready to take the next step towards BEING the dad you want to be and know you can be.  

Stay strong out there dads.

The world needs more strong dads. 

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